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    Huey reacted to Leggy in RITA - RED ALERT   
    Yip. Thankfully this may have forced the reality issue and 5k stakes may be optimistic.
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    Huey reacted to slam dunk in TAB to go tits up   
    Here is the fundamental flaw in TAB management. Shows how stupid they are.
    They have employed people who know nothing about racing and wagering. So these people go about copying what other overseas businesses are doing. Overseas bookies have these bonus type promotions therefore "we can't go wrong there". WRONG. What these idiots have overlooked is these promotions unlike overseas bookies with only fixed odds offerings  actually drag punters away from tote betting and onto fixed odds betting. 
    With the bonus bets being rather costly the whole exercise is in net term a big loss. Its got nothing to do with some coder being in error. ITS JUST PLAIN STUPIDITY!
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    Huey reacted to Phantom in TAB to go tits up   
    And sport! It wasn't going to win any prizes but it was functional
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    Huey got a reaction from Ludwig in TAB to go tits up   
    Agree , whats the point in clubs with incredible facilities, event staff etc operating as per normal. Time to reshuffle the calendar head back to the back bone of the sport - country racing !
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    Huey reacted to Nelli in Friday Nom's   
    If I recall correctly from my spell on the Cambridge committee, the club has very little control over dates.  The club would have very much liked more rational dates instead of the rush of meetings in the new year, weeks of no racing at other times and back to back meetings with Auckland all too frequently.
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    Huey reacted to tripple alliance in Rural NZ to the rescue .   
    NZ race horse ownership could return to what it was in the 40s /50 / 60s . Back in those days rural race horse ownership was the back bone of the racing industry , those days have gone but looking at what's happening to the economy a huge turn around is very probable . City's and towns are in real trouble but it's possible rural NZ is about to shine . 
    A couple of  indicators , The kiwi was trading down 4 US cents at just US55.6c shortly after 5pm on Thursday .. OIL , Brent oil at  an 18 year low , $26.65 a barrel .  So currency well down , oil down well down  , Rural NZ will be smiling and about to dominate the economy once again .
    City people and financial investors , all in the crap , unemployment expected to surge and with the currency down import costs will rise  and then  the share market , an example , CONTACT ENERGY , today $5.35 , was in November  $8.80 , in short racing will need rural owners , it's likely they will be the ones with the money .
    If this situation eventuates those small town RURAL tracks with community backing that are currently under threat may be the saviour of racing , changing times .
    again .
    26.65   Data as of Mar 18, 2020 9:50 PM ET     Latest News Crude Extends Slide, Falling to 18-Year Low  
    26.65   Data as of Mar 18, 2020 9:50 PM ET     Latest News Crude Extends Slide, Falling to 18-Year Low
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    Huey reacted to Trump in ALLIGATOR"S BAD BLOOD!!!!   
    Don’t make a dickhead of yourself! I’ve rung the Stable and told them to use the old goodie, “The horse was in a shared paddock and drank from an infected water trough”. Worked in NZ so might do the trick here. On a more serious note, just let the investigation run it’s course. After that you can comment all you like. No sweat. 
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    Huey reacted to Red Rum in Corona Virus Impact on Racing   
    Tough to break to kids today that footy off for a while after getting into the training for a few weeks and starting to get in the groove  , at least we can still get out for some exercise and still have a punt for now , it's in fact our  duty to help the  country finances by keeping punting .
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    Huey reacted to poundforpound in NZTR Coronavirus Regulations   
    One single person in NZ, one single person, has been hospitalized by this virus.
    It’s a cold weather virus with a sweet spot around 8 degrees, it’s no threat to anyone who isn’t immunosuppressed, normal healthy people are at no risk from this virus.
    What is more it’s critical the population is exposed to the virus in order that we build up immunity, otherwise we’ll all be vulnerable over a long period, particularly come winter.
    The only groups we should be protecting are the elderly, the chronic smokers, those with respiratory dysfunction, and anyone compromised by chemotherapy or other conditions that lower immunity.
    Why are jockeys suddenly allowed to be 2 kilos heavier ? Is NZTR finally admitting that making jockeys waste jeopardizes their health ? and even if they are where’s the evidence starving people increases corona infection given that Africa, South America, India and Russia all have very low infection rates, and fuck all fat people.
    This pandemic is all about aged immunosuppressed and respiratory compromised people......but hey NZTR has failed to hit the mark on anything for a long long time so it comes as no surprise they’ve got it wrong again.. 
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in More race meetings canned in the north.   
    There is obviously going to have to be some rationalisation if racing carries on and the virus carries on. There doesn't seem much point meetings like Marlborough taking place if all of the participants have to travel to get there and the public aren't allowed to attend. Those two meetings should probably be moved to somewhere like Timaru and Ashburton. Not much point holding any meetings that are largely an on course event. Racing is obviously going to become an offcourse only event for a while so we might as well keep participants costs as low as possible.
    I am sure someone in management somewhere is thinking this all through, so no need for us mere mortals to worry about it.
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    Huey got a reaction from Gruff in More race meetings canned in the north.   
    8 weeks no pay for jocks,  I'd think they'd mind. 
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in More race meetings canned in the north.   
    I can't see any merit in that at all to be honest. What would the jockeys, trainers, float drivers, tab staff all do for two months. Go off on a cruise?
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    Huey reacted to Shad in R.I.P Glynn Brick   
    Sad to hear this, didnt know him personally, but always seen his name associated with the thoroughbred game, condolences to all his family, and a time of reflection for all of us l, nothing is a given in this life, celebrate each day.
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    Huey reacted to Leggy in Oh what a mess we're in   
    I agree. That's part of it but also necessary is a significant product overhaul. By that I mean NZTR level stuff like integrity, programming, handicapping, track surfaces, the stakes funding model etc. to provide an attractive competitive wagering product.
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    Huey reacted to poundforpound in Corona Virus Impact on Racing   
    I had to stop reading, and die laughing, when I read NZTR has convened a “working” group......working ?? cannot be fucking serious...
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    Huey reacted to john legend in $7000 races are we all mad ?   
    Each individual club can do very little against the massive beauracracy that has grown around the "racing product" as the accountants like to call it.The club did attempt to future proof itself by looking to become an economic entity. and introduced innovations at the time of free  entry to all meetings ,got approval for the first passing lane , cut raceday staff by 75% introduced a trainer bonus scheme (6 wins =75000 ) cut free dinners from paid staff and then (shock) from committee members as well. it was still not enough so sold secretary's car and rented out house that was part of sec package.We limited sponsors freebies (where poss) and the presidents "bar".We looked to HRNZ and Nz Racing Authority for assistance and got nowhere. We even tried concerts after last race and invited visiting national sports teams to hhelp us out. I could go on but I think you may see the club tried desperate measures to "future proof"the industry .After putting in 18hour days at times eventually I personally could see still no way for economic survival (even cancelling racemeetings at bad times of year.)My last chance was to attent AGM of HRNZ to plead our case.and got nowhere. So Rusty hope you stop proding the bear unless you have all the answers and can reply. 
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    Huey reacted to Flawed Genius in $7000 races are we all mad ?   
    Whilst $7000 are not great, they are not the problem. They'd be fine if the handicapping system accounted for them at their true value instead of treating them the same as a $20k race. I'd happily win 3 races against relatively similar opposition each time if I only took the same total penalty as the guy that won a $20k race somewhere else.
    The total pool for stakemoney is relatively static, so dividing it up more equitably will solve a lot more problems than feeding the fat cats at the top end of the food chain.
    It's very apparent from the seemly bottomless pockets of those buying in the elite yearling market, the same market where a disproportionate amount of stakemoney is going - that to them the handicapping system is irrelevant. When all you compete in are age group features and open class races you don't care what rating your horse is, or what $7k scraps the peasants are fighting over!
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    Huey reacted to Nerula in At What Point   
    A story - A famous old time trainer would phone the sole owner of a horse and tell said owner, the horse is no good and to take it away - the next day. Imagine today a trainer did the same to a minority owner, that person would say, "Nah I'm busy phone the others"
    The point is - Does a tiny shareholding give you the same rights as a substantial one?
    And no, this is not a bull dust topic. Its a serious one.
    By extension, the aspects of - who is responsible for the welfare of the horse. Who has visitation rights. Who is responsible for the rehoming or destruction of the horse? I don't think the one percenters do. So there needs to be a clearly defined management structure to handle the responsiblity of the shareholder owners. Is this the syndicator nominee and does that person own a share? If not in my book the only function of the minority shareholder is as a bill payer and has no normal ownership rights.
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    Huey reacted to shaneMcAlister in At What Point   
    true unfortunately
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    Huey got a reaction from shaneMcAlister in At What Point   
    Not on an industry day it wouldn't, they could spend a $1000 on course each and the club wouldn't make a thing out of them.
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    Huey reacted to We're Doomed in Avondale   
    Interesting article about Avondale.
    I wonder how long it would take the industry to waste any proceeds from the sale: and then we will be back to square one.
    I also wonder to what extent the sale of all these assets is  designed to create greater efficiencies for the industry and to what extent it is generate some quick easy cash to keep the industry afloat in the short term.
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    Huey reacted to mikenz in More race meetings canned in the north.   
    I don't think racing in front of no crowd would be hard for racing
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    Huey reacted to shaneMcAlister in More race meetings canned in the north.   
    Have a look at Gavelhouse, over 100 horses last two catalogues.  
    Ireland have said that only trainer, one groom and one owner can attend races due to Coronavirus.  If this happens in NZ we could see a jump in crowd numbers.......
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    Huey reacted to Idolmite in At What Point   
    You forgot to mention whereby being a blood relative of a person that owns a hair on the tail of any given horse put you in same said elite ownership category.....
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    Huey reacted to Nerula in At What Point   
    Ok there was a syndicate set up that had 5% of a Te Akau horse sold out to 100 investors.. That is .05 share each. Shane you would have to kick all the hangers on out of the Presidents room if they won your cup - to shout them.
    Chris I read your comment where you said your dad owned Jennifer Eccles and in my book he just has an interest along with a multitude of others. Jump on to the Racing Victoria site and see how many Owners privileges are handed out. then you will realise there is a distinction.
    Good fishing ,strong bites today.