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  1. Rotorua R6 - 1,2,6,12 Rotorua R8- 1,4,5,9 Rosehill R4- 4,6,7,16 Rosehill R5- 1,2,4,5 Rosehill R7- 5,13,14,15 Doomben R5 - 5,7,10
  2. Geraldine your Dad Brian trained 53 winners. His best season was 1951-2 when he won 17 races and finished 13th equal on the Trainers Premiership. His first winner was at Rotorua on the 22/10/49- Whynot ridden by Peter Cathro. Owned by P Corbett.
  3. Te Rapa R7- 3,9 Te Rapa R8-1,2 Riccarton R6- 2,5 Riccarton R8- 2,13 Morphetville R7-1,3 Gold Coast R2- 3,6 Gold Coast R3- 6,8 Gold Coast R4- 1,3 Gold Coast R5- 4,5 Gold Coast R6- 2,5 Gold Coast R7- 2,12 Gold Coast R8-2,3 Gold Coast R9-7,9
  4. TAB not paying out on English Football results from last night. Another shambolic episode for this highly touted betting platform.
  5. Kinsimm the dam of General Simm was trained by Rex Cochrane. A very good mare who won 13 of her 96 starts.
  6. Hasty Simm was by Hastings Road out of Ayrsimm an Ayrshire Bard half sister to General Simm. He raced 58 times for two wins- Maiden Chase at Wingatui on the 5/6/82 and the Otago Hunt Chase at Wingatui on the 12/6/82. Both times ridden by S. Otte. Like General Simm he raced until he was 13.
  7. The apprentice was MD Butler.
  8. Midget General Simm won the Open 1400m race at Marlborough on the 29/4/74 ridden by apprentice MD secondsecond. Second War Ace and Russell McAra. Third Grey Coral and Ron Franklin.He then ran unplaced on the last day. He went on to Nelson on the 4/5/74 and ran second to Zetland and Leo Molloy. He ran 4th on the second day to Scotch William and Leo Molloy.
  9. Ellerslie R7- 1,3,4,11 Ellerslie R8- 2,5,7,11 Riccarton R7- 1,2,4,6 Riccarton R9- 1,2,5,7 Randwick R1- 1,2,11,12 Randwick R2- 1,2,4,6 Randwick R3- 1,2,3,7 Randwick R4- 1,2,5,9 Randwick R5- 3,4,5,8 Randwick R6- 2,3,6,14 Randwick R7- 2,5,10,11 Randwick R8- 1,4,12,14 Randwick R9- 1,2,12,15 Thanks for the Competition.
  10. Roger Sugrue that fourth for General Simm as a 13 yo was at Winton on the 11/10/76 ridden by Alan Tait. He led to the turn and faded behind Diamond Pal and RE McAra, Game Warrior and Ali Robinson and Great Day and HJ Warren. 8 started.
  11. Roger Sugrue as a 12yo General Simm raced 34 times for 2 wins one second 3 thirds and 3 fourths. As a 13 yo he raced 22 times for 1 fourth. Total wins 11.
  12. crustyngrizzly Mother Goose was trained by Colin Jillings for the Donaldson family. She won 3 races from 19 starts. Pukekohe 11/10/80 for Billy Vance. Te Rapa 20/11/81 for Bob Vance. Ellerslie 29/12/81 for Craig Cossill.
  13. Roger Sugrue General Simm won 9 races I think. Unraced at 2 he was trained by Rex Cochrane at 3-5. His first win was at Oamaru on the 10/6/67 ridden by TP Brown. At 6 he was trained by his owners EH Giles and RL Winter. At 7 he was trained by BM Forde. At 8 he was trained by RI McCauley. At 9 and 10 he was trained by BM Forde at Waihoaka. At 11 he was trained by TF Forde. At 10 he raced 42 times for 2 wins and at 11 he raced 39 times for 2 wins.
  14. crustyngrizzly Count Mannix won a Maiden race at Te Rapa on the 28/10/74 ridden by Ken Reggett for Kevin Old. Fair Man won twice in the SI in the 1974-5 season for West Melton trainer Mrs VH Harris. Maurice Thornley and Ron McCann won on him.
  15. Don't know much about greyhounds but when one falls it immediately gets up and chases the pack. Also I have noticed that some are bandaged these days. The SAFE organisation tell more half truths than the politicians.
  16. Randwick R2- 2,4,8 Te Rapa R5- 1,2,12 Randwick R3- 1,6,8 Hastings R5- 4,6,7 Randwick R4- 2,5,7 Randwick R5- 1,3,4 Hastings R7- 3,7,9 Te Rapa R8- 1,2,7 Randwick R6- 1,8,9 Randwick R7- 10,12,13 Morphetville R7- 4,6,7 Randwick R8- 1,2,7 Randwick R9- 1,4,11 Randwick R10- 6,7,8 Thanks.
  17. wobbly as I understand it race day decisions are still final.
  18. Randwick R2- 4,12 Randwick R3- 3,10 Riccarton R5- 12,14 Te Aroha R5- 3,7 Randwick R4- 3,5 Riccarton R 6- 3,8 Te Aroha R6- 1,4 Randwick R5- 6,11 Riccarton R7- 5,10 Te Aroha R7- 1,2 Randwick R6- 1,8 Randwick R7- 3,16 Randwick R8- 2,3 Randwick R9- 1,19 Thanks.
  19. On the second day Purdie beat Miss Harleigh by 1.5 lengths. Codeene won the second leg in 1.22.4 equaling the 7f NZ record
  20. Daniel Bothamley the rider of the second horse was the culprit. Suspended 7 days and fined $400
  21. ivanthegreat you got the wrong
  22. Have to wonder how many winners will finish up in Australia or Asia?
  23. Easter 50 years ago 5 gallop and 2 harness meetings. Highlights: Wairarapa- Shelley Burford won the open sprint by 6 lengths. Feilding-Ballycastle won his first race. Ellerslie- Evenstead won the Easter. Rotorua- Battle Heights won his first race. Riverton- 5 Kurdistan horses won. New Brighton- Radiant Globe won the Cup. Hawera- Peter Wolfenden drove 5 winners on the 12 race card.