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    hector got a reaction from Lloyd Vivian in Congrats Michael and Savvy Coup   
    congratulations team Pittman on an awesome win all the best michael
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    hector reacted to TOM(the other Molloy) in Starter G Phillips   
    .hear hear!
    If we are going to demand G Phillips' head for that then why not revoke the Trainers licence of K Myers? It was his horse
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    hector reacted to scooby3051 in Starter G Phillips   
    In your opinion which seems to be the minority... we all get it you don't like him enough said... the guy has a tough job one of the decent hardworking guys in the industry....I for one would not like his job...cut him a little slack.
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    hector reacted to rdytdy in Starter G Phillips   
    Whilst flag starts have come into being at every track for steeplechases this season Garry Phillips has been doing flag starts at Trentham for years without a problem. So it is a bit harsh to blame him when the horse itself was being a moron. Very difficult to call them back with that first jump so very close to the start also.
    I have seen jockeys dislodged at the start when coming out of the barriers with horses going sideways and cannoning into another (no suggestions of doing away with barrier starts)so a bit rough jumping up and down over this one instance from a flag start.
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    hector reacted to Midget in Starter G Phillips   
    Stop trivializing matters FFS, the GAP is doing a fine job in difficult circumstances, and meantime there are far more important matters to worry about, such as the speculation Pippa fucking Middleton is pregnant, some filthy bastard, maybe even her chinless husband James, has slipped one past the goalie before they tied the knot, the dirty bastard.