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    Jape, let's put it down to a very sensitive subject perhaps I did not mean any offence.. What Aquaman stated about the length of time taken to erect a Basic requirement for the welfare of our hounds and handlers is so very true. Standing in pouring rain and wind at the start of a race for 3 extra minutes with a dog that has been at a temperature of around 18 degrees for up to 3 hours and now shivering is a helpless feeling.
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    Well maybe Jape..If the N.Z Metro decides such mundane things as the "welfare" of the dogs and their handlers, after all of these years, to get one over head cover, perhaps you need to climb out of your box in extreme weather conditioners and let your tounge do the walking? and report back to those that wouldn't know Cheers
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    Why Do the problems that have been on going at Auckland continue? Perhaps, looking at the the picture the trackside camera shows , focusing for all to see, as they zoom in to the troublesome sprint boxes, the first sign of deterioration is the algae STAINED unused advertising space above the boxing area, the second, the weeds and un kept bottom of the fence that is the prime focus for all to see. Honestly, if the management and committee cant get on top of these simple requirements , because quite simply, they are not performing at the basic level required to promote our sport . Should they stand down.? The drainage at the winning post is a problem and several meetings must have been close to being called off. Has the committee ever thought of investing in a simple water pump to drain the excess water off to the centre of the track?, Does the manager and consequently the track manager actually care enough to worry about these obvious mundane things?
  4. You are so right!!! .. Throw it over to Phil, He is in charge now and needs to get a grip on these things...One track after another with fundamental cock ups all the time. It needs to be rectified, and our new C.E.O. has put his hand up !!, after all that is why he has the job?.. Phil you are familiar to the big boys in Rugby League, unfortunately the scrum from Head office wont help like that, and dog shit between the toes is more offensive than a full on stiff arm tackle...
  5. Here is an email passed on to me from the Palmerston North Club Afternoon all, Roebyna Bak and Phil Holden - new CEO of GRNZ will be at the Palmerston North races Wednesday 30th March from noon for a couple of hours if you wish to come along and meet them. PNGRC Should the new C.E.O. be partnered by Roebyna ? This to me go's back to the day that Kennerly's arse was always covered by his understudy.. Surely the timing is not right either?, How the hell can The very same people you need to meet get their dogs secured and away have and have needed time prior and or during a race meeting..
  6. Be advising the veterinarian of dogs in his opinion are in need of a vet check?
  7. Ray, I think the part that you have wrong is the imports. The rehoming issue is very local and by big players possibly stretching as far as board level are involved in ownership of dogs not being rehomed. We have a Welfare Officer that is out of his depth and for some reason hasn't the testosterone to handle the problem that is no rocket science. For example some of the numbers boys have more youngsters on the ground right now than G.A.P pride themselves on targeting in a year for rehoming.. You keep on breeding Grandad and breed a couple of dogs that will take out the majority of the Group stakes in a year. Then sit back in your wheelchair with a smile I'll even push you around to watch and receive the accolades.....
  8. Wow what a sensitive posting and actually so true.. I think this needs to be addressed by our new C.E.O. Would he let these obese beings front Rugby League like these heavy weights do race after race in prime time.????
  9. The same lady that does the Palmerston draws is filling in while Venessa is on holiday. Maybe the confusion has arrived with the combined grades as the Palmerston Club appears flawed in this department by advertising combined grades by way of "invitation".. This leaves questions to be answered by our Racing Manager as to the clarity and possible manipulation of our rules that appears on facts to favour certain trainers and owners that are in positions of trusted responsibilities.
  10. I have only ever asked 3 questions to Roebyna... In each case I was told she would get back to me which she did. All questions were what I would expect a person in this position to know and answer off the cuff. I think in all fairness, the new C.E.O has some position changes to handle.
  11. My mum used to say...".You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"
  12. Yes he certainly left his dismal mark ..a huge dent in Greyhound history Not to be proud of...Don't forget that bludger the other C.E.O. they had to change the title of C.E.O to get rid of him, and change it to General Manager employing Dear old Jim. Out of his depth as a C.E.O was that fella . I guess we are a little off topic but it is a direct result of this era we suffer still today.. Let's just hope now we can start turning things around and play fair and square in all facets of the sport...
  13. You outline the truth, Aqua but remember we have just got rid of a chairman that has had us all in recess for years while he was in power. He perfected the art of sleepwalking while awake, an absolute disaster, and we will feel the affects of that for a while yet I am afraid....The hole process now needs to be ripped a part and every one held accountable for their own actions or lack of it..
  14. Admin, I think racing in general needs to follow and assist here, as we all appear to be having similar problems. In my opinion there is a weak link hovering amongst our higher administration and this is our chance to pin point this cancer and cure it...
  15. Has the Welfare Officer been seen of or even heard from .? I reckon the starting date for our new C.E.O. is critical. Let's keep these bludgers resting on their morals, on the hop and get some constructive results for the betterment of us all concerned...
  16. Thank you Ohokaman. My question is to all.. . The four independent board members that have been politically appointed ARE they what N.Z.Racing needs? with their fancy qualifications. I think we are pretty well all agreed Guy, as Minister for racing is as useless as tits on a bull . Have Glenda and the other three stepped up to the mark or are they through their appointee just as stagnant.? Where the hell does Purcell fit into the picture where did you dig him up from.?
  17. Kakama , any chance of getting photos up of Glenda and the 3 other Government appointees on the Racing Board please....
  18. Invite us, into a live hearing at a race meeting.. Why can't Glenda, invite us in to what is going on .. or not going on!! at her Racing Board meetings ?
  19. Ivan,, Will you ever make Trotting "Great Again"? I doubt it,:) as like all of our codes we are on a slippery slope. I understand your sheer frustration believe me, and I also believe that the programmer (or Lack of one ) at Trackside, or rather ,their Superiors need fuckin shooting... It's a circus !!!!Don't take a swipe at the dogs Ivan, as it is out of our control, we do have to put up with some pretty tough times from your code too, waiting for the 3rd false start or some other bullshit hold up, you continue to break into the dogs right ful time on air with!.... Just the other day at some country meeting down south When a sulky was bent in half dogs had to wait in extreme hot conditions for around 4 minutes when the total race time was only .18 secs for Christ sake. So if you are going to have a swipe, how about leaving the dogs out of the equation? Before too long the 3 codes are going to need each other more than ever . It's Guy, Hughes and their 3 self appointed mates on the racing board that need a bloody rark up!!!! that's if, we, as codes, have genuine reps from our individual codes!!??... Some one at this level is rotten to the core, they have to be!!? There are too many good people throughout our related industry to be shagged around, and in my opinion we shouldn't, and eventually wont put up with, all the bullshit..I just hope we havn't left it too late .
  20. Good to see the first mating of Above All listed.. I notice a mating between Dyna Vikers and Dixie Lee on the 19/10 2015 and nothing has been reported along with several other matings of his. Is there pups on the ground ?
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    What Welfare Officer are you talking about Aqua.? I thought that mug had already shot through!! What has, or hasn't he done of late, apart from cause internal problems and anxt amongst the owners of dogs and their possible welfare.
  22. Evidently, extra security and the R.I.U out in force at Wanganui ....Any one know why?
  23. It's nothing Donald Trump could not fix....He could make us "Great Again"
  24. Well done today Gary, that was super. The Gardner remarks were made on air not by me. . and in my opinion the grooming of the track that impedes your control of the position as starter is not fair on you, Being used as the shit boy is distracting enough :).
  25. Possibly the camera system is in need of renewal ,shocking images and maybe the judge needs replacing as well. From what I saw in real race time .It was not a dead heat...