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  1. Go Henry Pete

    Breeders Stakes Day

    Well getting real close now/ Big sc.reens up and working tonight in the dark.Looks great , good weather, shoud be a great day Te Aroha.
  2. Go Henry Pete

    Te Aroha tomorrow

    Yep best of luck guys, wish i could go but no one to look after the shop,the missus is in Kawhia riding on the beach. On another note RAIL out 6 meters WHY??
  3. Go Henry Pete

    Sir John Steffert -RAISE THE PHANTOM

    Congrats JJ More stories to tell now aye mate
  4. Go Henry Pete

    Te Aroha

    Always a great group1 day at Te Aroha, on the only Saturday meeting the club is given, and now our town is filling up with Asians as quickas the river fills up with water so we are home and hosed. Yes
  5. Go Henry Pete


    Well you can justify any horse Eigth Wonder?????
  6. Go Henry Pete

    Te Aroha

    I agree , and i wasnt bagging the club at all, even though some people have taken it that way; its a great place and I just meant that the bad luck seems to be everlasting for these poor guys.No meeting for months and then shit loads of rain. Shame they cant have a meeting in a few days. Horses need to race .
  7. Go Henry Pete

    Te Aroha

    So all you guys out there just waiting to see if there on or not?? If there on , half of you will bag everyone for holding the meeting,If there off, half of you will bag everyone for not holding the meeting; SO its a no win situation YES. Come on put your thoughts through!!!!!!!!!
  8. Go Henry Pete

    Te Aroha

    Love this track, when ever you want rain just ask them to put a race meeting on. Now what to do, heavy 11 and still raining?????????????
  9. Go Henry Pete

    NZ Trotting Cup

    When was the last time the cup was run under handicap conditions??? I've got a box of beer riding on this being in the last ten years. But I think I've come undone!!!!!!!!!
  10. Go Henry Pete

    Thorndon Mile

    Just like to congratulate Stolen Dance and Sam Spratt well done . Just how good mares can race once in foal is so amazing!!
  11. Go Henry Pete

    Wellington Cup Day

    Good Luck, but go Hiflyer!!! Never had a winner with me in ownership for 38 years until this one. And now he's won 8. GO HENRY!!!!
  12. Go Henry Pete

    Cubes is thinking of going to Trentham

  13. Go Henry Pete

    Cubes is thinking of going to Trentham

    Thanks for the info peoples,looks like the missus and myself will be going also. Fly down and stay ,Thorndon Mile GO HENRY!!!!! Never been to Trentham!!
  14. Go Henry Pete


    Need some for our property then
  15. Go Henry Pete

    Did it rain on Boxing Day in Auckland?

    AHHH Dougie had a hard run the start before I got himat 12 bucks fixed odds on Sunday, Small field and the horse allways tries his heart out.Hiflyer that rain before his race was allways going to be the telling point.Iloved the atmosphere 15,000 screaming people,There was twopeople there with binoculars me and Sir Patrick Hogan, had them trained on Hiflyer all the way and going down the back strait new itwas all over, He will keep though , not bred to go 2000 ?????? ,just my thoughts .