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  1. tawhio

    Kawi v Start Wondering

    The real problem with Kawi is utu. Poor Bob Sharrock was not cold in the ground before the syndicate members set on Bob's widow and gave her the flick.Really what's happening now is that Tony Kemp is bringing the brains of the Warriors into the syndicate. The syndicate is now in disarray and some members think the horse should be with John Wheeler at least John doesn't shoot his mouth off and can find decent jockeys since Jonathon moved north out of the mind( and control) of Brent Ward most of his rides are crap, he stuffed up on Kawi before and Leith Innes is probably the best otpion for the horse bit that would mean AS eating humble pie wouldn't it?
  2. tawhio

    Pokie Fraud

    The biggest problem from the Mike O'Brien saga is the number of clubs caught up in back handers and wanton greed. Whilst there is no doubt that huge money came back to clubs and went into stakes all clubs knew what they were doing was corrupt and wrong.It is very clear a number of trotting clubs in bottom of North Island are clearly involved. Clearly the administrators of these clubs have been duped into this rort, how much in the way of funds ended up back into Mike O'Brien and co's back pockets and how much into club managements phone accounts will never be known but NZRB, NZTR,RIU and HRNZ know who is clearly in this and they need to clear the air. They need to get rid of the crooks in the industry no matter how high individuals are flying.It's truly ironic that one of the clubs involved is chaired by a member of the police who needs to explain how he can give gun licenses to people on one hand and then let his CEO play a full role as one of Mike's mate ripping off pokie funds
  3. tawhio

    New Record at New Plymouth

    Faulty time keeping ain't the only problems at New Plymouth yesterday because there were insufficient tote operators I was forced to use one of those stupid stand alone machines. Put my money in and machine crashed. Had to wait while a technician arrived to sort the problem. He simply said I never put any money in and when they balanced the machine if they are over I will get repaid and then next door the same thing happened. Utter shambolic PR experience. Then I was told that the club intends to run an entire meeting using only three of these idiot things. Yes only three no other facility open and definitely no cash payouts.Memo to club please make sure you advertise when this is going to happen , so I can bet somewhere else.It is a pity that what use to be a go ahead outfit is now doing its best to join the mediocrity that is NZ racing experience.