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  1. Everyone knows is innocent, if you want I can start on the accusers criminal history(which she tries to hide via a name change), her family history, her drug use or her drug dealing
  2. Someone was kicked out of court, it wasn’t rrrrrrriiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhttttttt for them to be there
  3. A lot probably can’t, need to somehow restructure the industry to concentrate on older horses that can race year after year. They may not cover all their costs but they’ll get a bit back. Way too many owners are being burnt playing the yearling game
  4. Most of them are barely covering costs, employing people in this country costs a fortune
  5. It makes no sense, for a start you’d lose all the training tracks at Riccarton so do you relocate all the Riccarton trainers. Secondly trotting tracks inside galloping tracks are poor viewing except for Moonee Valley where the stands are right on the galloping track.
  6. There’s no way on God’s green earth Addington are selling up to go inside of Riccarton
  7. Rangiora would be fine as a winter track There wouldn’t be many jockeys left who have raced on it, so can’t imagine too many saying no
  8. I must have the wrong Greg, would doubt Grimstone has any mates
  9. Settle down Greg you’re starting to sound like your mate Neil
  10. Never said McGrath was innocent, more concerned about Grimstone adding mayonnaise to the story
  11. Seems Grimstone has been up to his old tricks today, fabricating evidence leading to a couple of scratchings tonight
  12. The system only suits the battlers who are happy to race once a week (or more) and trotters that gallop a lot
  13. Cyril Rioli

    Ben Hope

    Clearly you have no idea what you were watching, Sam Thornley came out sharply pushing Bens horse under Sarah’s. Sarah’s horse had more momentum so they locked wheels. Not Bens fault at all although if he pulled his horse towards Sarah’s not away from it they would of got unlocked easier.
  14. And Teaz did Otago when living in Waikato so it is strange
  15. Craig was never offered the full time Otago job as he didn’t want to move to Dunedin having just moved to Invercargill from Victoria for family reasons. He was just used as cover as Jason Teaz quit suddenly and Evans was supposed to start early in the season but has only arrived recently. You’d have to think Craig is the obvious replacement when Davie Mac retires As for the North Teaz should replace Aaron White and Sherwin would be an upgrade on George