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    TAB account “favourites”

    Yes it not a patch on the old system I used to get an email or text or both about a runner on my list of horses to follow the day before or even at aceptence time... the other day I got text for a favorite running in Hong Kong but only one hour before the race..... To late I had gone to bed... did not find it till next day but it run 4th anyway.. I have asked the help desk several time if they can sort it out but they say new platform will not accept it so That's our new $50m computer for you
  2. ardentbuzz

    More bull%$^% from the NZRB...

    A mate of mine went to the TAB with his passport!!!! (To verify his identity) The local branch did not know anything about this stuff so they rang somebody and they were told you have to fill in the form No forms at this branch so you will have to get one off the website!!!! WHEN IS THIS OUTFIT GOING TO WAKE UP????
  3. ardentbuzz

    More bull%$^% from the NZRB...

    Feel exactly the same as you do Lights out I sent an email to the TAB along similar lines as per your thoughts I also have had an account for more than 30 years Might get a reply but I doubt it Cheers and beers
  4. ardentbuzz

    GST Refuns

    Anyone NOT registered for GST had a GST refund yet and how much are you expecting
  5. ardentbuzz

    Capital Gains Tax

    So the question is.... if I sell at a loss can you get a refund????
  6. ardentbuzz

    Capital Gains Tax

    So if the horse is no good and is a business asset can you get a Capital Gains Tax refund on the purchase price when you sell it on????
  7. ardentbuzz


    Can anyone tell me if racetracker is working on the new multimillion dollar website I used to get a text at acceptance time of horses etc I had listed on my racetracker but since the new contraption arrived I have had nothing!!!!
  8. ardentbuzz


    That's rubbish to the new web site then I like to enter horses before they have first start (winning a trial,,, tips from mates etc) sire (new sires to watch) Trainers on a roll
  9. ardentbuzz

    Tab Racetracker

    Where are they hiding Race tracker on the new website?????? I put all my black bookers in race tracker
  10. ardentbuzz

    Tab Racetracker

    Thanks I have found it Made a very good job of hiding though
  11. ardentbuzz

    Tab Racetracker

    They have made huge changes!!!!!! I use race tracker to advise me when a particular horse is going to start and get a text at acceptance time Where do I enter that request????
  12. ardentbuzz

    Otaki Uh Oh!

    Are all weather tracks going to fix our problem of Raceday Abandonments???? I have studied photos of Synthetic tracks in Aus and most don't to be very wide...Sure they will be ok for training on but it may mean we have to have Max 8 horse fields.. (Mooney valley is and exception but don't think we will be able to afford one like that anywhere in NZ)
  13. ardentbuzz

    TAB Site down ( again)

    Are the pubs and TAB'S able to take bets if not must be costing Thousands????
  14. ardentbuzz

    TAB Site down ( again)

    We all need an offshore account for time like this stuff the leakage there would be none as they cant take your bet
  15. ardentbuzz

    TAB Site down ( again)

    Bullshit horseshit crap
  16. ardentbuzz

    Not only the TAB has problems on big days

    Lights out in the Tab AGAIN!!!!!
  17. Ask him how much turnover has been lost since the loss of Phone betting. I know of several punters who used to turnover $200 a Saturday that are now either betting offshore or held up the white flag cos they cant use touch tone or cant go to a tab and do not have a computer.
  18. ardentbuzz

    TAB Website Issues..

    An absolute disgrace I have missed 3 races (1 winner 3 losses ) so I suppose I might be ahead Where is our old phone bet?????
  19. ardentbuzz

    Thoroughbred Awards

    I fail to see how Extravagant and Ryan Mark could both beat Rangipo Talking form my pocket of course but surely the Derby etc would put him right up there
  20. I wish to open a Aussy betting account can anybody give a shove in the right direction as to best site including divvys placing bets and most important getting money if you are lucky enough to get a collect. Also are there any fish hooks I should look out for Thanks