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  1. How many meetings you got over winter, Ted ? We coming home for a spiritual weekend soon and may as well catch a few races. The hot pools still open ? Bringing the kids and nephews down later to climb their mountain ...........
  2. Thanks John, another good competition. Good luck to the survivors ...
  3. And for hesi, well I was going to let you bleat on and drag it out for a week, but the bet was a ticket, you fool. And if technically I can't win the comp owing to Saturdays hiccup, I am going to support Sarah to take it out, , which is weird as you know how much I dislike the dogman, but I see an interesting finish coming up now.
  4. Dear John, I forgot you don't actually read my posts, just dip a foot in and see what every one else says. Feel free to ask Admin and Scooby about my offers to take over this comp or even assist you. In regards to my own comp, they weren't people enquiring but merely sh*t stirring trolls. I have no problem with you or the admins (as I have stated numerous times). But the little men on this site, just wear ya down with their bullsh*t. Sorry its turned out this way but no worries, as the sun came up again this morning and hopefully it will again tomorrow.
  5. Apologies about filling up the results board nimue, but the trolls will just carry on bleating anyhow.
  6. Exactly the same process on Saturday. As already explained --- /// -- (three Ts) --- Chautauqua --- Winx ---- Field. The only thing which would altered the bets, was if 2-3 people had taken WINX, I then would taken 3 or 4 extra horses in that race, maybe even left Winx out !!! I either win or they get knocked out, ALL GOOD ....
  7. Gold Coast January 9th. Lucky Hussler -------- Mahuta ---------- Capitalist -------- Husson Eagle Treble ------ 1/1/9 ---- 55.90 Quaddie ------ 1/1/1/9 ----- 204.20 Easy as that.
  8. Posted 10 January And I got the quaddie and treble with CAPITALIST, so it worked out better in the end ...
  9. I have always been in the position to sponsor any competition, but I find the children tend to throw out all their toys and have a little cry. You in fact know damn well that I have offered to take over this comp and introduce real prize money, not the bizarre forms offered here.
  10. I can see why Shorty dislikes you so much ... Nothing wrong with the comp and as mentioned hundreds of times before, I appreciate the work done by organisers. This is the way I play the game, betting on my picks in the rare cases that they may win, awfully simple procedure. I have no reason to lie and if you check the last comp you will find my post, explaining the same procedure. I am also in the competition on the other channel, and have the opportunity to win more moolah, I have in fact just by qualifying won more money than in this comp.
  11. There is a chance 4 won't make it, but I can assure you, this one will ... Todays hiccup has forced my hand, but it is all good. I won a tidy amount off the quaddie. I had all the Ts in the first (Tarzino, Tally, Tavago), anchored CHAU & WINX with the field. So the comp result is of no matter, other than flag flying, very much like last time when I got axed and won the treble and quaddie, anchoring my pick.