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  1. I am all for safety and mean no disrespect to anyone  horses so slip sometimes and it's not always the track which most are very quick to blame.

    was the horse vetted post race did it have it shoes checked?

    For mine or looked uncomfortable and was changing legs frequently which would make anything slip at speed. It's previous race was similar and for mine the horse did not look right is it always the fault of the track?

  2. 10 hours ago, MrBigStuff said:

    Another reason why he needs to go - start of Race 3 @ Trentham.


    why an earth was it not a false start

    Do you spend all day sitting on your keyboard waiting for a so called mistake to be made.

    If the field had jumped from the barrier and crashed into each other would a false start have been called I doubt it. The horse in question had no manners. Given the directive for flag starts hoiw was a false start to be called today having watched the video who was going to let the field know and why would it be a false start they all started from where they should have.

    Why not sign your name you clearly have a personal vendetta have the courage to stop hiding behind a non deplume

  3. On 20/05/2017 at 4:33 AM, noonu said:

    It's not about him being the biggest problem in NZ racing, but it is about doing an important job competently and he makes frequent errors that cause problems be they minor or major that are avoidable, I can recall at least 3 times over the past year or two that he's said go and he's forgot the power. Pretty basic I would have thought.

    Anyway as I said he's not on his own in not recognising when it's time to put your ladder in the shed.

    Horse and jockey , trainer, owner and punter will get the shits totally if his ineptness shows again and believe me it will.

    Enough said by me, surely it's clear .

    Since you are able to sit on your keyboard and assainate a mans character and credibility why don't you have the courage to at least use your name. If this is the only thing you can see wrong in new Zealand racing then it is really in trouble I suggest to you a trip to the start stand behind the gates andcsee what goes on or are you so qualified you have no need. There are some qualities a pretender to the job needs like maturity, honesty, integrity.