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  1. Jefferson

    Messara report... Luv it!

    McNeill on Feilding gives a positive live example, but the Committees of Gore, Timaru & Smallsville won't listen. Every report ever commissioned, including Messara's, indicates Teeny, Tiny and Dwarf need to close and merge with a larger track nearby. Everyone in racing has always agreed that needs to happen, so long as they aren't one of them. Just heard John Allen on Weigh In, who like all before him, use the catch phrase "the clubs need to consult and talk amongst one another to form a solution", but what he is really saying is "I run this organisation but don't think I'm going to do what is right!!" First we had The Two Ronnies, then Hale & Pace, now we have John & Glenda. Adopt the Messara report in it's totality, he has a track record more impressive than anyone involved in NZ racing (paid or unpaid). Every participant in racing wants change, requires increased returns, needs better facilities, but when a plan is presented no one wants to start. I'm now comfortable knowing, once NZ Racing is gone, we will still have NSW & Victorian racing each week, light years ahead of NZ racing anyway, with Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth carnivals thrown in for good measure. Support total.........................or accept what we have will remain, but in an even more declining form and every participant moaning even louder than they do now!!
  2. Jefferson

    Great To See The Young Guns Firing

    For the last 30 years racing people have been saying racing is finished and for the next 30 years racing people will be saying racing is finished, so that will be 60 years of racing is finished, but surprise it won't be finished.
  3. Jefferson

    First Call Tips

    Seriously though, with such a shocking performasnce week after week, they should be sacked. How hard can it be to select one horse each week, yet they miss miss miss.....sure we all would miss too, but not so regularly as these so call experts do, they pick like beginners.
  4. Jefferson


    Whilst I love this horse and his sintillating finish, it must be said the great mare always ran on the pace and could have a final 600m and 200m equal to or better than what Chautauqua achieved, so how could he possible get past her?
  5. Jefferson


    Well done Mr Waller, I hoped you would spell Winx after last Saturday's win. Now I can't wait until the Spring, then next Autumn, then..................
  6. Jefferson

    Thoroughbred Weekly..

    Simple stuff being screwed up by NZ Racing (or NZTR) employees who don't have a passion for or knowledge of racing. To them it is just a job, It is not the first time that person or group of people have made simple rookie mistakes. They should get more than a kick up the arse, it should be a kick out of the organisation. Read the notes about the programme, it says something like a roundup of Derby day and discussion about the Melbourne Cup. If there were actually people working in the organisation that knew racing and had a passion, these things would only happen once, shouldn't happen once, but lets be slightly forgiving. You are right, if the small and simple things are not done right, we can't expect anything better.
  7. Jefferson

    No Nth Is Easter Monday Meeting

    Really, are we that desparate for racing!! Can't all participants have a day or two off to relax, go away, spend time with the family, do whatever they want at Easter. Are your family lives so boring that you are at a loss if there is no racing? We moan about field sizes, just look at North Island Saturday, so having a day or two off may help before the tracks get into the usual Winter Heavy and avoiding watching NZ racing is a better option than watching. Always rely on Australia for my racing viewing.
  8. Jefferson

    No Nth Is Easter Monday Meeting

    She really was good, I remember one commentator saying "La Mer won in spite of Des"!! Noel and Des were poles apart.
  9. Jefferson

    Mike Dillon

    It would be great if NZ journalists actually started regularly reporting with honesty and backbone. Time for accountability and transparency, maybe if the journalists run under that umbrella, more within racing and NZTR might be forced to as well.
  10. Jefferson

    First Call Tips

    I listen most Saturday's to Pete's show 8-9am and mark down each of their bets of the day. I cannot believe how useless and highly consistent most are with their non winning tips. For professional (supposedly) punters, they are really pretty useless. It is time to stop ringing them if they continue regularly losing. How can they regularly not pick one horse to win!!! Some on here could pick oine and do better, they certainly couldn't do any worse. We regularly hear about a certain 0900 number having success during the week, but never seems to be able to pick one horse to win on Saturday. They all pretty much suck.
  11. Jefferson

    Des ...Sunday Mornings

    Might be the same people each week, hey just like Race Cafe (!!), but they do talk about the racing the previous day and the current issues in racing. If it sounds the same each week to you, maybe you should go to Bay Audiology!!
  12. Jefferson

    Championships nominations 1st Day

    A "Winx and a nod" will tell you it will be all eyes on Randwick this Saturday and the next Saturday as well. The potential for excellent mouth watering fields is awesome, can't wait.
  13. Jefferson

    Hang your heads in shame

    Too much racing, not enough horses. Great to have a quiet Easter, will be interesting to see the field sizes the next couple of weeks.
  14. Jefferson

    Herald Lift Out

    It is not the paper's fault. The TAB pay for space and advise what they want in that space. I used to buy either a NZ Herald or a Dominion each Friday, but as of a week ago I have stopped.
  15. Jefferson

    Mike Dillon

    Every one should watch (replays) Weigh In from this morning, Shaun well done, hit the nail on the head.
  16. Jefferson

    James McDonald

    I totally agree with all comments, a great guy, fantastic ambassador, World class jockey and great to see a little humour come out from him as well.
  17. Jefferson

    Des ...Sunday Mornings

    I think Des does a good job on his Sunday and Monday shows, they are difficult slots and agendas. Don't even compare McDonald to any NZ jockey, he is head and shoulders above them all. One of the top handful currently in Oz.
  18. Jefferson

    easter Monday racing a joke

    It won't do any harm to have all racing (almost all) participants have a day or two off. Maybe out of it we can get some Saturday meetings with good sized fields during the next couple of weeks. It would be good to have some reasonable NZ racing leading into the magnificent Randwick Championships. What was the point in watching any NZ racing yesterday before tuning into Rosehill.
  19. Jefferson

    Trackside Channels

    Really for $18.70, I know someone who won't pay that out of principle, but we pay Sky to watch Super Rugby and NRL and anything else of a sporting nature, so too Racing.what's the difference? If they are not prepared to pay $18, they probably don't punt much anyway.
  20. I know everyone will scream "hindsight", but after Winx first run back this campaign, there was never a doubt everyone else was running for 2nd or 3rd after that, so if you are going to back anything for a place, it's not 3 places your money is running for but 2. We are in the company of greatness watching Winx. You can't mention Winx and TML in the same breath, they are professionally poles apart.
  21. Jefferson

    Lance O'Sullivan

    If it waddles like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. If it sounds like horseshit and it smells like horseshit, then it probably is.
  22. Jefferson

    Peter Moody Suspended

    Well the minimum charge has been set, ignoring NZ's soft stance, it looks like Dave will be out of retirement and running Wexford stables again.......and just watch the performance of the Wexford team improve with the master back in charge.
  23. Jefferson

    Lance O'Sullivan

    When your name is O'Sullivan you only get fined, with most other trainers this would have been done and dusted and now serving a long disqualification.
  24. Not a chance, that is why the connections didn't protest.
  25. Strikes will never happen, but if it was to fly, Waikato Racing is the Club to target, with President Karyn and husband David, they will take action if they think Waikato will be affected. Stud owners Paqtrick, Mark and Gary won't let Waikato get effected. Personally owners, trainers and jockeys need every race day to present opportunities to gain income. No point in taking a petition of no matter what number of signatures to the Racing Minister, he only knows what his back room advisors and racing industry heads tell him. He is so light weight, don't waste time and effort on him. If you can gain enough signatures you take it to John the Prime Minister who focuses more constantly on ratings than policy. He will need a pick me up after he receives a flag slap on the face later this month. If he feels every signature on the petition will turn on him, will publically maintain pressure on him, he will fold like a pack of cards in the wind. The first step would be to pressure him into putting up a Racing Minister with a spine and passion for the industry we all on here have, irrespective of at time individual differences in views, then at least we have someone going into bat for us in the beehive.