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  1. Huey

    Ken Rutherford Off

    None from me, I misread thought Berri said he was an Aussie
  2. Huey

    Ken Rutherford Off

    He played cricket for the black caps
  3. Huey

    Racing Industry Bill

    and yet he goes on and on about how great country clubs are on his Sunday morning show and how good the attendance is, the point is these types of guys and there are many operating clubs as well no full well that they will have to be accountable for their efforts and performance if they don't get the freebies from the sale of land venues that are being proposed.
  4. Huey

    Racing Industry Bill

    and yet thousands do go and don't worry about the facilities. The facilities are a side show and don't mean as much as you're making out, whats really important is the state and type of track thats available. One that provides competitive , consistent and fair racing. What concerns me is just how boring,flat and soul less attending some of these meetings at these larger clubs has become , no atmosphere a race meeting with a fabricated party and with racing as a side dish. It's becoming a homogenised product ,with no character,no variety no point of difference, the common man is being excluded even isolated from racing in this country. I've attended many meetings for years but now have no urge to go or in fact even watch the races in NZ . I wonder out loud if that's being reflected across the board in NZ? If it is that is a real worry and these changes about to take place will only make it worse. I can only imagine if racing on synthetic dirt or whatever its called makes its way in NZ , well yippee ki yay a new level of boring racing will be reached in this country.
  5. Huey

    Racing Industry Bill

    How do NZTR payments keep a race club afloat?
  6. Huey


    Looks really good, but don't and colours need sorting for former.
  7. Huey

    5 years Karaka data

    Maybe one of the 2018 bunch could have a go at the Bonecrusher stakes, only 5 noms , track too hard too much racing on?
  8. Huey

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    Fantastic for them, but what about the punter??
  9. Huey

    Rotorua Scratchings Today

    SFA to do with the clubs.
  10. Huey

    Rotorua Scratchings Today

    Optimised on Friday and Saturday this week as well ,with Levin and Wanganui . Racing gets what it deserves ,it continues to let non racing personnel operate the sport.
  11. Huey

    Ready To Run sire averages

    1/2 to a good filly(Emily Margaret) and looks a nice type.
  12. Huey

    Can anyone tell me...

    Property consolidation for the good of racing leggy, that'll save the day. Taken from the poor and giving to the rich or already haves always works.
  13. Huey

    Tough times at Karaka

    Once they have sold off all the land, sold the TAB ,alienated the punter(still more to do in that area)excluded the people that are actually interested in racing/training/breeding a horse the whole game will be fixed and all of a sudden the persons that weren't interested in horse racing or breeding or buying a horse they all of a sudden become interested in horses and they go to the sales and purchase a horse and start punting,no more pass ins at that sales after that and the Australians return in droves buying our product ,everything sorted'll happen in front of your very eyes like magic!
  14. Huey

    Property consolidation !!!!!

    Couldn't happen could it?
  15. Huey

    So what's the real answer

    Hahahahaha keep the comedy coming
  16. Huey

    So what's the real answer

    How is that going to improve things?
  17. Huey

    Property consolidation !!!!!

    On the Beehive website, it's part of WP speech at NZTR conference.
  18. Huey

    Can anyone tell me...

    If it wasn't wasted, then why has the industry not progressed an iota since?
  19. Huey

    Property consolidation !!!!!

    And to think there are those in the industry that support this, not having any idea what a Pandora's box this will open and if I'm reading correctly the funds to be placed with NZTR. Racing industry property A key area for further work is decisions on racing industry property. If serious progress is not taken then the industry will suffer from inertia. Changes relating to the ownership and utilisation of racing property will drive the economic recovery of the industry and support improved racing infrastructure. This work includes proposals to release the capital from venues no longer required for racing to fund the refurbishment and modernisation of retained venues. The preferred approach to achieving this is that clubs and codes reach agreement through negotiation. A statutory process is proposed to help resolve issues when agreements cannot be reached. Racetrack consolidation for the greater interest of the racing industry has been a vexed question which simply put has not been addressed, and it needs to be. The government does not have a predetermined view about any particular track. It is ultimately and matter resolves through industry leadership.
  20. Huey

    Can anyone tell me...

    You could always aim for Australia
  21. Huey

    Riccarton races

    Te Rapa would give them a go for their money.
  22. Wouldn't happen if you were with the BGP crowd.
  23. Huey

    And this is why we must act now...

    What do you mean do nothing? They have copy pasted a code of welfare document from Australia. What more do you want? They are busy coming up with inspiring initiatives that will sending racings popularity through the roof.
  24. Huey

    This is grim reading

    Grim reading indeed. I can't believe no one ever says anything about paying -noms and acceptances - Naming a horse - Mare returns -leases -Racing colours -Licences etc etc whilst they are the ones putting the show on.
  25. Huey

    I'm Staggered

    2 abandoned meetings last week would have helped.