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  1. Justitia

    Racing Industry in Crisis

  2. Justitia

    Your Solution for Racing

    I have been doing a lot of reading during covid mostly about racing. We must not forget WHY the New Zealand Racing Board (now RITA) was set up in the first place - Racing Act 2003 8 Objectives of Board. The objectives of the Board are (a) to promote the racing industry; and (b) to facilitate and promote racing betting and sports betting; and (c) to maximise its profits for the long-term benefit of New Zealand racing. So, my solution for racing is made up of ideas read (some radical) and basic business sense - 1 RITA - Replace by a board consisting of 1 member from each code, 1 from sport and 1 independent (Accountant or Lawyer). I read a suggestion of no chairman and that each member takes turns chairing meetings. This would also be cost effective. 2 TAB - Outsource with stipulation that a certain percentage of every dollar be returned to the board for distribution to codes & sport. Much as I am reluctant to get rid of a Kiwi Icon I consider it is not functioning as intended. Platform is unreliable in present form with limited understanding of customers needs. Management and expenses are unsupportable and suggested savings are only a short term stopgap, very short term at that. 3 Trackside - One office in Wellington to run the country. Limited salary positions with contract labor servicing racedays. Contractors are totally cost effective in the long term and rates are negotiable. This works very successfully for Sky TV which is a much larger organization. Reintroduce free-to-air - Helps to capture new customers and caters to biggest age group percentage of punters 4 Trackside Radio - to continue 5 No CEOs ( Catastrophically Expensive Overhead ) - Can be replaced by a manager of Trackside answerable to the board. 6 No Bonuses or equivalent So what is your solution ? No negative comments please and stick to subject.
  3. www.theoptimist.site/crazy-stuff-381250-per-week-paid-to-top-135-rita-employees-and-we-have-no-racing How many of these staff have been made redundant ?
  4. Business 101 - Avoiding Bankruptcy 1 Slash management to minimum. Cap salaries at 60% of current. 2 Cease bonuses 3 Hire Contractors & Casual Staff - Higher rate is amply compensated for by no expenses such as ACC, PAYE, KiwiSaver, Sick Pay or Annual Leave. Rate is negotiable. Just a couple of things jump out reading the article - RITA plans to service South Island meetings from a team based in Christchurch, which will result in 11 of 13 positions in Dunedin being disestablished. Increased efficiencies will be gained through cross-skilling of roles. A reliable source tells me that the Christchurch manager has been touting this for some years. The last time he tried it they were flying in staff to southland meetings from all over the country and the travel and accommodation budgets blew out. RITA has confirmed it will not reinstate racing on its AM and FM radio frequencies which were suspended last month. - Just like when they ceased freeview TV they will lose a lot of punters. But then again did they even bother asking their punters ? So just who is advising Mr McKenzie ? The same managers whose previous decisions have brought us to the current position, therefore will get the same result. Is there anyone auditing their decisions so in another year when still in the same fix, these decision makers are finally held to account.
  5. Justitia


    MPI’s first decision was the sensible and RIGHT one for the industry. Who Convinced Them Otherwise. Government Pro’s - MPI is helping Winston ensure closure of Tracks. MPI is helping TAB as after their last debacle (bonus bet botch-up) looked likely to reduce their payouts to the codes Con’s - MPI has now created thousand’s more clients for Work and Income MPI has now robbed the IRD of taxes for a reported 1.6 billion to GDP annually MPI has now put racing into lockdown for two months not one. There may be some trainers who shut up shop early for the season but they are only a drop-in-the-bucket of trainers who’s livelihood depends on racing. By far the biggest majority of trainers have small teams and work them themselves so isolation is not the problem. WHO is advising MPI and convinced them to change their minds. My bet is on the Greyhounds be up and running first.
  6. Justitia

    Drivers Challenge Northern Southland 9/1/2020

    Thanks for your help. Have complained and they paid out the $90. Not good that you have to complain to get what your entitled to.
  7. $5 on Kirstin Barclay at Invercargill on Thursday. Vintage Rose ran second but was promoted to 1st which at the end of the day bought Kirstin first equal with Ellie Barron. TAB paid out on Ellie only and are offering money back on Kirstin. As this is their mistake should they not pay out on both drivers. How many other people had Kirstin and when told not a winner threw their tickets away ?
  8. Justitia


    Watching Flemington yesterday I am once again disappointed that during the race we see shots of the grandstand and horses feet rushing by instead of the race field. Being a race person I feel that those shots could be kept until after the race to be played then. It appears that once again we have someone directing the race who is not interested in the industry at all. Thoughts ?
  9. Justitia

    Note to Trackside

    PCT (People, Culture & Talent) - With all due respect I think the employee is correct Manager - Yes they are. But how does that make Me look to the CEO PCT - Your right. They have to go. Leave it to me.
  10. Justitia

    Like a pub with no beer

    Deliberately made trend ?
  11. Justitia

    Trials and Workout videos

    Buyers, agents etc also benefit from trials videos, so the TAB would be subsidising these players. Which, according to the 23/9 issue of HarnessXpress, is precisely what they're doing (at least in Southland). BOUQUET of the Week John Allen, NZRB Yes, you read that right. We are giving the head honcho the thumbs up this week for rectifying the Southland trials video catastrophe. To catch you up, some middle manager in the Racing Board, based in the South Island, decided it was no longer feasible to record the all-important trials in Southland. The staff members based in Invercargill who had long been responsible for the almost-weekly task were made redundant. The belief was that sending a team from Dunedin was not worth it. Yes, we know. Whoever made this decision obviously has no grasp of the industry and how important those videos are to punters, agents, trainers, buyers etc etc. What is worse, Southland Harness had no correspondence on the matter and only found out when no-one turned up to record the first official trials of the new season, at Gore on August 31. Moving forward from that, Southland Harness Racing Chairman, Kevin McNaught, takes up the story. “At his regional meetings around the country, John Allen met with Southern Harness and said to us that if we ever had any issues to not hesitate to come to him directly. “So I took him up on that and emailed him saying we were not happy and it was not acceptable, especially without consultation. “He subsequently came back and said not to worry about it, that he had ensured that recording would resume immediately and continue for the rest of the season.” “Personally, I think it’s great to see the senior staff, especially the Chief Executive, come and see us at the grass roots level and make themselves approachable.” We agree. Well done from us, John Allen. Taken from the Harness café, now if John could get the gallop workouts from southland filmed we would definitely give him a bouquet. We know they are only workouts but they are run under the same rules as there are no trials down there. Don't know who decided they were not needed but definitely no-one interested in racing.
  12. Justitia

    NZRB employee experience

    Just a couple of points - according to the racing act Reprint as at 1 July 2015 Racing Act 2003 14 Performance and efficiency audit(1) (1) The Board must, at least once every 5 years, arrange for an audit to be conducted in relation to its performance and efficiency. Has there been one of these and where do you find the results. Also could someone tell me why they get paid a bonus if they are already paid to do the job. Just asking.
  13. Justitia

    Where's the videos?

    Southland trial filming future in doubt Details 08 September 2016 By Mac Henry Filming of harness trials in the deep south is back on, for now at least. It only became an issue on Wednesday last week when no one fronted at Gore to cover the five race programme. Indignation was universal, from punters and the many students of harness racing, to overseas buyers and local bloodstock agents. As a result, local organisers have received a commitment that in the immediate future, trials in the south will be covered. That commitment runs out on the second of November and after that there is no certainty. When race filming began in the Southland province more than fifty years ago, the trotting and galloping clubs pooled their resources to buy the necessary equipment and a caravan to carry it from track to track. Those who were around when the race filming company was sold to the TAB recall that among the conditions of the sale was an undertaking to continue covering both harness and galloping trials at no cost to the organisers. Because there were always Trackside personnel based in Southland, this was never a problem. However, the last remaining staff, Dave Lilley and Pauline Hillis, were made redundant earlier this year. Local officials said they had no communication from Trackside and were taken completely by surprise by the apparent change of policy. They have since been informed that a national review of trials coverage is underway and the commitment until 2 November is just to fill the gap until it is completed. As trials are such an important part of the harness racing shop window, both locals and those from further afield are hoping the result is a return to business as usual. But in case its not in and the TAB pulls the pin, preliminary steps have already been taken to suss out local sources who could step in. Maybe Cambridge is going the same way.
  14. Justitia

    office girls

    Just caught up with the news. The only way for management to look good is to get rid of the industry people who actually know what they are doing. Can't have management look incompetent (even if everyone knows they are). Good luck to the girls and my advice is take them for wrongful dismissal.
  15. Justitia

    One way to increase stakes....

    Stakes = Income = salaries for breeders/owners/trainers and as such have not kept pace with inflation, in comparison to the NZRB CEO's salary over the last 10 years. Why ? The TAB itself has created the exodus of punters to offshore i.e. demise of free-to-air means that no prospective punters can see racing on TV while channel surfing. Limited info in press publications means the same. Eventual demise of telephone betting means the bias against the "older generation" when the statistics prove that they are the highest demographic of punter they have. Make no mistake they have engineered this for some time by understaffing this area as opposed to the efficiency on Melbourne Cup day when they wanted every dollar they could get. I totally agree that the industry itself needs to take back the reins.