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  1. Come on guys. Do you follow Aus harness at all? Expensive Ego won't be able to hold the lead. You're all looking at it wrong. Alta Orlando's hopes are dashed.
  2. Remember Yulestar?? Didn't win a heat - ate up the final. There's one looking like that for tomorrow night IMO - Shop around for $20 and will EAT UP THE DISTANCE. Get on.
  3. I still think back to that series when Our SIr Vancelot won. By memory Christian Cullen looked a good thing and pulled out injured after the first heat, then Agua Caliente looked unbeatable and the same happened then we had to give it up to the champion Aussie in the final where he led them a merry dance. Classic series.
  4. No, the interdominions are slowly turning into just another race/carnival unfortunately. It's a real shame and was an end of an error them being moved out of NZ. Not good for the longevity of the sport, harness racing has a bigger following in NZ per capita than it does in Australia so this is was a really disappointing announcement IMHO. The decision was made with a short term outlook as with so many decisions these days.
  5. I know she didn't beat much last night but she's just smashing her opposition at the moment. Keep following her - the only way is up.
  6. Seeing the FFA and Dominion today, both were spectacular performances and it gives us confidence that harness racing is bloody awesome at the moment, despite what the doom and gloomers may want to say about the current state of affairs. Spectacular two days of racing, shame the usual crowds couldn't be in attendance. Sundees Son was nothing short of sensational. Star.
  7. Some really solid tipping there, started the day blissfully and nearly got a couple of good roughies up. Big day. IT was just a little too much for a Monday. Good luck today ya'll.
  8. Thanks legends. If it's any use make sure you all get a piece of the EW value with RegardsMaree tomorrow in R5. Will set up the day nicely. Good luck team.
  9. Who's everyone' best bet for Kaikoura Metro? Shame it's where it is but it is what it is. Always keen to have a bet on the side in-between football, World Series, Ballarat races and work. Give me your best. I'd expect Funny Face to make the trip this time next year.
  10. Hello, Yes, and paid $3.60 here and I made my Sunday evening very spectacular. That won't be her last win on that. No, I don't consider her (not it) a motley horse or 'extremely motley' Jason. Many of our best trotters over the past decades have only won a handful of races in there first 20-30 starts, I didn't think I needed to point that out. Look at some of our G1 class trotters in the past, if I need to name a few please advise. The ability this horse has shown on occasion to date means she could go quite a long way if things fall into place for her and the team. It would
  11. Funny Face looks perfectly suited on Sunday against an extremely motley lot providing she trots. Am very excited, hopefully the TAB can release a market that's not at 300%.
  12. I knew I'd get it wrong and it would be a Ms, not Mrs but I didn't make sure. I should of researched harder prior to my post. My apologies. Good luck this evening.
  13. Hi John, Just letting you know Mr Telfer also trains in partnership with Mrs Telfer (Amanda). Just felt like you needed to be made aware in case you didn't realise. My tip, Alta Wiseguy for the money. Cheers, George
  14. Really talking through my pocket here but she ran a monster race last night. If they can get on top of her manners she's going to win quite a few races. The price will likely be gone next start.
  15. It's a shame Funny Face isn't racing, would fit well into one of those small trotting fields IMO
  16. How's Reon Murtha getting on these days? Is he still ticking along? 'Christian Cullen in a galaxy of stars, he's the brightest of all'
  17. Lucky Eastwood Jaunty isn't racing, he and George would of been very upset.
  18. Missed the start badly tonight unfortunately. Should get good odds next start though so stick with her, she's a potential star. George
  19. Did you see this one absolutely spank those maidens last week in the first in the big smoke at Cambridge. She reminded me of Armistace Lad breaking his maiden at Cambridge many moons ago. Keep an eye on her, she could have the ability of Cheese and Kisses or Chipolati (excuse the spelling if wrong) if they can keep on top of her manners IMHO and pay a good dividend at Alex Park in a few starts time.
  20. The days of waiting for the end of the week so you could pick up a Friday Flash on the way home from school are way gone.
  21. were Westport offered the opportunity?
  22. Interdom's used to be the highlight of the year, now the Westport Cup is more interesting.
  23. Remember when Oaxacca Lass came out from the trail to beat Elect to Live and Neil sprayed his junior driver (remind me) saying he didn't run fast enough. Seafield Raider v Eastwood Jaunty, the match race made in heaven
  24. Who cares? Get off your own asses and study the form yourselves.