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    News from Wanganui

    I just saw a pig fly by.
  2. I'm surprised at the apparent lack of interest in Four Corners program on the thoroughbred industry in Aus. Especially seeing there was so much interest in the Greyhound exposure by the same source not that long ago. I think at the time I commented your time will come and it is here. The only difference is I will emapthise with you and not take the good job attitude expressed on here when the" dishlickers copped it"
  3. GOM

    Amazing Chase

    Replace know with think. Their time will come
  4. GOM

    Amazing Chase

    Absolutely crazy stuff. Surely someone from the ass should address this publicly, there is little trust in them already without leaving this to fester
  5. GOM

    Four Corners Aust program

    Hmmm "wasn't that bad" says that it could have been worse. What was missed? To be fair people like Leo have been warning about this for a long time now. It would be interesting to see how we fare under the same scrutiny. Thumbs up to the industry for addressing the whip rules, especially the Ben Hur's
  6. GOM


    Someone reminded me at the weekend of the Danevegas fiasco a few years ago. The question arose did he race again after being horsenapped. . I don't think so but has anyone any info on what happened to him
  7. GOM

    Amazing Chase

    At first I thought that you meant spend
  8. GOM

    greyhound puppies

    Sorry about the size, don't know how that happened or how to fix it
  9. GOM

    Amazing Chase

    That sounds like the scenario most of us expected but the best laid plans of mice and men......
  10. GOM

    Re opening noms today

    Because the rules say so
  11. GOM

    Ring the bell

    While on the topic of Ring the Bell what a strange spectacle last nights final was. Who would have thought the Bell would have failed to run it out in his current form. Alright he is at an age where he had no right to be still going as he was but his recent runs were right up there and it was sad to see him battle the last bit. What happened to Dusty? He cam e out like a drunken sailor and I thought for while he must have broken down in some way. He was that far behind most of the way he was out of the screen shot. I nearly shot myself when he appeared again the last bit going like a steam train. One of the best runs I have seen by a stayer for a long time
  12. GOM

    Ring the bell

    Shame he deserves a go but being realistic he would be lucky to get more than a few bitches. That is not a derogatory statement but a fact of standing a stud dog in NZ . With the assoc about to have a super sale of remaining straws it is also a bad time.
  13. GOM


    Scooby. This must go close to post of the year and maybe the header for all your forums.
  14. GOM

    Amazing Chase

    Jimbob what does your analysis show for Ring The Bell tonight?
  15. GOM

    Re opening noms today

    Hmmm, I was advised wrongly about Karens dog it seems and I will apologise to her for that at the races today. The blind dog is just about irrelevant as it is a chance in several thousands and affected only one dog. Interesting to hear they didn't redraw some of the fields, sounds unbelievable. Were the noms reopened for only some of the races? Surely a redraw is a redraw. Mind you the way GRNZ introduce rules to suit their agend's it would not be surprising.
  16. GOM

    Re opening noms today

    There are dogs that were in that are now reserves. Karen had a dog in the heats of the NZ series with the form 11 now has two in with other's form 111 . The whole thing is not right. Steve you say you blame Auckland because they CONTROL Waikato , would you not think one of the Waikato staff that had to work on the night let alone the president who had dogs entered, have an idea what was going on. Wayne were you one of the trainers that entered more after the initial fields were published?
  17. GOM

    Re opening noms today

    It will be interesting to see if other trainers that had already nommed put more in now they have seen the fields. That is not OK. Only trainers that chose not to nom because of the error should be accepted
  18. GOM

    Pups for Sale

    Feral do you know if theses pups are still for sale
  19. I have been almost overwhelmed in recent times by the sudden changes happening to our constition and rules. I'll bet I am not the only one that may not be fully aware of the detail and intention in many implementations. How did we the members let this happen without a whimper ? At the last AGM gone by lunchtime became a reality. No discussion or remits , no chance to make the feeling of the participants known. The removal of the licensed members representative gone with the stroke of a pen . We are now run by head office with more staff than ever before, most not from within the industry who go about deciding what is set in stone for the participants without any input or discussion from the participants. The anonyms board members who we do have some influence over appear to be mere box tickers for the new brigade from outside the industry. That point actually makes me wonder what the role of the elected members actually is. During the Paul Connor era it was stated that the elected representatives should be seen to be representing all the clubs in their area's, and must have regular contact with all the clubs in their area Can someone from Otago or Southland clubs tell me if the Southern representative carries this duty out as was expected of Paul. Do all of the rest of the clubs get attendance at meetings from their elected reps? I remember many years ago being at an AGM when a remit from the executive was tabled to say that the executive should be able to change rules as needed because it was too cumbersome waiting for an AGM as was required. I immediately thought that reasonable but my old sparring partner Brian Hunt representing Taranaki jumped to his feet and thumped the desk forcefully telling everyone (as he is want to do) that it would be a very dangerous step to take where the members lose the little control they had over their own destiny. How right you were Brian
  20. EM, You should have posted this on both of the other codes sites as well
  21. GOM

    The Minister is flexing his muscles

    Bullshit, it's exactly the opposite
  22. GOM

    The Messiah is not fair or balanced

    Actually it'd not beyond you, as you manage it very well
  23. GOM

    The Messiah is not fair or balanced

    Axes do you mean the major contributor to the failures in the system?
  24. GOM


    Em, If David had of consented to the test (which he legally had the right to refuse) and it had proved to be clear it would have not helped his case one iota as the contaminated sample was months before. I could think of a number of reasons why someone would refuse a test. For example if they had been smoking cannabis which is almost considered a misdemeanor now the person may think that would indicate they were at least a drug user where in fact any other drug would in law have been irrelevent. I think David's partner questioned this point as she was legally entitled to and it was used against both her and David and subsequently Dennis. The absent trainer thing is a ruse. The arrangement had existed for years with no one worrying about it. You qoute the person that had to return to NZ once a month, well Dennis and Pam were at the property twice at least most weeks. Dennis also trained the dogs in as much as he set out the program for each dog and because he was always present when they raced he was in the best position to alter or adjust that training. How many other trainers do this planning with workers actually carrying out the work. Also hands up anyone who has been aware of non present training arrangements in NZ either in ther past or right now. I can name several and I'll bet there are others I have never heard of. I will repeat that when the penalty was handed down to Dennis the ramificatrions that have resulted would never have been imagined and the people that assigned the ppenalty would not have wished the hardship that has ensured. There are a whole of assumed powers that have been used that I am not sure were even legal. This is the part of this incident that worries me, what level of infringement now ensures you will be hunted down? Dennis pleaded guilty straight away and expected a penalty butI'll bet he never envisaged it would be him having to get rid of all his dogs, have his family vilified and son expelled from the family home with a few hours notice