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  1. Bunson

    Brendan Cole

    Yes this maybe my first post in a long time and I agree with you completely that it is a abhorrent practice. I am a little old fashioned and still believe in old sayings like where there’s smoke there’s fire. Like most I hope this is a isolated case.i haven’t heard of it being practiced here in NZ and even this one got me by surprise Making the comment widespread was wrong I should proof read before posting.
  2. Bunson

    Brendan Cole

    What I find strange is that Cole is the only one in NZ that has allegedly been live baiting or dead baiting. Surely he isn’t the only one or perhaps his high profile is going to be reward enough. Now I don’t condone this behaviour if found guilty but I believe it had to be more wide spread. I like level playing fields but I suppose that is a dreamer talking.