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  1. There must be a filter on the forum or something, I have found the correct one at The dogs nz site. Thanks again for leading me on the right direction.
  2. Thanks a lot for that, I will send him through an email now. Really do appreciate it.
  3. eshe

    First World Problems; MySky

    I called them up as my old man was having trouble seeing the new layout and the stupid choice of colours. This was early Feb and they said they are working on a new upgrade to make it faster and easier to navigate. Fingers crossed..
  4. Hi, I am posting here just out of curiosity if anyone is willing to let me volunteer around there kennels in the Waikato area. I really enjoy watching the dogs and am keen to get a foot in the door without yet purchasing anything. I am currently dairy farming in Manawaru so Cambridge would probably be the ideal location for me to travel to. I can help out on both a Saturday and Sunday with the possibility of some weekdays if wanted and I have no problem whatsoever doing the shit jobs. Have been sifting around this forum for awhile and thought I would take the plunge and see what comes of it. Thanks. You can contact me (Matt) on 0277043056 or 072124174.