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    Huey reacted to Berri in Because   
    that's what happens when you lose hope and don't feel as though there is any direction.
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    Huey reacted to voice of reason in Because   
    hey tim ,i was one of those 82 sad..we could have all gone over to avondale about they put a giant billboard in the carpark facing that motorway that carries a million cars a day..let the people know that this is a race course ,and please come on saturday to check it out...thats the first thing wilcox/baker should have done ,and those before them george/ about some ads on mainstream radio.....i know there is a car fair every sunday because of the signs and flags....but absolutely zero signage to try and attract people to the races..
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    Huey got a reaction from dock leaf in No Avondale   
    Exactly it makes absolutely no difference to who goes on Industry days whether the stands are flash or not. 
    Hell why not hold industry day races in the provinces where there is a bit of a horse population and locals will support the meeting because they give a rassu about it.
    The programming and Calendar have clearly not been optimised!
    Be interesting to see who nominated horses for the Avondale meeting, with some very keen to see it sold up.
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in No Avondale   
    There are times when I would probably have a go at that, but really I just can't be bothered, what's the point. I do have lots of other work to do. I do come on here quite regularly and hand out my well considered ideas for free, so I do do my bit.
    I think it must be fairly obvious to most people that there are too many poorly programmed meetings in the north and not enough horses. A really simple option would be to take all the licences off Tauranga. That high staked meeting at Tauranga two days before Te Rapa attracted terrible fields and detracted from Te Rapa as well. No one would really notice if Tauranga closed down.
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in NZTR Submission on Racing Industry Bill   
    Interesting read, albeit challenging due to the poor grammar and proofreading.
    I see the industry's problems are largely down to the poorly run TAB and the old Racing Board. Oh, and the lack of income.
    NZTR are far too modest to list all of the things within their power, or sphere of influence, that they have done to make the industry more efficient and relevant.
    I was quite intrigued by the concept that "clubs continue to operate and race for the benefit of their local communities". I always thought the clubs major role was to find their place and fit into the overall structure of racing in NZ.
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    Huey got a reaction from dock leaf in No Avondale   
    Exactly it makes absolutely no difference to who goes on Industry days whether the stands are flash or not. 
    Hell why not hold industry day races in the provinces where there is a bit of a horse population and locals will support the meeting because they give a rassu about it.
    The programming and Calendar have clearly not been optimised!
    Be interesting to see who nominated horses for the Avondale meeting, with some very keen to see it sold up.
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    Huey got a reaction from Patiti in No Avondale   
    No doubt about it, but they aren't needed to the degree some say they are for smaller meetings run for turnover to get horses through the grades etc etc.
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    Huey reacted to Pam Robson in No Avondale   
    Just need to close more southern tracks.   That'll sort it.
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in No Avondale   
    It is fairly obvious that Auckland is not the place to hold low key industry meetings as none of the horses are trained there. Hold the low key meetings where the horses are to keep transport costs down.
    Radical idea: why not hold the Avondale Cup and Avondale Guineas at Avondale. Bet no one thought of that.
    And if the place is a "dump", like many others, get the bulldozer out. A lot of NZ racecourses would benefit from the bulldozer going through those old public facilities. Build something small, functional and multipurpose in their place. Use a standard design. 
    If anyone has been to Mornington you will know racecourses don't need massive grandstands.They have had their day; much like most rugby grandstands.
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in No Avondale   
    Hardly surprising. Recent fields up north have been appalling with tiny fields racing for $30,000+. The dates and programming are all wrong.
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    Huey reacted to nomates in awapuni synthetic track   
    This the problem , mudders are mudders for a reason , they will all give it a go but large proportion of the horses won't like it or simply not fast enough , hence needing a bog , then we will be left very small numbers that like the surface . One of the reasons Avondale under lights failed , a lot of horses didn't cope with night racing so numbers dwindled , i remember lots of very small fields after the initial settling in period . Fix the surfaces we race on now PROPERLY with top international expertise and i think we would be better off . Might take a bit of time to get them all right but would be a much better option in the long run . $20 mil for A/W tracks would go a long way to fixing most of our best tracks .
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in awapuni synthetic track   
    It is certainly an interesting concept. It will create a whole new set of winter horses; synthetic track specialists, who will be going around at the same time as genuine mudders who just can't wait for the Trentham or New Plymouth bog. So effectively the CD will need two sets of winter horses. Do they have enough horses/ They are struggling to fill fields as it is.
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    Huey reacted to CT"s in C. S. Hayes Stakes........   
    Alligator Blood
    Super Seth
    What a quality field! Might have to head out to Flemington to see how good this Catalyst is. He’s got my vote in the All Star Mile. 
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    Huey reacted to Ludwig in Riccarton fields   
    Plenty of tracks available.,..Timaru, Rangiora, Motukurara, Waimate, what's planned for those tracks?
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    Huey reacted to TurnyTom in Riccarton fields   
    When reading all these South Island comments cannot help but feel we have no leadership and are in serious strife
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in Riccarton fields   
    One cannot help but feel you are dead right Tom.
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    Huey reacted to THE TORCH in Absolutely utterly appalling   
    And there's the evidence.
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in Absolutely utterly appalling   
    Surely the biggest question is whether NZ racing, with its lack of depth can afford to run a 3yo fillies and a guineas race, both for the same stake and over the same distance, on the same day; with fields of 6 and 7. And what does it say for the colts and geldings when two fillies decide the males are so weak they might as well line up against them, and the best male finishes more than 13 lengths off the winner. If it wasn't for the fillies lining up the group 2 status for the guineas would have been history.
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    Huey reacted to Berri in Absolutely utterly appalling   
    You sound like the PR agent for the Ellis's. I don't think you read or get what I originally said. Sir Tristram is iconic. He was a breed shaper, an outlier for want of a better expression. It may have been that he stood at Cambridge Stud, but Sir Tristram is now part of our history. That fillies race should always have a name that doesn't change. Any entity that wants to sponsor it should have their name tacked onto the front of it. The reason for this is that when we look at catalogues, we want to know what race is what. If you change the name how can you tell. The sponsorship may only last for a couple of years for all we know.
    Seriously don't get the beef?!?
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    Huey reacted to Berri in Absolutely utterly appalling   
    I don't get it and I'm fuming. How the hell can the Sir Tristram Classic be renamed the David and Karen Ellis Fillies Stakes? out your policies in respect of naming these important and historic group races, especially the 3 yo group races. We have catalogues where we try and work out the merits of the black type races. If you change the names how the hell are we going to follow what race is what. And fancy changing the name from an iconic stallion that is immortal to a race after two people's name where one of them is the chair person of the racing club. if you get a sponsor, then call it the David and Karen Ellis Sir Tristram Classic.
    Come on you people....this is crazy
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    Huey reacted to Red Rum in awapuni synthetic track   
    I think the Awapuni and Riccarton  proposed AWTs  have been shifted to Cambridge and the other two tracks have installed two flat screen TVs to show the simulcast of  their allocated AWT meeting back to base . 
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    Huey reacted to Pam Robson in Riccarton fields   
    I'm afraid I have the same sentiments.  I couldn't say I don't care,  but I have lost heart with the whole RITA biso,  what will happen will have little bearing on any submissions ordinary mortals might make,  so no point losing sleep over it.
    As you say  -  and has Leggy also, on many occasions -  the basics can be sorted with little if any cost,  but there seems to be no will to do so.
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in Riccarton fields   
    The lack of facilities has nothing to do with the lack of horses. I do agree, the facilities are a disgrace.
    I think it is time the CJC stepped up and said "right everything is a mess, we have to take charge and show some leadership, we are the senior club in the South".
    Ironically, I think the SI is incredibly well placed considering the state of the industry as a whole. There are heaps of horses, just usually in the wrong place at the wrong time; there are some amazing trainers in the Parsons, Pimans and Tylers, and some up and comers; a superstar jockey in CWJ, a rising star in Kozzi Asano, some great horses including Enzo's Lad and Kiwi Ida: Cup Week,  popular circuits like the West Coast and the Christmas circuit;  icons like the Dennis Brothers and Andertons, a great history and tradition; regular success in the NI,  some very good race tracks, the best winter tracks in the country, some dedicated owners, and breeders. What is lacking? Perhaps a superstar stallion, and most definitely leadership. Someone needs to step up. I think it should be the CJC. They should be calling a meeting of all SI clubs and participants and saying "forget all this mesara and winston rubbish, we know how to run our own show,  let's make this work.
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in Riccarton fields   
    Yes, it's a bloody mess all round. Poor fields all week for big money. 7 races at Tauranga; 5 with 7 starters or less. Te Rapa four seven horse fields to start the day.
    Terrible for the four 2yos that wanted to go around at Riccarton. Didn't they run a three horse 2yo race up north recently because one horse needed some money to get into the $1m race? Amazing that no other trainer had a 2yo to line up; $1,100 just for running 4th, better than going to the trials.. $22,500 wasted. 2yo racing in the SI is a real chicken and egg situation. Because there are so few 2yo races and no logical pattern few trainers bother, so when clubs do programme a 2yo race there are hardly any horses to line up.
    I think a lot of trainers are too scared to start at metropolitan meetings for decent stakes, but you can't win if you aren't in.
    As someone did mention on here we are almost at the stage where we have to start arranging programmes closer to race day, for supporting races at least, to make the most of the horses that are available. 
    One day it might occur to someone that continually eliminating horses from maidens and rating 65s limits the numbers available in the higher grades.
    I do think trainers need to be more proactive, either by supporting the clubs putting up good stakes or by liaising much better with the clubs to try and make sure things are done better all round.
    I have to admit, I have lost all interest in rita, the messara report, tab restructuring, racing act submissions etc and don't contribute to any of those threads. I feel that if we can't get any of the basics right what on earth is the point worrying about big picture stuff.
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    Huey reacted to departed in Climate Change Racemeeting.   
    You could hand out a free copy of the book "Climate Change Delusion and the great electricity rip-off" by Professor Ian Plimer to everyone who comes through the gate.  Perhaps then people might start to realise what a giant con this whole climate change religion is.  The masses have been brainwashed, particularly in NZ where the left leaning media publish nothing that questions the whole hoax.  Also you will probably find that most racing people are not the remotest bit interested in climate change, they are too busy trying to eke out a living.
    As for donating to the Australian bushfires, these have been largely the result of incompetence at state and local government level, not allowing land clearing or preventive burns to reduce fuel loads in forests.  Over 200 people have been charged with arson, most of the fires having been deliberately lit. Yes there has been a drought, but this has nothing to do with climate change.  There is no link between drought and climate change.  If it was getting warmer then you would have higher evaporation from the ocean, leading to MORE rainfall.  In fact it is the Indian Ocean dipole which governs much of Australia's rainfall.  The dipole has moved in recent weeks, bringing on the monsoon in the north.  The east coast of Australia is in for record rainfall over the next 8 days  and you will likely see widespread flooding.  Here in Central Victoria we have already had nearly a third of the total rainfall we had for all of 2019. Of course you won't read about any of that in the NZ newspapers or on tv.
    Sooner or later the NZ population will wake up from their slumber.  In the meantime you need to do something about increasing stakes or you will see more trainers and jockeys making the move to Oz.