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  1. It's not so much their tipping that gets my goat but rather the lack of personality. It's as if banality is a prerequisite to be employed by trackside
  2. 1 Gob stopper 2 She's poppy Last home sureasyouwereborn
  3. Yep stopped going a couple of years back. A group of us went to spend up large and walk out after they tried to charge 20 bucks a jug. At least pickpockets do it behind your back, these clowns try to pass it off as progress and slap you in the face with it while trying to fleece every last dollar out of you
  4. Ta for the replies, but this isn't the first time it's happened and as far as I know there wasn't any late scratchings. Was just wondering if it had happened to anyone else
  5. What's up with the will pays? Just got quaddie at ellerslie and was paid out 226 when will pay reckoned 256 ?
  6. Damn straight. I wasn't convinced gingernuts was the new up n comer but he put that beyond doubt yesterday. Beat kawi hands down. The king is dead long live the king
  7. Nz tab sponsoring 2 races at rosehill today and you can't even access the website from oz. Powers that be surely know how to waste money. They find novel ways, it seems, each week
  8. Just ridiculous. How can you have faith in unloading dollars on a doctored track. Guess commonsense is a 100/1 in this game
  9. Yawn. Silly old men all twisted n torn. The election n politics is an illusion which allows the opportunity for the plebiscites to believe they have a voice which can summon change or for Tories a status quo which you believe is in your interests. Stick to the horses
  10. Rotorua rc1 2 6** rc2 8 11 Caulfield rc1 3 14 rc2 2 3** rc3 7 8 Rosehill rc1 1 11 rc2 5 12
  11. 1} 6 9 2} 4 7 3} 8 9 ** 4} 2 4 5} 1 8 6} 5 6 7} 4 8 ** 8} 2 4 9} 4 11 10} 3 11
  12. Yeah.Just multi the 1st 3 winners and there's your divvy
  13. The Rayner family is in good touch, right on your doorstep as well