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  1. brainstorm

    Trouble brewing......

    Mr. Waters, Perhaps you could ring the 0800 Integrity number with your concerns?. I have no doubt what you are inferring has substance . The Integrity unit will follow up your claims with the upmost Integerous intensions and perhaps solve the underlying problems that seem to have existed for a long time...I wish you luck on behalf of all of the concerned and the thought of being moderated must be worse than anything you have experienced...?
  2. brainstorm

    Boxing of dog

    I didn't realise it was such a big issue Slim . The old Codgers Bill Hogeson and Steve Marr and Goldsack in the C.D. seem to have a fixation of boxing last quite distinctly The stipes do not ever address this . Also the two afore mentioned never run back to catch so I guess they have plenty of time to play around... There is possibly an advantage or disadvantage to be had so I think it should be an issue to be looked into and maybe the starters need a shake up for not reporting habitual offenders....
  3. brainstorm

    Trouble brewing......

    JUST A SUGGESTION>>>>> The Chairman of your Greyhound Racing Board is a licensed trainer. Would it be fitting and Timely for him to state under oath perhaps that he personally has never been involved in this practise?,........... so that he can lead by an example those under his control to once and for all clean this shocking revelation up.
  4. brainstorm

    Bright Star

    I guess then at the time, you would have been puzzled over Bright Stars sire and breeding herself ? Her sire although unfashionable to breeders to this day has thrown some very nice handy racers..It is all very well picking what we think she should go, or not to, but some excellent racers have been produced through other means than pedigree selections.
  5. brainstorm

    Hmmm Manukau

    Shady, Couldn't believe it but a trainer S. Goomans at Wanganui the other day walked a dog out to race with one shoe on and the other foot a black sock only!!. The crew at the TAB were in stitches.. Can you imagine the stink after standing on a dog turd or two. Did the stipes pick it up? What happened to the shoe I wonder. If a medical problem perhaps some one else should handle her dogs.....
  6. brainstorm

    Hmmm Manukau

    Gosh, it seems like a few things have gone wrong ..
  7. brainstorm

    Hatrick Raceway

    As usual Scooby will warn him and this topic "will be locked" In my opinion it is he who is "harebrained:, "Insulting" and "arrogant" and he seems to be carrying a chip on his shoulder that quite frankly too big for him to accept and handle. I personally would like to know who flogged the water truck and left the dogs with skinned paws
  8. brainstorm

    Hatrick Raceway

    Ashoka 69 written as your opinion of Punkrock could very well be a mirror image of yourself Regards Brainstorm
  9. brainstorm

    Hatrick Raceway

    The noms closed on the 26th.. The fields were formed on that day and notified.. End of story....
  10. brainstorm

    Brian Martin?

    Would have to agree Mr.Waters, The caller although very good on the stats will never make a caller simply because of his voice decibels. The bullet should be bitten Martin bought back on a bigger salary with a tight contract to keep him in check, The present employers however will not listen and it is the very top of this organisation that needs to be sent packing, if only for his sheer arrogance alone. The plastic balls up at Whanganui should be re erected on the outside of the first bend at Addington to assist some dogs in negotiating the corner perhaps.
  11. brainstorm

    Bringing The Code into DISREPUTE..

    Agree it's boring Punkrock but that's the level Freeman and Clark have stooped us all to. The main feature here in my opinion is that these two idiots were in a position of President and Secretary at the time this was committed. This is serious and the association must follow up and deal with this issue. It needs to be made transparent and sooner the better. They must relinquish the positions of trust that they dishonoured. Imagine if this was politician or some major sports club. They would have been hung and quartered by now.
  12. brainstorm

    Another Interesting Rumour

    It seems a little unbalanced to say the least !!. Make a genuine mistake on race day and if your dog is outside the weight allowance for example the charge is almost half that of this serious blunder that cost Freeman. This fraudulent, sneaky, cunny calculating and straight out slimy person gets away with coming back amongst us next week. What a bloody insult to all concerned!!!, R.I.U . This is worse than Cameron George and all his promises to be a man of INTEGRITY which is very doubtful that he was. Has this set the benchmark for the disgusting results in some important areas that you embarrassingly continue to dish out??? How the hell can Paul Freeman and his so called Race Secretary Georgie Clark that possibly succumbed to his requests get away with this pathetic outcome and still continue in positions of trust within the Palmerton North Club. It hurts to the very core for the reason you are here to protect me and my fellow lovers of the sport...Some one, some where needs to go and we need to clean this shit up before it destroys the very same sport that Millions are paid towards your outcome.
  13. brainstorm

    stipe reports

    Ate ..maybe you would get a job with the R.I.U. Insider information is priceless..
  14. brainstorm

    Hatrick Raceway

    low life scumbags ? and water trucks:)
  15. brainstorm

    Hatrick Raceway

    Yankiwi. .Points taken there is no doubt though that the club is in the "Lower Half" of the North Island. How about putting some vegetable produce in the classifieds.... proceeds to be donated to the club for track maintanence ?