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  1. Fully agree Midget with NZF,only consistent party caring about NZ'ers.
  2. Stop criticizing female reporters.If they reported when looking their brilliant best,(legs behind their ears)NO male would be objecting!
  3. I am just repeating what was told to me other day,and wonder if anyone else has heard similar.That David Walker,disqualified for 7 yrs thereabout,has applied to resume his career starting working back at stables,and riding trials.Probably served long enough,could do with more senior jockeys.And at end of day,we are probably all guilty of wrong somewhere along the way?Interesting.....
  4. What happens when run by mugs.A blind dog could have told us Sunday with predicted weather,that unlikely to go ahead today.
  5. kawiboy


    What page,not in mine???
  6. kawiboy

    DD Winning

    I am not saying he's not a champion,just the ease he drives to near lead and is not challenged by other drivers.My point is not DD, but the lack of initiative shown by other drivers.Good luck to him overseas.
  7. kawiboy

    DD Winning

    Not being a big follower of trots,I wondered why this guy was a great driver.I watched some trots at Forbury where he drove about 5 winners.Every driver who drives against him should be suspended for 3 months for being such incompetent drivers.Near every race he raced to the front,pulled on the brake and sprinted on the turn.Those behind,running for 2nd.Or gets the lead,pass's up n trails an dashs along the rails.What woeful driving by the other mugs,maybe why he's happy to stay in NZ rather than venture into the hot beds of trotting,Oz,US,Canada?????????I am sure he wouldn't get such luxuries of dictating there????
  8. kawiboy


    No track work(which I find most important)No stats on whether started b4 hurdles/steeples.And don't say its all online,that I know.Very small print,I hate the format.The only positive is now out Thursday,I not need to buy the Turf Digest Thursday.I predict that in 12 months The Informant will be non existence,sadly.
  9. Its part of the Govt strategy to stop people punting,in turn not going to race meetings,in turn close the courses and then they have there land for housing for the incoming immigrants.Then promotion for Bills Racing Minister,sorry I can't remember his name.
  10. kawiboy


    Theres nothing wrong with Ruakaka,a great course.As was my $14 quaddie outlay,for 10% of the quaddie.And both trainers through the $23 2nd leg out.They should race there every day,lol.
  11. How can you tell when your lady is too fat?? When she sits on your face and you can't hear the races
  12. How can a lady tell she is getting old? When she cuts her nipple shaving her legs.
  13. Tony is getting long in the tooth.Do they have training schools or whatever for budding youngsters wanting to call.After all,Tom Woods has scored himself a good job,congratulations.But he was pretty rough around the edges when starting out,but was persevered with and good on his success.
  14. Her boss has a great record with apprentices since leaving as a stock agent to train.Must have watched his trainer of Copper Belt (Deacs) as he had a few smart jockeys as did fellow Hawera trainer Wally McEwan at that time.