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  1. Jag1

    Russell Curtin

    I was there today Pickle and was not surprised by the turnout for a guy who had so much respect within the racing fraternity. RIP Russell
  2. Jag1

    Bruce File

    Just been notified that Bruce passed away recently. Trained in Kumeu during the time when it was one of the bigger training centres. Bruce trained That Fella who was a handy horse and ran third to Trident in the 1985 NZ Sires Stakes Final. He also part-owned Single Cash who was trained by Peter Wolfenden and won two Rowe Cups (1968 and 1969).
  3. Jag1

    Blast from My Past

    Yep Eljay. Down in the ‘tea hut’
  4. Jag1

    Blast from My Past

    Some great names there. Dane Alexander still training. A bit later when we were in Kumeu the Sunday workouts were huge. Mid-80s Dave Gibbons, Tom Knowles, Peter Young, Gary Hillier, Mike and Owen Nicholas, Don and Shane Hayes all had big teams in work. Many more, but this certainly brings back memories
  5. Jag1

    NZ Trotting Cup

    Yep, handicap in 2007 and free for all in 2008 (Changeover).
  6. Jag1

    standardbred tv programme

    I thought it was great and now can't wait to see the next episode. I also enjoy Sheldon's work, he is very passionate about the industry.
  7. Great to see Colin get to the 2,000 wins on Friday night. Well done Colin. Who will be the next to get to 2,000? Peter Ferguson is the next on the list, but the way Blair Orange is going it could be him? Would love Fergy to get there.
  8. Jag1


    Starting at the top Lyell Creek & Take A Moment 3 each Tim Butt 7 Luxury Liner Roy Purdon Stent (not 100% sure about this) Tony Herlihy Courage Under Fire, Christian Cullen Lyell Creek, Idle Scott 6 Mark 33, Barry 16, Cran 9 & Tim 15
  9. Jag1

    very old drivers

    After the Tea Hut some would then venture over to Tommy Knowles' place for a BBQ with fresh paua fritters and a few more beers. Then help him feed up.
  10. Jag1

    very old drivers

    I knew Max reasonably well and did drive a few for him in junior drivers races. Unfortunately I was driving in the race he fell in and he seemed fine afterwards and I was talking to him in the old drivers room down in the stable area at Cambridge. I remember Ken Webber was also talking to him when he had the heart attack and he alerted the medical people on course. Tim, back then Kumeu was huge. A couple of hundred horses worked on the track and then there were the stables around Boord Cres that had their own tracks. The workouts on a Sunday were pretty big to with a heap of horses each week and I remember big crowds on a Sunday as well. It was a good place for a young driver to learn a few things on the track from the likes of Tommy Knowles, Peter Young, Gary Hillier, Frank Cooney, Mike Nicholas etc, etc (the list goes on). But not only were there plenty of full time professional trainers, there were a heap of owner trainers as well and the track seemed to be in used all day, every day with people working their horses in the evening (after they had finished their 'day jobs')
  11. Jag1

    Andre Poutama

    That was something that went through my mind as well, maybe it does need to be looked at. If there had been a crash then the race could/would have been called off. Maybe it is because of when it happened in the race??
  12. Jag1

    Andre Poutama

    Just watched the replay of race 7 from Cambridge and that was an excellent piece of horsemanship by Andre in avoiding a dangerous situation and ensuring the safety of the field and in particular Jay.
  13. Jag1

    hrnz news website

    It does seem to be the case with minor sports - there is a guy called Peter Michael who has won the world speed skating champs 7 times and I can't remember seeing anything on the mainstream sports news about him. Although it is possible that I missed it. There have been times when leading horses have made the mainstream news - remember the time the town of Morrinsville had a parade for their adopted racing superstar Courage Under Fire? That made the news. But they are few and far between. The Waikato Times used to have quite a good racing section and when Anthony Corban was racing editor there it also had quite good harness racing articles.
  14. Jag1

    The Feds Arrive

  15. Jag1

    Palmy fields

    A group or feature race takes precedence so a reserve in a feature has to start in the feature if it gets in. Just can't find the exact rule at the moment, but looking.