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    sharrymac reacted to Whyisit in Mike Dillon   
    2Admin2.      Hope you have listened to Shaun Ritchie on Weighin this morning his feelings on the trough issue and subsequent matters that should be addressed.
    Good on you Shaun for bringing the issue to notice.
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    sharrymac reacted to gubellini in Mike Dillon   
    Great opinion piece by Mike Dillon in Today's Herald Page B8. Refreshing change from the naive sycophantic offerings of Michael Guerin. Compulsory reading for Race Cafe members!
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    sharrymac reacted to Leggy in Mike Dillon   
    Thanks for the heads up gubes. Jeepers, has Mike upped the testosterone intake and grown some or what. And, it's not just opinion, it's investigative!
    Congratulations Mr. Dillon.
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    sharrymac reacted to ivanthegreat in Mike Dillon   
    Unfortunately I don't buy this paper anymore due to their reducing the liftout to a joke.
    Getting a haircut had another look today............ boy they spoil you with information.
    Mark DuPlessis has no rides at Tauranga. .............. they could even tell you in South Africa that he has.
    Only 27 of the 66 runners have a jockey ,
    No indicative odds.................. where can we access these now ? I always used these when betting on Quaddies for obvious reasons.
    Hard to read for anyone over the age of 10.
    Don't tell me that there is more information , selections are worse than my granddaughters , fields for obscure Aussie races we really need these instead of more comprehensive local ? I don't think so !!
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    sharrymac reacted to gubellini in Mike Dillon   
    Great opinion piece by Mike Dillon in Today's Herald Page B8. Refreshing change from the naive sycophantic offerings of Michael Guerin. Compulsory reading for Race Cafe members!
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    sharrymac reacted to chevy86 in Mike Dillon   
    Mike Dillon's brave (by NZ journalist standards) coverage of the Wexford case in today's NZ Herald reports that Grierson's attempt to simulate the defence scenario of oral administration was aborted due to animal health concerns. What happened to the "internationally, peer-reviewed" Grierson evidence that the Wexford story was plausible? Not trying to rip the scab off again but the RIU needs to lay it all on the table, including test levels in compliant results.
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    sharrymac reacted to WhoKnows in No Nth Is Easter Monday Meeting   
    Why is no racing allowed here on Easter Sunday but Australia has meetings galore?
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    sharrymac reacted to slam dunk in No Nth Is Easter Monday Meeting   
    Barry you have hit the nail on the head. All the betting options the TAB have from 8.00pm onwards need a different approach. Competitions is the way to go. They need not be anything grandiose just perhaps duplicate the concept of a poker table with say 10 hands. Small parimutuel pools are just not suited to the small pool environment. Punters want entertainment and interaction and beating a reasonable sized group of other punters.
    Easter Monday.
    How things have changed. I remember Easter Monday where there was a big day at Ellerslie, swarms of people at oncourse betting only meeting e.g. Te Teko and two central districts meetings one at Feilding and another at Tauherenikau. Amazingly fields usually stood up well at both Central District venues and there could even have been a division race thrown in. . On the weekend there would also be two CD meetings on the Saturday making it 4 meetings in 2 days in the CD. The Fielding racedays were iconic with many Wellington visitors
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    sharrymac reacted to puha in No Nth Is Easter Monday Meeting   
    So Ellerslie with NZ's largest population and disposable income can't make it work so give up the meeting. Maybe the powers to be could of had less meetings in the CD a couple of weeks back and reprogrammed a meeting for Monday? I'm sure a country club could make it a success . 
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    sharrymac reacted to Kundalini in Judges Call   
    One of my many gripes with Trackside......why is it that Trackside switch to a Greyhound race before we hear the Judges call when the dog race does not start for 3-4mins.
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    sharrymac reacted to puha in Lance O'Sullivan   
    At the end of the day the fact is the horses raced well over the limit even though cleared many wil still think otherwise. Wexford should enter a team in that Indian game you see on sky  they are pretty good at dodgeball  it seems. 
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    sharrymac reacted to Jefferson in Lance O'Sullivan   
    When your name is O'Sullivan you only get fined, with most other trainers this would have been done and dusted and now serving a long disqualification. 
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    sharrymac reacted to henry30 in Lance O'Sullivan   
    Pleased to see that horses have finally had races taken off them and prize money will be going to those promoted.
     I guess any farm manager can make a mistake with administering cobalt to troughs........just a coincidence I guess that it happenned on the days or days before horses won.
    Just wondering the three horses under investigation were found with high cobalt levels on different dates does this mean that every horse at the stable had access to this highly dosed water over a period of 2 months or was it just an unfortunate coincidence that the water was overdosed only on the days that 3 that won.
    How many other horses had access to these overdosed troughs and placed 2nd 3rd or 4th and were not therefore tested?
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    sharrymac reacted to Canelo in Lance O'Sullivan   
    cannot be applied to this case as the foundation for this is absurd. no dairy rapid number at gateway, no tankers, no vats, no cowshed, cups, washdown hose, teat spray, blue overalls, old rusted out ag200 that hasnt been serviced in 12 years, no tail paint, no bull, no loader wagon, no invoices from rd1 with overdue on them, no disgruntled sharemilker wondering where he is going to keep his herd this season when his contracts up on June 1. Scientific evidence there are no dairy cows. case closed
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    sharrymac reacted to gubellini in Lance O'Sullivan   
    Leggy that will be my fate as well when the result of this tawdry case is announced.
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    sharrymac reacted to gubellini in Lance O'Sullivan   
    Back to the topic! What date will be set for a hearing on this case? My guess is April 1st!
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    sharrymac reacted to Midget in Lance O'Sullivan   
    Seriously ? equipment cross contamination as alleged and sterility are inextricably linked in this case.
    Just shows the value of an ace barrister like Alan Galbraith who can create sufficient confusion by introducing a concept such as sterility when it was in effect largely irrelevant, but he created doubt and it follows that it becomes difficult to get a conviction when there's obvious doubt.
    Remind you of any other case ?
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    sharrymac reacted to Midget in Lance O'Sullivan   
    Alleged potential contamination by the on duty vet who was called away from the swab box to inspect a horse that'd tied up in the following race, whilst Planet Rock was in the swab box having her samples taken.
    Planet Rock had been administered Ketoprofen a couple of days prior at Peter Wiliams property by Dr.Ivan Bridge.
    The vet on duty at the races, whom I won't name, was a partner in the same practice as Bridgey was principal.
    Alan Galbraith argued that the race day swabbing box wasn't sterile !!!! Something akin to saying a rubbish tin is not sterile, but incredibly it was enough to see the charges dropped. To this day there isn't, and never has been, and never will be, a sterile swab box that's not contaminated with just about everything.
    This is the problem of course if and when the High Court comes into play, the complexion of the case changes dramatically in terms of burden of proof and interpretation of events.
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    sharrymac reacted to Midget in Lance O'Sullivan   
    Noted thanks but I'd appreciate it if you'd have a word to one provocative individual who seems to have trolled me in every post of late, typically with associated innuendo, untruths and aspersions.
    I don't mind a bit of robust debate and associated humour but mindless trolling is tedious in the extreme and inevitably incites a negative reaction, a reaction you clearly find unacceptable.
    Should excessive and repetitive trolling even be allowed on here ?
    I'm sure you know this but in case you don't harmful or untruthful communications are illegal in NZ under the Harmful Digital Communications Act and if I'm not allowed to react you might want to consider the actions of the resident troll who's clearly breaching the Act in most if not all communications directed my way.
    Communications that are " false or are used to harass an individual " are illegal and are banned under the HDC Act.
    Just saying, but if I can't react surely you'd agree that it's only fair he shouldn't be allowed to incite ?
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    sharrymac reacted to Midget in Lance O'Sullivan   
    Your use of words is a touch ambiguous, not sure if you've done that on purpose but I'll answer by saying "no, I wouldn't take cobalt in any form other than VB12 as I don't need to radiate and glow at night ". You ?
    If you meant would I accept the readings claimed then I'll just say that I would acknowledge that based on all available evidence it's "possible" the levels indicated did in fact occur by water contamination.
    Like you though I'd like to know more and I eagerly await the hearing.
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    sharrymac reacted to Goat in Lance O'Sullivan   
    So you would take Cobalt in the levels these horses were presented?
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    sharrymac reacted to Trump in Lance O'Sullivan   
    But why haven't the horses been DQ'd? Someone please explain to me why this has not happened. Forget the how or why, leave that to the Inquiry. 
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    sharrymac reacted to Canelo in Lance O'Sullivan   
    ...meanwhile Danny O'Brien is in negotiations with Crafar Farms to set up a satellite stable...
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    sharrymac reacted to chevy86 in Lance O'Sullivan   
    What about "above 600", especially AFTER running a race and anyone knows you withdraw water some time before the event.
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    sharrymac reacted to Leggy in Lance O'Sullivan   
    When they take a year to relegate the horses and come up with this incredible explanation? How could they not be? Up to their eyeballs I'm picking.