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  1. I agree. I heard the atmosphere was very subdued at the event compared to the last few years.
  2. Not too sure it is that crippling at the moment https://i.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/106936768/winton-betting-turnovers-up-in-wake-of-racefixing-allegations
  3. Match fixing is also classed as deception 1Title This Act is the Crimes (Match-fixing) Amendment Act 2014. 2Commencement This Act comes into force on 15 December 2014. 3Principal Act This Act amends the Crimes Act 1961 (the principal Act). 4New section 240A inserted (Application of section 240 to match-fixing) After section 240, insert:
  4. So deprive 99% of the industry an income for the next year.... Unrealistic.
  5. I agree even though the Governments will fight it tooth and nail there is nothing they can do and it is only a matter of time before 90% of all gambling will be done via decentralized technologies. NZRB should join the tech revolution or miss out altogether.
  6. Great article on Dexter Dunn.. http://www.harnesslink.com/New-Zealand/A-conversation-with-Dexter-Dunn
  7. The Shark has resorted to tipping the obvious favs.... but still got the first three of them beat at Forbury
  8. Yep Brodie is the guy who will be backing the unlucky outsiders for a place. Once apon a time you could make good money doing that I did it myself for a few years but the bookies are too a bit too smart for Brodie now, hence why he is always whinging.
  9. We all make the odd mistake, good on you for fronting up and admitting yours.
  10. Does make you wonder how much effort they put into it. Comments: A 2000m stand start to end the season and manners will be key here because if you are slow away it’s a struggle to pick them up. Basing the whole races tips on manners being the key from a stand when it is a mobile is a bit slack.
  11. Race 9: 4.22pm Selections: (9) Christmas Toyboy, (7) Miss Big, (8) Clive Suggested bet: Boxed Quinella Comments: A 2000m stand start to end the season and manners will be key here because if you are slow away it’s a struggle to pick them up. (9) Christmas Toyboy – is the class runner of the field here, trialled strongly – and if he can step away with them he will fly home late. (7) Miss Big – put in a tough run last start, prior win was strong, can play a leading role in this while (8) Clive – caught the eye last start and can be the value runner in this field. Ratings: 9/7/8/5/3/6 Correct me if I am wrong but I think this race is a mobile start and not a stand!
  12. Pity would have really added some speed to the race early... http://www.harnesslink.com/New-Zealand/Jilliby-Kung-Fu-withdrawn-from-Jewels
  13. Sam Payne did an Alister Lowe in the last race but no penalty.....where is the consistency. As well as not giving his horse every opportunity, he buggered the chances of several others in the process....at least Lowe did not get in the way of other horses or hold them up like Payne did last night.
  14. Some great footage of Ivan tearing around Alexandra Park at full speed in the first 3mins of this doco https://www.nzonscreen.com/title/circuits-of-gold-1987
  15. Ha Ha Mick Guerin told everybody to put their all their money on Tiger Thompson to win and invest the winnings on the pick six.........Bookmakers must love him when he tips the hot favs that lose...he must have less than a 50/50 on those 1.20 shots...I reckon he could get Winx beaten