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  1. bob dobalino

    To be announced tomorrow ...

    No announcement yet must still be at lunch!
  2. bob dobalino

    Roger That

    Yep great to see the little guys getting some just reward
  3. bob dobalino

    Do we need a 2 Tier System of Thoroughbred Racing

    Yes Poundforpound that is the crux of the problem
  4. bob dobalino

    Splitting Races

    Didnt want to say that Pam but i think you have hit the nail on the head
  5. bob dobalino

    Splitting Races

    Very few scratchings besides ballots today, lots of unhappy owners and trainers. NZTR could easily have split races[ more egg on their faces] Good on Westland Racing for offering a travelling subsidy for trainers to race there, looks a great day hope the people turn up.
  6. bob dobalino


    not much rain and not many pigs
  7. bob dobalino


    wasn't only pigs anyway rumour has it Kumara off no nuggets and no reserve plan and this has been known for weeks
  8. bob dobalino


    What needs changing is the people running to show, Petone down.
  9. bob dobalino


    Am told ANOTHER inspection today, was okay to race on 6 days ago, whats changed?
  10. bob dobalino


    I'm told a lot of the damage has been caused buy tractors taking haylage of the track as well