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  1. Huey

    Draft dates calendar summary

    Isn't it funny how many have been advocating this for years and its taken a pandemic to achieve , why?
  2. Huey

    Top heavy you think

    and there is a reason for that, they are open 7 days a week, location perfect etc. how many other racing clubs could you involve. You need scale for these things to work and you also need plenty of other things to get punters in the door to use them.
  3. Huey

    Top heavy you think

    Racing Clubs with Pokies , u are on some good juice!
  4. Huey

    An Important Topic

    100/1 to get a bail out surely, communism and gambling surely not?
  5. Huey

    An Important Topic

    Someone will tell me I'm probably looking at it incorrectly but a higher wage bill for the ARC than the biggest racing stable in the country?
  6. Huey

    To be announced tomorrow ...

    and small regional tracks aren't as far away as the ones youre claiming? Racing can't keep doing what it been doing , it needs a new way of looking at the landscape probably from every sphere in the industry, trying to make NZ racing like Flemington, Caulfield racing/hospitality etc is and always has been a pipe dream and it will never get there now. Time the industry looked for the most financially/operationally sustainable way of racing, this approach should also apply to training.
  7. Huey

    To be announced tomorrow ...

    So on one hand we have to go where the horse population is then on the other hand we have to go where the tracks are good, make your mind up. Te Rapa how many horses trained there? Tracks been good for what 2 meetings? Taupo 3 horses trained there? Ellerslie how does that help the industry participants increased transport costs , no horses trained there, nightmare traffic yippee !!! Racing needs to get its house in order its financially absolutely screwed , decisions need to be made according to what is feasibly sustainable.
  8. Huey

    To be announced tomorrow ...

    There couldn't be a better time to suck it up and start using the smaller regional tracks, the game is absolutely broke so it needs to be done as economically as possible, most of the regional tracks are of an isolated nature which should assist with the restrictions of movement persons etc. How can the larger clubs with paid personnel survive through this? No entry fee? No revenue from the bars and catering? Horses numbers set to decline at an alarming rate ,Sponsorship will be negligible at best , time to take a different approach. Leadership won't they don't have the guts to make the tough decisions, so we will be served up the same tracks that they have been going out of their way to over emphasis importance as before , accelerating the decline in the industry. The carnivals are absolutely screwed , whats the point of them if there is going to be no crowd at them?
  9. Exactly, like mare returns kept time consuming and paper shuffling intensive so there is some justification in the charge, shouldn't cost more than $10 to do.
  10. Many have been calling for free racing for years but it falls on deaf ears till now. The current Clayton's model is the emperor's new clothes approach to racing, the key especially now is to increase(im dreaming I know) participation well at least try to maintain it as much as possible and strategies should have been put in place to achieve this year's ago, same goes with breeding horses plenty of talk on a diminishing foal crops but no initiatives to attempt to rectify this just kick the can down the road and I'll be gone by the time the s**t hits the fan approach. One big problem in nzracing is some people have too much input into the direction it takes and they have a very insular view,those same people will be asked to direct the ship through the next storm no doubt.
  11. Huey

    To be announced tomorrow ...

    Its absolutely screwed and nothing to do with this pandemic. It was apparently optimised , can't wait to see what a train wreck this new one will be.
  12. Can't see why not at least to Australia
  13. Huey

    ATC pushes for penalty-free racing on restart

    Its a no brainer , along with free racing, better distribution of stakes etc. Seems its taking a pandemic to for racing to sort out many of its issues...bizarrely enough. Interesting to me not much initiative being shown by leadership though which is disappointing but expected.
  14. Soul Patch (Shamus Award) also off to stud in Vic. This is a great initiative Some ok stallions as well by the looks of it Wouldn't it be great to see somethiing like this in NZ , perhaps give the foal crop a boost with 2-3 stallions?
  15. Huey

    Bargain Blue Blood?

    Embellish will upgrade her.
  16. Huey

    Vale Might And Power.......

    What a horse...Superstar ... RIP!
  17. Huey

    TAB to go tits up

    No you are completely right. Have thought this for a while, there is little point having the fields in the paper when they are consistently incorrect i.e. wrong day,wrong meeting, meetings of little irrelevance etc. A complete waste of money. Punters have become used to not getting good info from the dailies so they would barely notice the difference.
  18. Huey

    Is this happening in Petone

    A quote from Allan Jones regarding Rugby Australia,so true of nz racing on so many fronts "If you spend all your money on the roof and nothing on the floor, the house collapses."
  19. Huey

    Capital Value Disappearing

    Those type of mares aren't really being left empty though are they, its the making up of the numbers that is the concern i.e. smaller breeder , without them numbers will be very low.
  20. Huey

    Busiest sire in Australia 2019

    must have some very good ones coming through, 3 stakes winners to date and No G1 winner
  21. Huey

    Is this happening in Petone

    OK, I thought this might have been some logical thinking going forward to reduce costs for participants given prizemoney and participation are clearly going to dwindle.
  22. Huey

    Is this happening in Petone

    So they will now be racing where the horse population is? So no Ellerslie or Trentham anymore?
  23. Huey

    NZTR update

    You aren't wrong.
  24. Huey

    NZTR update

    Wouldn't a 20-25% reduction be whats saved by working from home?
  25. Huey

    Capital Value Disappearing

    I don't get this "breed what you can't afford to buy" in most cases you'd probably be better off not paying the stud fee and waiting to pick up a similar horse for 20% of stud fee with 18 months worth of costs already paid. I'm looking at a 5k stud fee this year, no way I'll pay that in this environment but what I can breed I can probably buy for $1k on GH in 18 months not much different if I go to a $10k stallion either.