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  1. So now you agree the look is undesirable? Make up your mind. I don't care who won, as I said I want good competitive racing, you're arguing prices indicate that there was, you're losing it Barry.
  2. You keep telling yourself that Barry, maybe u could take your concept of 1 lane racing to the Victorians and they could sort that for you. Perceived bias, tempo, tactics but supports 1 lane racing on the outside fence FFS there is no hope.
  3. That means about as much as you claiming front runners biased at every track in Victoria Barry, like you punters aren't always right or perhaps they had a fair idea who was getting to the lane first to win the race. I couldn't care less about tote prices, but certainly do about fair competitive racing and a product of a reasonable standard.
  4. That's odd I found your initial query predictable , here is a quick suggestion how about a racetrack with just 1 lane from the 500m onwards, first there first home - sound familiar? You'd enjoy punting on that I'm sure.
  5. I'm well beyond naming options and solutions I've learnt more than most you're wasting your time, the industry is rife with incompetence , the solutions are there right in front of them if they want to look. But if it doesn't suit the agenda so it doesn't happen. I pity you putting up with it, 1 lane racing on a racetrack you need your head read.
  6. No shit Barry, but why perservere with a product like this? I venture to say winter isn't the problem, the track and setup is!
  7. I see great strategic thinking, save money don't worry about the product presented. At least BarryB Is happy.
  8. How do you get rich with $16 in the pool??
  9. Horses were trying to make ground inside the outside lane on just about every flat race and couldn't, because as always the outside fence (1lane) was the place to be, if the horse didn't get to the outside lane by the turn the outcome of the race was over, skunks or not, that's not racing you know the outcome as soon as they turn for home. Looked impossible to make ground on the flat inside that lane and many tried and after rain it always does, why if no advantage were riders scrambling to get as far out as possible?
  10. Come on Barry you're the guy who doesn't rate Victorian racing because of the perceived front runners bias ,but you're willing to accept this?? Races shouldn't be decided 400m out just because a jockey gets their horse there first, as a spectacle it's laughable to watch on the flat.
  11. Whats the point in racing at Wanganui in the winter, they always hit the outside fence when there has been jumps on the programme and we expect punters to be interested in this, are they? Nothing can me any ground on anything that gets the outside fence or get past them if in behind...
  12. Any correlation between hospitality and winning?
  13. Did you read what I wrote Ted? That might help you de perplex yourself.
  14. Happens at a lot of tracks in my experience, once again the problem is because you have people running an industry that don't really understand how it operates. A lot of people in this racing game do horses themselves and after they have raced win,lose or draw they have to take care of the needs of the animal and don't get the opportunity to go and have a refreshment straight away and are then met with this kind of nonsense. They really only seem to be setup for the syndicates who only race the horse. I have found most country clubs to be very good and one of the worst in my opinion at this type of behaviour is Trentham which is usually a very average experience for such a wonderful track.
  15. So there solutions for the Industry are reinstating what we already had...hmmmm
  16. Wanganui on Friday has jumps on programme.
  17. Huey


    Agree especially NZTR under Saundry.
  18. Exactly I pay no attention to those garbage comments.
  19. I agree, but when you have people in positions of influence paying silly money at yearling sales they have to justify these actions in some way and the main focus point is stakes. Unfortunately none of them really care about the general health of the industry, they do however care about their own. The pie has never really been. the problem as I see it, it's always been the slicing up of the pie that's the issue,of course now the industry wants the small guys knife, fork & napkin to sell to get a temporary bigger pie. The industry will find a sustainable place if participants are willing to accept reality and leaders stop selling them a BS narrative, that however won't happen and it will continue down the gurgler.
  20. They may have contributed at the Top 8 , everyone knows that, but I'd be surprised if they've contributed anything but incompetence & latent bias at these smaller clubs.
  21. You make a good point, wouldn't be surprised if the industry goes through millions trying to seize assets , when all it needed was a bit of leadership and vision and something could have been resolved with assets better utilised, but I suppose this is the only option when no one has any faith or respect in the leadership.
  22. Absolutely they should, if they are willing to front up with back pay for workers, R&M,Rates etc etc etc and fund current OPEX why not.
  23. Yep if they go through the "Claytons" process they can, people in the industry to naive to realise what could happen to assets down the track.