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  1. GOM

    Nelson Mandela

    I see in a recent edition on NZ Listener Mandela was credited with the quote; I never lose , I win or learn. I think it is a pretty safe bet he was not a punter.
  2. GOM


    Fair enough Leggy, I know 02 is soluble in H20 but thought that would produce H202 which is hydrogen peroxide. As you have shown when H202 is degraded it releases O2 so you would think the opposite would happen. Must be like chicken soup where the salt etc is in the soup but doesn't alter the chemical makeup of the water. Now back on topic. I think I attended nearly every meeting at Trentham between 1960 and 1980 and saw some hugely heavy tracks then that were easily as bad as todays or even worse
  3. GOM


    Leggy, that article is about dosing water with peroxide. How does that happen with rain?
  4. GOM


    Is there such a thing as de-oxegenated water? does that make it H2?
  5. GOM

    Vigor winner

    Time will tell just how good this horse is but we already know he is the gutsiest customer around. What a goodun'
  6. GOM

    Name for my horse please.

    Move over
  7. GOM


    I was thinking this morning JB that Australia are in trouble with making fields , there are many 4, 5 and six dog fields even at some of the bigger tracks. All the predictions are it is going to get worse. They have even shifted the boxes at one track to create a 259m sprint to try and fill the card. It is not hard to imagine the supply of anything other than nonnies being shipped over here . With the imports replacing the locally bred in NZ that would leave us in shit street with our own numbers. The NZ system is fraught with risk. Until we have a system that will be sustainable as a stand alone industry we are at huge risk.
  8. GOM

    Lochinvar Flash

    Mares the other dog. that may have been the problem , thought it was in season
  9. GOM

    Vale Max Matthews

    Farewell old mate, one of the good buggers who was just as comfortable talking to the Queen as a beggar on the street . He did both of those. Well known and respected in both Islands as a champion breeder and trainer who won most of the group races in NZ often more than once with his small team. He was a tireless worker for the Tokoroa club right from it's beginning and leaves a large legacy in the industry. I don't think I was ever with Max more than 5 minutes without both of us having a hearty laugh about something. He helped many within the industry especially newcomers RIP Max
  10. Anyone wondering if the NZGRA had the power to intervene earlier in the current issue concerning the future of our industry should take note of this information sent to one of my friends way back when the CD issue was just beginning, and signed by Greg Kerr. ( I have been given permission from the recipient to reproduce this). ""It is the decision of the NZGRA integrity unit that following the incident at Addington raceway on Friday 25th November 2016 that under the rules of greyhound racing you are warned off. As a warned off person you will not be permitted to enter or remain on any premise where a greyhound meeting or trial is being held. The warning off is effective from Wednesday 5th December 2016 and will remain in place until the JCA make a decision regarding the charges that the RIU have laid under the rules of greyhound racing" Greg Kerr "
  11. GOM

    Brendan Cole

    Bit tough Watsup, there are a lot of people that do not agree with the current situation that would not be willing to take part in your scheme and I would be one of them . That is lynch mob mentality
  12. GOM

    Brendan Cole

    GRNZ RULES; 21. Powers and DUTIES of the board. 21.2 The board shall have the following power and DUTY. d. Subject to rules 91 to 97, to suspend, deregister, disqualify or warn off as it deems necessary in the best interest of Greyhound racing or it's relative activities in NZ
  13. GOM

    Brendan Cole

    Flabber, you seem like a good person and usually think out your posts but they lack logic this time. The NZGRA and RIU have acted with alacrity in several cases to remove peoples licenses , warn them off and stop them dealing in anything to do with greyhounds on several occasions just in recent history and even acted outside the law to do this in at least one case. They have pursued people with unjust vigour and it would be fair to say 'hounded' them. In this case they have gone out of their way to avoid offending the accused. I have always been an advocate for everyone being innocent until proven guilty but this case goes beyond that. Brendon is acting as he allowed to. There has been no word from the governing bodies for him to do otherwise so why would he do anything different. The situation that we find ourselves in could have been minimized if the RIU and GRNZ had acted with their previous urgency
  14. GOM

    a good read

    You are probably right Gordy but if the NZGRA had listened to all the warnings for the last couple of years they could have got to the bottom of it and avoided the inevitable mess that we are now in. Cole's are entitled to a fair trial no matter how everyone wants to judge them without one but that fair trial should have happened years ago. Very poor decision making by the board they could fairly be charged for allowing the sport to be brought into disrepute
  15. GOM

    $2000 Import Fee

    Em, I think that early on the imports definitely upgraded the NZ breed. However the recent influsx of non chasers and fighters (not ot mrention short distance) dogs has downgraded the NZ scene and it's fair to say that a great number of them fit that category. It's a no brainer, Aus has a severe shortage of dogs so the majority of the ones they export are unable to compete there for one reason or other. It was about the time we went for wall to wall coverage that things started the dowhill slide where we focused purely on quantity and not quality I have a good think about the whole deal and the soution now seems obvious. Reduce the amount of greyhound races in NZ. The trouble with our system is our poulation is too small for the amount greyhounds that reside here. There is much criticism of the amount of races the average NZ dog is asked to partake in each week but if they did not we would not fullfil our quota especially in the North. To a punter most greyhound meetings look boring. Stacked with short distance low grade dogs that appear every week, usually more than once. If you gave me last weeks racebook I could just about write out the next few weeks fields with about 90%accuracy. Take one meeting out of each area per week and you would have people jumping up and down that they can not get a start but it would quickly result in both locally bred and imports being reduced thus easing the burden on Gap and fix the overracing problem. The nay sayers wil lbe saying that would take away our income but that is what they said about petrol vouchers and they learned to do without them. If we are going to keep things going as at present, on a finacial basis then surely we should have a meeting everyday you can start in to maximise the potential. Silly you say, of couse it is but the present system is based on the same thinking