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  1. Some interesting discussion here. I agree we need to upgrade our broodmare band. I look at a lot of the pedigrees in our sales catalog and many of the mares bred are at least 2-3 generations away from any decent black type producers/race horses. Apart from the the top 1-2 studs in NZ, who has the money to buy these mares in enough numbers to improve our broodmare band...... In terms of how you look at pedigrees.. What weight do you give to a horse in a pedigree that has a high race rating but might not of passed those genetics onto their progeny at stud, then vise versa? W
  2. Might have found the answer to my question “Australia produces the best sprinter-milers in the world,” Orton says. “We’re not so good at breeding stayers, not compared to Europe or New Zealand. In New Zealand their horses tend to grow and develop skeletally a bit slower, for reasons such as the ground being softer. “In Australia, there’s more sun, the grass is higher in protein, the conditions are more conducive to a fast-growing animal. You can hope for results earlier. And I believe we’ve got to breed to our strengths.” via
  3. I agree, But what makes the Australian yearlings "look" precious at the sales? Is this because they breed for sprint/middle distances , the sun, or what? It can't be the pasture. If they foal down in New Zealand how much better would their horses look with decent grass to eat...?
  4. I can understand for behaviour and future racing prospects that he has to gelded ....but what does it say about the G1 NZ Derby (a "classic") ,that the winner has not been offered a stud deal and is to be gelded to continue racing.....
  5. Here is an interesting article via TDN Aus/NZ : The last column "MOR%" in the table shows the strike rate from a stallions mares mated to other stallions . The lower the "MOR%" the lower the producing quality of the mare. Obviously "I am Invincible" is the standout in this table and now doubt next few years that number will go up. See image link below for stats on a few NZ sires + Frankel :
  6. Am curious if one should look at the quality of mares a stallion is mated to, when trying to access a stallions performance?