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  1. Cheers for that, and yes - all good here thank you and I hope the same with you and Mrs vS. Dad's first Bank Manager's job was in Foxton, then to Richmond and then the Hutt. He passed away about 4 years ago, was still living in Upper Hutt. Best John
  2. Well - there you go. I'd better not cancel that room I've booked at the rest home!!
  3. Dead right - Alan Jones had him. I just think he (Northfleet) spent time in the CD, maybe in his latter years. Just looked up what I could on the NZTR site about him, it only shows what I'm assuming is his last 30 starts between 1979 and 1981 and about 28 of them were in the CD. Like I said I thought Cyril had him at one part, in fact I'm sure he did. Unless I've gone totally crazy though I'm positive Noel Eales had him too. I do hope I'm right about the latter as I was apprenticed to "the Boss" (Noel) and I'm sure Northfleet was there, for a while at least. If I've got that wrong (which is v
  4. Ha ha ha - no it wasn't Kismet. A double bridle would have been way too flash for him. He was more the hackamore sort!! Had a grey pony called Ali Baba after Kismet, Ali was way more posh! Also remember Shorty's Dad, pretty sure his name was Bill. He was at the stables most everyday, one thing that always stuck in my mind was he used to eat cold pies. And Cyril Pfefferle was at Richmond in those days too, before he went to Trentham and had the likes of Fountaincourt, and Northfleet too I think (?). Good days and memories
  5. So sorry to hear this. Shorty gave me my introduction to racing. Many many years ago I was a horse loving kid going to Waimea College in Richmond, got a job with Shorts one Xmas holidays as I wanted to earn some money to buy a double bridle for my show pony. Xmas came and went and so did the pony!!!! – I was hooked. I remember having my first ever gallop on a horse named after JNJ called Short Legs. He also had a pretty handy galloper at the time that was also appropriately named – Mr Richmond. Lots of great times and memories have come from the opportunity Shorty gave to me, which I will
  6. And that may well be true, I'm only going on what has been quoted and I am negligent in repeating that without investigating myself. The point remains though, being that given their revenues NZRB should be able to fix this themselves - and without adhering to "government conditions/whims" that may see the industry poorer (if that is possible G@d forbid!)
  7. Sorry - I haven't read or watched the Labour leader's (sorry - the PM's) comments but surely the racing industry would be crazy to agree to such a deal. Like P4P I believe the pokies are a blight on society but currently it is what it is so why would racing want to give that away. I don't know what the NZRB distribution from their pokie revenue is annually. I did see some figures from a gaming trust recently that said they had distributed $1m in their last round. So even "a round" say every 2 months equals $6m per annum, which I would suggest is reasonably small fry to some trusts. But taking
  8. Do you see you point Ted around the barriers but can’t accept there’s as much risk of not getting a fair start jumping from the barriers as an open start. In my humble opinion when you get a number of horses milling around freely in an open space there’s always going to be more chance of something going wrong than when they are confined, as they have been taught to be. And as it’s fairer, not only is there more chance for things to go wrong in an open barrier but as I said in an earlier post there’s more opportunity for a start to be manipulated. Interestingly, and going back to my comme
  9. Actually I have. Probably had about 1000 rides over jumps back in the day too, and won my fair share. I would agree the barrier draw in a steeplechase has little bearing. I would say being left by 10 lengths at the start because your horse won't line up does. And speaking from experience what also does is if you can hang back a bit then rush up to the open start with a bit of momentum. Obviously that can't happen with barriers. I'm not arguing it shouldn't have been a false start. As eluded to above what I'm saying in the best interest of fairness and equity barriers should be used.
  10. Must admit I have a real issue with all jumping races (I believe) being open starts these days. What happens when a horse doesn't get a fair start (which is less likely with barriers) then get's beaten a nose. Maybe, and just maybe, you don't care so much if it's a maiden steeplechase but imagine if its a prestige jumping race. I see they even started the Waikato Steeples without barriers the other day. Surely owners, trainers and jockey's in jumps races deserve just a fair go as flat horses, not being let go like Brown's cows.
  11. Thanks guys. It was a huge thrill. Loving every moment of it, apart from the hangover this morning! Cheers. John
  12. All good Richie. I certainly wasn’t defending anyone about that second day abandonment. I don’t know how it came about but if it was HB Racing’s fault then heads should roll. I also believe in credit where credit is due though and if HB Racing has reversed some fairly ordinary oncourse turnovers over the Carnival then well done to all concerned. And I hope it continues, not only for racing but to because of the uncalled for personal attacks on Mr Castles when he was appointed. Whether he’s any good or not time will tell, but again for the sake of the game I do hope we see some humble pie b
  13. Wow - are you serious? Clearly getting more people on course having a good time and betting isn't a positive in your eyes. So please explain to me o'wise one why I'm a dickhead? .
  14. Early days yet I know but surely all those critics of Butch Castles getting the top job at HB Racing must be worrying what humble pie tastes like. Interesting to see the recent three days in the Bay on course turnover was only $27k behind last year, even with the abandonment of the middle day. Also interesting that the 3 days were way up on the 2 years previous to last year, again even with the abandoned day in 2015. We may be a long way from the old Kelt Carnival turnovers but at least it’s heading back in the right direction following some less than positive signs in recent years. Didn’t go
  15. When you say "new" - how do NZTR introduce a new rule?. In most organisations I've been involved with rules can only be introduced/ amended at an AGM and/or SGM. Did have a look at the NZTR Constitution on line and it talks about amendments only (as far as i can see anyway) and I quote: "Notice of every proposed resolution to amend, add to or revoke the Rules (indicating clearly the nature of the proposed amendment, addition or revocation) shall be given by the Board to every Totalisator Club and published in the Official Calendar at least one month prior to the date of the meeting at whic