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  1. Well said Chris Wood. Looking at the stewards report for the Rotorua meeting two of the three stewards are also named as being the stewards in the Te Rapa "mistakes". Surely they would have systems in place by now - The Racing Board needs to provide an explanation as to why the track was not inspected when they arrived on course - or was it? Presumably the stewards are paid a professional wage - then they should act like professionals or suffer the consequences. Fortunately my all up was late scratched.
  2. Good questions Midget but what about the three members of the 'Appointments and Remuneration" Committee of the board of NZTR namely Messrs Stace, Goodsen and Williams ( as per the last annual report), surely they would have signed off on any payment to the said person. Perhaps question 6 should be Did the board agree with your recommendations?
  3. Don't suppose it is possible that a steward would turn up at Ellerslie this afternoon, walk the track and give a track rating, might help those doing fixed odds betting. Oh, how remiss of me they don't care about turnover just put up a good 3. Still no resignations, just unbelievable.
  4. If the Chairperson of the stewards is the same as last Saturday doesn't he just post a good 3 regardless of the weather, seriously, how can anyone believe what they put up when they had five hours to change the rating. Don't they walk the track an hour before the first? I am still shaking my head that there hasn't been a resignation over the Te Rapa debacle(s).
  5. No Bimbo, the positioning of the gates at the 1100 metres for a 1200 metre race on December 12. Took an alert Trackside viewer to ring the club and tell them. Same Chairperson same stewards on both occasions they got away with it that time. But last Saturday was a howler how can any of those stewards now think a licenced person will take them seriously in the room.
  6. Surely the stipendiary steward that was responsible for the reading of a good 3 at whatever time in the early morning at the very least be the subject of an internal assessment and a suitable press release made by his employer. The cost to nz racing has been huge in terms of turnover on the day and future turnover. Don't forget that we had the starting gates fiasco a few months ago and no action was taking about the stipendiary stewards on duty that day. We cannot carry on like this or the end will not be 10 years away but 5 at the most. Great to have a strong and positive response from
  7. Obviously K.Rutherford reads race café as The Informant today states that he and his staff got to work on the phones on Tuesday afternoon and secured another 5 runners albeit R65 and 85 band horses - for a Group 1!!!! The pity was they didn't do it 7 days ago and make sure they had a field and all this embarrassment would be avoided.
  8. The programming hasnt changed in 30 years with the Waikato meeting yet other meetings have - Auckland Cup meeting etc not to mention all the Group races being brought forward in Melbourne and Sydney due to the early Easter. Me thinks someone inside the club is asleep at the wheel - surely "they" would have been ringing around over the past 2 weeks shoreing up the field before this shambles. Bet "they" are running around flat out now but alas to late - unfortunately the horse(s) have bolted