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  1. Testify

    R.I.P. Fekitoa.

    No, i said "if you want to know" to Aquaman. Not "if everyone/anyone wants to know", nothing about punters or anyone else. As he said "if these dogs are alive can someone please clarify this". And who better than the trainer themself or the stipe. As i fully agree with Aquaman about these sugar coated reports, they happen way to often and it will come back to bite the industry one day. I just dont think it is necessary for every serious injury and dog to be named on social media like they have been lately. I am not "stupid" or having a dig at you, Aquaman or anyone. I just think it is not necessary to gossip on here anymore, the point was made and highly agreed with when the topic first opened, but then more and more injuries and dogs kept being named and it was just becoming a list rather than a topic. When we could be writing complaints, talking to stipes and other trainers, the club presidents, our representative on the board or even calling head office about the matter, and talk to someone who can actually try to do something about the issue and try to get the stipe reports to be written how they were acouple of years ago, instead of on here where there are few greyhound trainers and mostly horse related people, punters and where uncalled for arguements happen.
  2. Testify

    R.I.P. Fekitoa.

    The result of each dog would be on the stipes personal report. May I recommend if you want to know, that you privately contact the trainers of the dogs, instead of a forum open for all eyes and you can here the direct answer from them rather than assumptions which many people make. As if they did sadly have to get euthanised im sure connections would be very upset of the loss and shouldnt have to see it posted on here like previous dogs have been. Yes stipe reports are often misleading I don't doubt that at all but im sure people use common sense in this matter of no given stand down.
  3. Testify

    over raced dogs

    The same with Calum Weir, He has one of the best sprinters in the country and he doesn't take that to an advantage to race him more. I admire how he doesn't let the winnings of his dogs affect how many times it races in a week. It is good to see the younger trainers do well in the dog industry. Lets keep it up.
  4. Testify

    over raced dogs

    Both bitches were excellent, looking forward to seeing offspring from them.
  5. Testify

    Awards Dinner

    Not to mention how he has amazingly come back from an injury that can end even the best of dogs racing career, and although without winning, can still hold his c5 title, which is not an easy task to do alone! A big well done to all involved with Dyna Vikkers.
  6. Testify

    Qualifying trials.

    Fair point GOM, but I do believe there should be somewhere created for people to be able to see qualifying trials, perhaps on the dogs website instead, as you are right it wouldn't make a substantial TV segment. Cheers.
  7. Testify

    Qualifying trials.

    Seeing how many horse trials are on trackside makes me wonder why greyhound qualifying trials are not being played also. When a dog coming into racing qualifies you see the placing and the time of the winner, that gives punters and viewers very little information on the dogs racing styles. Almost making it a blind punt, for example a dog could meet trouble in a qualifying trial, miss the jump or be a wide runner and punters/viewers wouldn't know. Maybe just a thought to the "powers" to try a possibly positive idea into the sport?
  8. Testify

    office girls

    I agree with you there Jason, JJ's passion for the dogs is bigger than some owners in my opinion. She is an inspiration, if anyone seen her latest post on facebook how she helped someone In need. it's incredible, JJ has a heart of gold. She works in the office industry of dogs, but she still comes to race meetings with Matt out of pure enjoyment, everyone loves them and respects them. So many people think this was the wrong decision made by the office, and I agree by saying that the office have lost one of their biggest assets.
  9. Testify

    Above All

    Devestating news to hear. Our thoughts are with all involved with Above All. Pure champion in many eyes. Rest easy.
  10. Testify

    GRNZ Board Member To Face Charges

    #Scotta go for life