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  1. Your right Army, they are already over prioritised in every area of the industry as it is.
  2. Whilst I somewhat agree with what your saying , I don't believe we can get the current ratings right let alone a whole new set of mechanisms and as you've pointed out it wont change without a change in personnel both at RITA/NZTR unfortunately I think we are no hope of that happening in the foreseeable future.
  3. Absolutely do as you please they are your horses, as I said I find amusing how people think taking them to Australia is the solution to their NZ woes. Best of luck with them I hope you win a G1 over there!
  4. I agree, been that way for a while though Scooby.
  5. Exactly right Pam , unfortunately the powers that be don't see it that way, the industry will only recover to a sustainable level with the assistance/recovery of the base of the industry.
  6. Are they now? Which races in NZ truly compare to international G1 class?
  7. So how are you proposing to keep the 60 best horses racing in NZ instead of Aus? There will be 5 tracks left in 3-5 years time, they are going to destroy the breadth of the industry, no one will give a rats about it, interest and is dwindling at a pace I don't even think Nostradamus could have predicted , some are just too blind to see it.
  8. Really? I'm surprised they are suggesting $100k.
  9. The bottom will be just fine if lett alone, those are the people that really love the game and they'll probably do it anyway many of them. I always get a laugh out of people threatening to take horses to Australia like you just up and go and win races it isn't easy thats why most just threaten to go. Have a look at the fields at Ballarat today racing for 22.5k and think youre just going to win races for fun over there. Not to mention does the NZ TAB really care if you race them over there? After all you can still bet on them here.
  10. Undoubtedly true, but then perhaps poor breeders can stop losing money on dumping them on the likes of Gavelhouse etc. I know the studs have got to make a quid as well , but some of the fees given our price money , participation levels and interest are insane, when we are mostly a breed to race venue and hope to sell.
  11. Good point, you'd have to think there will be a massive PR campaigh around how much they have done for the industry etc
  12. Agree and which fields justify more than those stakes in NZ, I can't think of any. Hopefully this begins to bring everything into line like yearling prices, stud fees etc etc
  13. Leadership and self interest ... unfortunately.
  14. Wow two breed to race stallions in NZ above 4k Wyndspelle & Ocean Emperor interesting pricing.
  15. I like it, but got to say your observation appears to be fairly correct at the moment, has it something to do with some of the shorter straights there? Having said that Sandown play like that a fair bit, seems only the Saturday racing has many coming from behind?
  16. From what I have seen they aren't capable to doing either, some of the most awkward/pointless interviews conducted in sport.
  17. I'm sure they'll find a nice Dead4 somewhere in July to get their 100th winner.
  18. Not really winter stables are they, Flash horses don't like the mud.
  19. I agree they need to be given time, it would be fascinating to be involved. The area that really needs a fresh perspective on things is NZTR imo.
  20. Has it ever been any different in July though?, Trentham another all hardwork but thats winter racing, quite looking forward to Pukekohe on Saturday strange but interesting fields in that makes sense.
  21. Exactly and this mess plays into their "we need an AWT solution" !
  22. Isn't the website a bit Old school now? Most trainers have reasonable Social Media accounts like FB or Twitter nowadays, seems much more functional , the website is dead .
  23. I agree on the Saturday dates, but the clubs with 90% dates already have pretty good facilities & still no-one really goes. This weekend should be a decent crowd cause it's the return of racing like Rugby, but it won't consistently go on like that, nor has it anything to do with anything NZTR or RITA have done, but I'm sure we'll read some PR fluff on it.
  24. Will they be back in those numbers over and over again, without the Covid19 celebration atmosphere/BB debut???
  25. Good point, apart from Ellerslie,Trentham, Riccarton, Te Rapa, perhaps Tauranga are the facilities at any other tracks worth raving about? I'm always surprised at how clubs like Avondale constantly get bagged for their facitlies, Te Aroha has a G1 day and the facilities there are hardly worth raving about.