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  1. Hi Oz Milly, Yes I do have the painting. It belongs to my brother-in-law and he is keen to sell it as it has no meaning to him. He received it after a lady-friend of his passed away. I will send yu a photo of it (camera is just charging) Do you have email address I can send it to?
  2. My mare is coming home for 8 weeks, can anyone recommend or share what is the best feed for her while she is having a break?
  3. Hi, does anyone know where I can find out history of a stallion that was born in 1962 called Wandering Eyes. I'd like to know which NZ stud he stood at - or find some possible connections. My brother in law has a painting of him, which was painted in 1977 by Jean Luoni (equine artist)....He wants to sell it, I thought it would be good to go to a home where the horse or artist have some meaning. I've been searching internet and see his name pops up as siring some winners.