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    Just Looking reacted to poundforpound in Yuilly   
    The news is all good with the legend
    It’s with great pleasure, and the approval of Donna and Richard himself, that I can post this picture of him taken today.
    He’s got a way to go, the speech is not quite there yet, but no different to how he used to talk after 27 beers, but his progress is nothing short of miraculous.
    From last week when he could squeeze your hand but little more, he’s now making bad jokes, and laughing at himself.
    It’s such great news because as you’re all aware there’s been some depressing disinformation circulating.
    I’ll endeavour to keep you posted if and when there’s something to say.

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    Just Looking reacted to Ohokaman in DEAN MCKENZIE RITA QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS   
    Thanks for the opportunity Dean.
      Given RITA's mandate is to implement the Messara Report, can you update progress and / or current thinking on the following please :   1. Increasing revenue is obviously a prime objective for all stakeholders in NZ. Changes to the Racing Act 2003 will be required before many of the recommendations can proceed....the main one being the reduction in courses from 48 to 28 and the vesting in NZTR of the ownership of freehold racecourse land and other net assets of Race Clubs. Given the opposition to date to these recommendations ( Avondale a prime example ), the the likelihood of lengthy legal battles, and the general distrust of the Industry in the capacity of NZTR to effectively manage these assets given their record to date, are these still seriously considered viable options ?   2. The building of three synthetic racing and training tracks over the next 3 years at Cambridge, Awapuni and Riccarton will require an investment of some $190m and will depend largely on the changes above. We understand the Cambridge development is proceeding with PWC currently undertaking a feasibility study while resource consents are obtained. What expert opinion on these type of tracks has been obtained and included in the decision making process, given that soil bases are different in NZ and the "one size fits all" approach is not necessarily the right one....? Are Awapuni and Riccarton still regarded as the other "obvious" sites ??   3. Increasing stakes is vital for the NZ Racing Industry to survive going forward and the recommendation to introduce a simplified 3 Tier structure for New Zealand thoroughbred racing and a Prizemoney Matrix that will provide for about $110 million of prizemoney (up from $53.7 million in 2016/17 and an estimated $59.4 million in 2017/18.) is a commendable approach. Problem is we have heard the same thing for years from a succession of "Industry leaders" and where are we ? Murray Baker clearly has reservations...! How confident are you this can be achieved ??   4. The other side of the increasing revenue equation is controlling costs. The Minister has requested a Performance and Efficiency Audit of NZRB Operating costs which appear to most to have got completely out of hand. When are we likely to see this report ?   Cheers Ohokaman  
    (1)   The venue issue is one that has hovered around New Zealand racing for generations so we are under no illusion that there is no magic wand, so to speak, that we can wave to solve some of the issues you have alluded to. What we have attempted to do in the development of the second bill is put forward an evaluation and dispute resolution framework that the industry can potentially use to drive some reform in this area. Driven on the back of the Future Venue Plan process, which is an industry wide initiative, this framework can hopefully help provide a clearer pathway as to why the industry may believe a venue is now not required for racing (by measuring certain agreed criteria) and if after going through this evaluation process there is disagreement between code and club, that there is a formal dispute resolution process the industry can work through to get to an end point. We await direction from the government on the considerable on-going work that has been done in this area. 
    (2)   The Messara Review recommended three synthetic racing and training tracks be constructed at Cambridge, Awapuni and Riccarton. I can see how you have read from the Messara Review that the cost of that is $190m, given how it was written, but that included his estimated cost of upgrading the racing and facilities infrastructure at all the remaining tracks. Although I am not privy to any actual numbers, the approximate cost of the three synthetic racing and training tracks is probably more in the $35m to $45m range I would have thought. NZTR, along with the Cambridge Jockey Club, are driving the Cambridge project and my understanding is there has been extensive involvement of track specialists in this process. You are also correct that it would be prudent for the industry to bed down the Cambridge project prior to moving further down the synthetic track pathway but ultimately that is the decision of NZTR. 
    (3)   You are right, again, that the success or otherwise of the reform programme will predominantly be measured on what increases in prizemoney eventuate. Ultimately how prizemoney is structured/paid is up to the codes and our job at RITA is ensure the reform programme is successfully implemented and the commercial focus of the TAB is enhanced to ensure revenue to the codes (to pay prize money) is maximised. The reality is there is no single silver bullet that will make this all happen, rather a collection of initiatives that together will drive these outcomes. As I type this reply, we are probably around 60% through the reform programme and await clarification of some crucial aspects over the next month or so to give us a clearer guide as to where we are going. Provided these dominos fall in the right order, the industry can be confident that we are better placed than we have ever been to deliver a financially sustainable, revitalised future. 
    (4)   Good question. We have just reviewed this document at our last board meeting on September 25 and this should make its way through the formal process over the next month. You can be assured however that there is a strong desire by RITA to manage its business in the most efficient way possible. 
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    Just Looking reacted to premixer in Weigh In back.....yay...?   
    Wasnt weigh in the review show on Sunday morning last year?
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    Just Looking reacted to gubellini in Aalaalune   
    Big Boned I am not jealous of Lou at all! In the last few years as an owner I have had far more success than he has for an outlay of well under 5% of what he has spent. I started this thread because I am extremely sorry that Jacob McKay has lost a potential life changing horse from his stable. He deserves better than that in my opinion.
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    Just Looking got a reaction from Baz (NZ) in The Informant   
    It truly is sad when at the touted meetings with John Allen last week he was indignant that the Informant would reappear and would be supported by the industry !
    Pfft !!  More lies !! RIP 
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    Just Looking got a reaction from Baz (NZ) in The Informant   
    It truly is sad when at the touted meetings with John Allen last week he was indignant that the Informant would reappear and would be supported by the industry !
    Pfft !!  More lies !! RIP 
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    Just Looking reacted to poundforpound in TRENTHAM TRACK   
    I don’t think you can blame the track managers.....they can only work with what they’re given and what’s below the grass at Trentham is clearly rubber ducked......
    I’d be looking at who’s been on that committee over the years and why there’s been no re-investment in key assets ....and the track itself....my guess, and it’s only a hunch, but the more accountants and lawyers you have involved in racing clubs the more hopeless they invariably are.....
    For some strange reason accountants and lawyers ( the two most boring professions ever ) seem to think they know what’s best for the “real” racing folk and their horses when clearly the opposite is the case.
    You don’t see that type running NZ Rugby, or cricket, or the breweries for that matter...God only knows why they’ve been allowed to hijack the racing industry ......they’re good for only two things, painting fucking running rails & and telling you where to park raceday ( and they unusually fuck the latter up too ).....
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    Just Looking reacted to Aaron Bidlake in What’s the go with Riverton   
    And that in a nutshell is why we can not see see rural racing go. The city people are not interested in a rural sport.  It takes a rural lad to head into the big smoke for uni or chasing a wife that then drags a couple of mates along  to the city race meetings and the mate spends up large has a bit of fun gets hooked and invests in the industry. 
    I think we forget at times that racing is a rural sport, we take that away and we lose our next generation of players. 
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    Just Looking reacted to scooby3051 in Large Debt, What to Do???   
    Thats what it seems like to me as the lease has not run its term...maybe I have the cat by the tail, but thats what it sounds like.
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    Just Looking reacted to crustyngrizzly in Boys get Paid   
    If BGP are considered in any shape or form to be the saviors of NZ Racing,then it is truly f.....d.
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    Just Looking reacted to barryb in Boys get Paid   
    No negativity towards them from what I can see Nick, I can understand where they are coming from for sure, however I have raced plenty of horses over the last 10yrs and have 5 right now, NO ONE is paying me anything for providing the show. They just need to understand that a few of us are ahead of them in the line to get something back, especially owners who pay for the event in the first place.
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    Just Looking reacted to THE TORCH in Boys get Paid   
    A perfect post. 
    Some have been in the game 5 minutes and want a handout. Says a lot about todays world.
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    Just Looking reacted to Huey in Boys get Paid   
    No argument about NZTR from me, but as Puha has said there are countless volunteers that have put in months if not years of voluntary service to ensure everyone can have a party in the sun.
    Not to mention this BGP movement as they call it was never sold on the premise that anyone should make any money out of it, it was a feel good facebook movement of like minded individuals and now its heading in a completely new direction, before they start seeing $$$ for bringing young punters on course I'd like to see owners looked after with a starters allowance or appearance fee.
    You're kidding if you think these guys will save racing by bringing 300 punters on course, unless you mean to put the rail up,put the track back,muck out the tie ups etc etc etc
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    Just Looking got a reaction from puha in The Graveyard - why??   
    And that $56 winner wins again on the last day at Trentham up in grade - did you follow it with $5
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    Just Looking reacted to Contentious in New FOB and Shutdown   
    The start of race 1 at Otaki has been put back 10 hours at the request of TAB raceday control 
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    Just Looking reacted to MrBigStuff in SWEENEYS PRE RACE COMMENTS(BURBLE)   
    yes the hkjc obviously recognized his talent unlike slackside here in nz. He is the number 2 commentator there behind brett davis. another kiwi performing on the world stage, like jayne ivil with racing.com who i note took a shot in the informant at her previous employers slackside. couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery 
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    Just Looking reacted to puha in Race Fields Amendment Bill withdrawn   
    Best for All ? How does that work ? Guess whatever is decided needs to be agreed upon by ALL stakeholders not statements about we will take this or that .Also remember once a course is closed and sold it’s gone forever and how can we truly trust those that continually stuff up.
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    Just Looking reacted to Trump in Fake Messara facts   
    <No racecourse in New Zealand pays its way. Racecourses and Race Clubs exist today only because of the income generated by the betting public, the significant losses that owners are prepared to sustain and the government taxation arrangements that apply.>  I must have missed something somewhere? How many tracks does NZRB own? Can someone please provide that info? If the answer is ZERO, then surely Messara’s comments should read, “NZRB AND THE TAB ONLY EXIST DUE TO THE PRODUCT PROVIDED BY THE PROVIDERS, ie, THE CLUBS, OWNERS and STABLES, WITHOUT WHICH, THERE WOULD BE NO BETTING AND NO TAXES COLLECTED”. I think that we all need to co-exist. This Sat there will be “8” race meetings staged in Queensland alone. One of them is in Cloncurry. The locals will flock to the 5 race card, for which there are 48 noms. Of the 48, 18 are nominated by one Trainer. Has Messara suggested they close that down and stuff the locals their social day at the races? I think not. Personally, I think NZ has too many tracks “within close proximity to each other”. These could be looked at. I mean, they used to race at Foxton, Levin and Otaki! What a joke. But they left the wrong track open - Otaki ( For whatever reason you want to conjour up). I think Messara has just listened to a few people in NZ - the question is who? I bet He wouldn’t know where half the places on his list of track closures were! Just as half of you wouldn’t know where Cloncurry was? Some of u would say “near Calcutta” ! They’ll be racing at “the ‘Curry’ on Saturday.
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    Just Looking got a reaction from scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread Round 5 Sat Aug 25   
    1 Te Aroha R7 - #7
    2 Rosehill R5- #6
    3 Rosehill R6- #5
    R Rosehill R7- #5
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    Just Looking got a reaction from scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread Round 4 Sat Aug 18   
    1. Te Rapa R6 - #10
    2. Randwick R4 - #6
    3. Randwick R5 - #3
    4. Caulfield R5 - #3
    5. Randwick R6 - #10
    6. Caulfield R6 - #10
    7. Randwick R7 - #9
    8. Caulfield R7 - #11
    9. Randwick R8 - #5
     10. Morphettville R7 - #4
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    Just Looking reacted to scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread Round 4 Sat Aug 18   
    Please just copy and paste this and add your numbers and selections to it it will make it simple for scoring.
    1. Te Rapa R6
    2. Randwick R4
    3. Randwick R5
    4. Caulfield R5
    5. Randwick R6
    6. Caulfield R6
    7. Randwick R7
    8. Caulfield R7
    9. Randwick R8
    10. Morphettville R7
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    Just Looking got a reaction from scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread Round 3 Sat Aug 11   
    Riccarton - #6
    flemington #2 
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    Just Looking got a reaction from scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread   
    Winter cup 15 - Dez
    missile Stakes - #4
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    Just Looking got a reaction from scooby3051 in Disgusted by NZ Herald article on upcoming apprentice   
    We all jump on the media when a negative is written but bad boys come good is good reading and other sports are full of such stories.  Rugby and league get great stories from their bad boys.  The apprentices are taught to not read my their own press, Racecafe especially!!   
    Having witnessed a cocky attitude to the media there is some work to be done there      , how you deal with people leaves a lasting impression  
    Can he come good, yep sure can but only one person can make sure that happens.  Work hard, and stay humble.