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  1. Can anyone explain why there are three Group Races with such a disparity of stakes Group 3 Wellington Cup $250k Group 1 Telegraph $250k Group 1 Thorndon Mile $200k ?? The difference in the two Group Ones is 25% -
  2. Looking at the forecast and the conditions at the last meeting there it will be a very Heavy 11 - it just doesn’t dry at this time of year
  3. Punters wanted the information and at least you can follow what Woodville supplied - rudimentary as it is - how useful is the information from the Levin Results - how are you able to track these runners - one named horse
  4. It truly is sad when at the touted meetings with John Allen last week he was indignant that the Informant would reappear and would be supported by the industry ! Pfft !! More lies !! RIP
  5. 16.5 mm of rain fell overnight - 40 mm total in last 10 days and what is Trentham track rated - YEP - Heavy 11 will stay that way until October now Premier venue - Pfft
  6. How long a period is the Agistment for ? Seems an expensive agistment bill ? Is he disputing the amount ? Was it sent home for a spell and not raced again ? Something doesn’t add up - seems unfair you can name him but not identify yourself
  7. And that $56 winner wins again on the last day at Trentham up in grade - did you follow it with $5
  8. Is there any update from NZTR about the new bend being used for racing. It looks like something went wrong yesterday - an official response as per the new protocol would be interesting.
  9. Waipukurau won’t help the majority of horses that missed a run today with only a rating 72 1200 and a 65 1600 on the card - the rest maidens! todays card rating 65 through to open handicap lost at $22,500 minimum stakes
  10. It’s been set up only for the rating 65 races - their explanation was that they had light numbers last year so decided to do reverse ballot. Last year the track was a heavy 10 with the rail out 10 Metres This year a dead 5 and the rail true - this is more a factor in the numbers than the reverse ballot concept But by doing this, with the explanation to improve field size effectively dilute the betting product - not improve it - I can understand doing on a midweek meeting - but ratings are there for a reason. To promote the highest rated horses.
  11. 1. Hastings R5 - 1 2. Hastings R7 - 10 3. Randwick R5 - 5  4. Randwick R6 -5 5. Caulfield R6 - 4 6. Randwick R7 - 14  7. Caulfield R7 - 1 8. Randwick R8 - 8  9. Caulfield R8 - 7  10. Caulfield R9 - 6
  12. Its not sitting idle - it has 28 trials heats tomorrow on a Heavy 11 track.
  13. 1. Te Rapa R6 - #10 2. Randwick R4 - #6 3. Randwick R5 - #3 4. Caulfield R5 - #3 5. Randwick R6 - #10 6. Caulfield R6 - #10 7. Randwick R7 - #9 8. Caulfield R7 - #11 9. Randwick R8 - #5  10. Morphettville R7 - #4
  14. C Studd – Rider of ZED LEPPELIN was shown a video of the concluding stages where he had relaxed his ride approximately 7 strides from the finish when clearly in 3rd position and was beaten by THATZ DAVID with the margin being a short neck. The gelding underwent a post-race veterinary examination which did not reveal any abnormalities. C Studd defended a charge under Rule 636(1)(d) in that he failed to ride his mount out to the finish of the race.After hearing submissions from the Stipendiary Stewards and connections, of the gelding the Judicial Control Authority found the charge proved and C Studd had his licence to ride in races suspended from the conclusion of racing on Saturday, 28 July up to and including Friday, 24 August 2018.
  15. We all jump on the media when a negative is written but bad boys come good is good reading and other sports are full of such stories. Rugby and league get great stories from their bad boys. The apprentices are taught to not read my their own press, Racecafe especially!! Having witnessed a cocky attitude to the media there is some work to be done there , how you deal with people leaves a lasting impression Can he come good, yep sure can but only one person can make sure that happens. Work hard, and stay humble.
  16. Conditions of leases were removed from the NZTR document some time ago as when it was challenged the document was not legally binding. There was a lot of work to get the legal side done so NZTR opted out. There is an addendum that can be done to sign to bring that all into line. It’s a hard one. Not sure what others have written into contracts - it would happen I would suggest. Maybe a call to one of the big studs that do this type of lease may give you an answer. And good luck. I hope the offer comes to fruition- chain them to you and walk them to the bank
  17. Define “high quality “. Is there a price bracket that’s expected to be a part of the write down? It looks like this change will cater for The high end breeders and “investors “ - what about the speculators that keep this industry alive - those that spend under $50k and have a blast racing horses. No thought for those that do this for - wow - the love of racing. Aren’t these the people we want to encourage. Not everyone - in fact the minority has over $100k to spend on a race horse. Sad !
  18. I would disagree - the Hastings and Waipukurau Jumpouts are very in-house, done out of caddy gates in the case of Waipukurau that serve their purpose and but are sometimes outside horses, but normally just Waipukurau and Hastings trained The gates and day are run by the local committee who have given up work time to volunteer to help. Indeed giving back to the racing industry, because they have something lacking in racing - passion Several heats can have three horses from one stable - only 4 horse heats - and a variance of riders. Both clubs are offering a service to local trainers to get horses fit for upcoming assignments and the reporting of results should be taken with caution. Levin is certainly more structured with bigger heats, and in 90% of the cases you would easily recognise all of the names of the riders. Not so for other junpouts where trackwork riders are entrusted with getting the naughty ones going, or failing to attract race day riders to attend, a great network of track riders and their trainers work together to get the day to work In HB Holding Jumpouts is a commitment by the clubs to give trainers an opportunity to gallop horses for fitness and education. Three heats of jumpers yesterday over 1600m at Waipukurau - invaluable to the trainers getting horses ready for winter, the only interest in it is their names. If genuinely interested anyone is more than welcome to attend any jumpout and publish the information as they see fit.
  19. The results from the jump outs a fortnight ago were submitted to NZTR as required. The results from today will be typed up and sent through tomorrow Note that there have never been results for any Awapuni jump outs ever? Brings up an interesting point though. There is no format required for these in the information required from NZTR. They don’t require riders to be listed, or times to be taken, so one horse could have the heavy stable track rider on and another a jockey with a 20 kg swing in the weights. They are very subjective in their interpretation