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  1. TwentY$BilL

    Yearling Sales Webcast

    Working now after refreshing a few times. Thanks all.
  2. TwentY$BilL

    Yearling Sales Webcast

    I am getting the audio feed but no pictures. What have I done wrong?
  3. TwentY$BilL

    Mick Guerin - Horse Of Course

    Surprising from Mark McNamara who is usually on point. I don't get Mick Guerin. What is the point of all his yabbering, persisting with phrases like "on the couch at home", "gallops punters looking in" and "I spoke to Mark and Nat about this" Is he paid by the word? Does he get bonuses for interrupting other presenters and saying stuff that is clearly not true?
  4. TwentY$BilL

    Exceptional Circumstances?

    did these horses leapfrog horses nominated in the original time frame?
  5. TwentY$BilL

    a rocknroll dance 1st starter

    Can MP factor be ignored?
  6. TwentY$BilL


    You are right and not aided by the last minute pirouette.
  7. TwentY$BilL

    Here we go again

    UDR judges actual results only and takes no account of the enjoyment and satisfaction the licensee gets.
  8. TwentY$BilL

    What a night

    Is it right that only 4 dogs got swabbed at the meeting? 3 post race and one random pre race if I am reading it right.
  9. TwentY$BilL

    Justin Evans

    Seems unlikely.
  10. TwentY$BilL

    Methven Races 6 & 10

    BLACK ART - broke prior to the start checking trailing runner with a false start being declared. Driver A Fitzgerald elected to remain in his barrier position for the re-start. Mr Fitzgerald was advised his runner will now be drawn unruly for mobile starts. For some reason Greg suggested Black Art was going to the outside. I wonder where that came from as nothing in Stipes report. Having already been suspended for 3 days and relegated from 3rd to 4th in Race 3 I noticed Ross Payne with one foot out of the foot rests during the concluding stages of Race 10. KARDESLER - the sulky seat on this horse slipped in the early stages with driver R Payne discarding it to the infield nearing the 1700 metres. Raced greenly and hung outwards near the 1600 metres. Some days just don't get better.
  11. Part of the problem is there is only 19 horses left in the NZ Cup Nominations. 7 - No Doctor Needed, Piccadilly Princess, Lazarus, Dream About Me, Have Faith In Me, Robbie Burns and Heaven Rocks are in the Ashburton Flying Stakes 1 - Tiger Tara is down to race at Menangle on Saturday Night 1 - Alta Orlando is in an earlier race at Ashburton 4 - Seel The Deel, Imola, Titan Banner1 and Buster Brady raced in the Methven Cup last Sunday 4 - Jacks Legend, Hug The Wind, Maxim and Cash N Flow raced in the Holmes DG last Friday which leaves 2 - Classie Brigade and Ears Burning who are yet to resume.
  12. TwentY$BilL

    Sad state of affairs

    It is not unusual to be banned from somewhere upon returning.
  13. TwentY$BilL

    Aussies restricted from offshore betting

    The Salvation Army will no doubt be opposed. Next time you are invited to place your hard earned into the red kettle make it known that their anti gambling stance in noted.
  14. Morrison and Bumble are like chalk and cheese when it comes to cricket commentary.