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    Joe, you are now in a tie with Yorky for stupidest post of the year. Emotive would have been well aware of the $50 fee for all, and was commenting that in their opinion there should be another $100 for mass breeders. How you can determine from that that Emotive races a lot of imports is beyond belief and if Emotive does then it is of no consequence to their opinion. Emotive's comments highlight a comment I have made on here a few times recently. Greyhound racing in NZ under the current circumstances is not sustainable
  2. GOM


    What kind of negilgence. BM. If you know the full details of how this happened then publish if not STFU. No doubt John would have been devastated by these events and kicking someone while they are down is gutless. Emily Robertson of the GPL uses the sad news to spray more false news with the statement that "it is not surprising that it has happened". Thousands upopn thousands of greyhounds plus other breeds have been transported interisland by the same method over the years with no adverse results. We have made the trip many times and the dogs were in excellent conditon at the ens d of each trip. Mc Inerneys have made the trip more than anyone without trouble till this occasion . Obviously something out of the ordinary happened and untill we are all aware of what it was it is best to not comment. The fact the thread was started with the word Cruelty indicates the intention of the poster
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    It's Brodie
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    J.B./Ian Hastie.RIP

    Good trainer and great bloke
  5. GOM

    Not so Amazing chase

    I don't know if it is just me. Or more correctly I know it is not just me that thinks this debacle is not so Amazing A game for the rich boys and their toys springs to mind. OK anything that brings the sport some attention and turnover must be good, but overall is it. Where is the benefit for the 95% of the participants who stand looking at the manipulation of rules and unease created by a few well connected who are just trying the old mine is bigger than yours trick .I take an analogy where if it was motor cars and you wanted to boost the image of your countries products with an event where the fastest and reliable was decided, and you called for an event where all the Ferrari's, Porches, McLaren's and red Mustangs were entered is the result going to encourage anyone in the local industry. There is considerable money involved here and practically it will be only the flash Harry's who even participate. The average participant in the NZ industry has been hit with all sorts of levies and charges and restrictions that are making it harder work for the backbone of our industry while we go out of our way to provide incentive for the Aussie industry
  6. Geez don't encourage them to get more Bussy, from what I hear they have to have 4 day weeks as there is not enough to do now.
  7. And that's fair enough Hoka. I apologise for attacking the messenger. reading all your posts on the forums you come across as not a bad bloke
  8. We have two 12 year old dogs that are starting to get to the stage where they are not in the best of health. Eventually the law says I may have to euthanise them whether I like it or not. I have had an instance before when I took a dog for treatment for cancer and the vet told me if I persisted it would be a case for the SPCA. When that day does come two more will be on the list and that is life but add all the similar cases at the time to a document and all of a sudden someone can build a negative story out of it to suit their own agenda. I agree with the last post that the thread was now for something positive and you could have found a better place for your observation Hoka. Unhelpful and your turn is coming
  9. Thanks for the info Hoka any idea how many horses euthanized in the same period. Betcha it's over double that
  10. GOM

    News from Wanganui

    Dennis you bugger now I will have to apologise to Gary 1 as you take the title for the stupidest post of the year
  11. GOM

    Have we lost the plot

    It appears you very may well have Steve
  12. GOM

    News from Wanganui

    I just saw a pig fly by.
  13. I'm surprised at the apparent lack of interest in Four Corners program on the thoroughbred industry in Aus. Especially seeing there was so much interest in the Greyhound exposure by the same source not that long ago. I think at the time I commented your time will come and it is here. The only difference is I will emapthise with you and not take the good job attitude expressed on here when the" dishlickers copped it"
  14. GOM

    Amazing Chase

    Replace know with think. Their time will come
  15. GOM

    Amazing Chase

    Absolutely crazy stuff. Surely someone from the ass should address this publicly, there is little trust in them already without leaving this to fester
  16. GOM

    Four Corners Aust program

    Hmmm "wasn't that bad" says that it could have been worse. What was missed? To be fair people like Leo have been warning about this for a long time now. It would be interesting to see how we fare under the same scrutiny. Thumbs up to the industry for addressing the whip rules, especially the Ben Hur's
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    Someone reminded me at the weekend of the Danevegas fiasco a few years ago. The question arose did he race again after being horsenapped. . I don't think so but has anyone any info on what happened to him
  18. GOM

    Amazing Chase

    At first I thought that you meant spend
  19. GOM

    greyhound puppies

    Sorry about the size, don't know how that happened or how to fix it
  20. GOM

    Amazing Chase

    That sounds like the scenario most of us expected but the best laid plans of mice and men......
  21. GOM

    Re opening noms today

    Because the rules say so
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    Ring the bell

    While on the topic of Ring the Bell what a strange spectacle last nights final was. Who would have thought the Bell would have failed to run it out in his current form. Alright he is at an age where he had no right to be still going as he was but his recent runs were right up there and it was sad to see him battle the last bit. What happened to Dusty? He cam e out like a drunken sailor and I thought for while he must have broken down in some way. He was that far behind most of the way he was out of the screen shot. I nearly shot myself when he appeared again the last bit going like a steam train. One of the best runs I have seen by a stayer for a long time
  23. GOM

    Ring the bell

    Shame he deserves a go but being realistic he would be lucky to get more than a few bitches. That is not a derogatory statement but a fact of standing a stud dog in NZ . With the assoc about to have a super sale of remaining straws it is also a bad time.