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  1. closet

    Hidden Agenda

    Good to hear..
  2. closet

    Hidden Agenda

    Come over earlier, you could resolve the dispute..
  3. closet

    Who are these Maori?

    That makes it even mare farcical that he played for the Maori!
  4. closet

    Manukau...nothing said?

    Key statement there is it rarely happens..I've seen it handle worse than weekend just gone.
  5. You are right, from the outside looking in, there is little sign of "trickle down economics". And if you are slighty suspicious of the whole process and have a long memory, then see Tuku Morgan involved. You kinda say mmmm..
  6. Yea, they are at the top of the pyramid those ones in the front row..
  7. closet

    NZ Most Wanted.

    I would say Maori Wardens would be allowed to go in the water and make the arrest...
  8. closet

    Banker's sentence shocks his victim

    Spot on...the guy should be in jail.
  9. closet

    No new historic claims

    Agree, they (Hone, Mana and sov movement) will rally for the scrap with the colonisers. Bishop Tamaki's mob can have a rally (wearing black btw) calling "enough is enough", so should the rest of the country.
  10. closet

    Hurdle Races.

    Not easy to jump in gumboots:)..
  11. more expansion of the Olympics. Should'nt be there.
  12. closet

    and it gets worse.....

    To my mind Lee it seems we do need to convince you after reading all these Cross threads (excuse pun:)). The cynic in me is saying you and Aaron could be good mates...
  13. closet

    bluey's replacement?

    The cameras would be on him all game! Throwing water bottles and slamming the desk, would be hilarious:)! Seriously to add, they can't even consider Kearney after the Eels form..
  14. closet

    Mobile phones in cars

    You are right about the red lights, saw ANOTHER crash the other morning just after 6am, some clown had T boned someone at Greenlane/Manukau Rd intersection. You could tell what had happened..
  15. closet

    More off to Aussie

    Had a good friend go to live in Brisbane, after being made redundant in NZ, took months to find a job. Lucky she had some money behind her to keep going. She has a job now paying good money and doing ok, but she nearly came back. No one can stop anyone going when they hear stories like cleaners getting 20 bucks an hour plus benefits of strong unions. Labour won't/could'nt stop it either.