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  1. Has anyone got a guess of when horse movement between Aus/NZ might recommence?
  2. Has anyone got an explanation for the Jimmy Choux that sold for for $375k? Looked nice enough and had a reasonable pedigree but $375k!!!
  3. I’ve just realised LA is south rather than South Island. So I guess cost isn’t a big deal
  4. Can anyone tell me the approximate costs of travelling a mare from the Waikato to South Island (eg:LA)?
  5. Regardless of what stallions were used or the extent of your involvement in the actual decision, 2 x Group 1 winners from any mare is an outstanding result Swynford. Well done!! I’ll be overjoyed if I can achieve even 50% of that one day
  6. It is quite green if you own one of the two horses racing. As a racehorse owner I love small fields
  7. Sleepy


    Do you know if any of the genuine bids got to your reserve? If not it’s still quite an amazing bungle but probably no harm done.
  8. Rondinella is an Ocean Park filly isn’t she? What’s the connection to Haunui?
  9. A few further months down the track now and Ocean Park is starting to look the goods and moving nicely up the 2nd season sires table in Australia. Will be sitting 4th after another Metro win today.. Looks set for a good Autumn
  10. I don’t understand the Kenny Rogers reference but it’s always good to see him mentioned. Thanks
  11. Swynford- I do largely understand your breeding theories and you have provided plenty of examples of good horses with that have these pedigree patterns to make me think there is probably something to it. I understand that you like to have at least 2 suitable duplications in a pedigree to feel confident about it. You’ve noted the Bletchingly duplication, but can you please explain what else you liked in the Jimmy Choux pedigree? Apologies if you’ve already explained your thoughts re the Jimmy Choux pedigree somewhere else,
  12. Another good winner just now in Geelong to add to his 3 yesterday
  13. I think I have the same question as Paddymc so I'll have a go at clarifying. If you had a mare with the same pedigree attributes that seem beneficial when mated with Zabeel (ie: Man O War through a female, or My Babu through a male), do you think those pedigree attributes are likely to be similarly beneficial when matched with a son of Zabeel (eg: Preferment), or where Zabeel is the broodmare sire of a stallion (eg: Dundeel or Ocean Park)?
  14. A nice win for an Ocean Park filly, Rip Girl, at Pakenham yesterday.
  15. Any further thoughts on the likely success of these two stallions 3 years down the track? Probably not too much else to say about Sacred Falls at this stage other than reports that he has produced nice looking strong first foals - however when do you hear anything different to this at this stage of a stallions career.. Can anyone confirm? As for Ocean Park he got a couple of 2yr old winners but not many were seen at the races - no surprises there as I never thought he was likely to get 2yr olds. I hear rumours (probably from the stud) that a lot of them have shown talent but will take time. So what do we think? Will he eventually come good with horses that mature a bit later like the Zabeels, or will he be a fizzer and have progeny that struggle to get to the racetrack or don't run fast enough? Has anyone heard of some good ones?