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  1. Koozer

    James McDonald

    the boy is a muppet. nothing more. nothing less.
  2. Koozer


    Thats right. I have a rule and its not to get into arguments with idiots because they will just drag you down to there level and beat you with experience. So you guys can argue amongst yourselfs.
  3. Koozer


    This is classic bullying. I'm not here to be a sheep and agree for the sake of it. I'm here to carry the torch and blaze my own trail
  4. Koozer


    And what a couple of loosers you too are. Your probably related. Wonder what the odds are on that happening. Not that you'd be able too work that out.
  5. Koozer


    Ive forgotten more about racing than you will ever no sonny
  6. Koozer


    Pfft. You sound like one of these jonny come latelys who probably wasn't even alive when Saintly won the melbourne cup. Give it yp chump.
  7. Koozer


    Is 5yrs all ya get for insider trading these days?
  8. Koozer

    Kane Williamson

    He is batting like a muppet since he became captain. Should have given the job to Ross Taylor
  9. Koozer

    Thoughts post 2016

    I think your assessment is proof that you should find another sport to follow
  10. Koozer

    Thoughts post 2016

    The rotation policy is because the union boys are soft and can't play two games in a row. They need to learn some lessons from league.
  11. Koozer

    Craig Dowd

    He was average. He looked like tarzan but played like jane. I remember him squealing like a girl when the french beat nz in the 1999 world cup because the french were putting in some dirty tactics. If he was any good then he would have put an end to it on the field instead of doing nothing. The guy is a complete muppet.
  12. Koozer

    Craig Dowd

    Gee this guy has alot to say for himself considering he was just another average all black from north harbour. Someone should stop asking him for his expert opinuon because he hasnt got one.
  13. Koozer

    Australian humiliation

    They would still threash our bunch of muppets if they played a test tomorrow.
  14. Koozer

    Danny Wicks retired

    danny wicks has retired from the eels and was subscribed by eels coach brad arthur as a "good all round Aussie bloke", and that's what he is. Nothing more nothing less. Good on ya Danny for proving everyone wrong.
  15. Koozer

    Thuggish Rugby Players

    And I bet you've got videos of them as well don't you! What a sicko