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  1. GOM

    Calling the self professed experts

    Easy standout in the interprovincial. Irish Flame.
  2. GOM

    New Season

    It would more likely to be on the list as a stopper than an enhancer
  3. GOM

    New Season

    It's just my view of social media LD , give someone an excuse to be offended and they will not only oblige but expect the whole world to follow suit. I do have a problem with name and shame in general though as it is generally done regardless of whether the person or people are guilty as fact . More generally it starts before a fair trial has been afforded the so called guilty party. I am sure you will be able think of instances where this has happened and the accused has been eventually proved innocent. It's too late then, as a doctor friend once told me "remember shit sticks to the blanket". This is not a comment on current issues just a personal belief of mine. Mind you I will put my hand up as being the one that posted about the RIU senior who bungled his way through an elicit unnfortunate rendezvous before it was investigated. That is if it ever was!
  4. GOM

    New Season

    Gary with the annoucement today that studies have found that pets of smokers have higher rates of cancer that those of non smokers it is almot a given that there will be a name and shame of smoker trainers.
  5. GOM

    Glenda Hughes

    Yep, and unlike many I think she may be just what the doctor ordered
  6. GOM


    Well actually Linda brought two pups a year ago and I am helping break them in for her. I guess that just goes to show you are NEVER really out of this game once you are hooked
  7. GOM

    Leo for PM

    No, I was serious. Well known, popular, good understanding of economics with a few tweaks you could be right there Leo. The youngest prime minister we have ever elected was an ex jockey. Go for it.
  8. GOM

    Leo for PM

    Leo is a man of many hats and maybe he could change it again and have a go at the so called top job. For would be; It is ripe for the pickings We need someone who is not scared to tell it like it is We need someone who has been there and done that in life We need someone who will not soil his pants when put under pressure We need someone who when thrown off knows how to dust themselves down and get going again There is precedent with a jockey being PM of NZ
  9. GOM


    What point are you making here Em? That spiel about dermorphin is gobbblydegook to most people and to me just sounds like another opinion albeit an obscure one. I can understand if Earl read this he would grasp at it as a possible alternative delivery route unlikely as it seems. You are a bit tough on Bev as she is reacting in an understandable manner and Christ would not mind her standing her ground. By the way I forgot to put meat eating on my list of attributes. I must have all the fields covered now
  10. GOM


    Em, I think what Earl was saying when he made the above statement is the drug was in the dog but put didn't put it there. He was trying to diagnose the problem of thinking outside the square. Of course the evidence points his way but only because we haven't thought of another scenario. Ours are only opinions. I guess what makes me think twice about it is, what would happen to you and I if we were faced with the same scenario and hadn't given them something. It is impossible to defend. This is less likely to happen to me as I do not race any now. The charge is presenting a dog to race with a prohibitive substance in it's system so of course Earl is guilty of that charge. I reserve my condemnation of Earl though on a personal level, just my opinion. I am a WHITE, STRAIGHT, MIDDLE CLASS, MALE who owns a GUN and races GREYHOUNDS. That is probably enough to offend nearly everyone on the planet at some level. Should I be worried. ps Maybe Em it is time I went back into hibernation
  11. GOM


    I have not posted on here for some time not because i was banned or sick of Racecafe but sick of social media in general but feel compelled to comment on this debacle because it seems so bizzare. Earl and family have been huge contributors to the industry over many years , have been involved in all aspects including breeding and training very successfully, club participation and helping other trainers on racedays. To my knowledge they have never been invloved in any previous devious behaviour. Bev and I have not always shared the same point of view but I have found the three family members I have met good friendly people When these charges arose I like many others felt they must have been guilty because of the multiple charges and the fact it is a substance not common. However my gut feeling is with the Duganavitches. Firstly when Earl was informed of the positives and asked if he wanted to scratch a dog running that day, he chose to let it run. That would not make sense if he knew it had been juiced. I put myself in the same position and I think I would start it because I knew I ensured it was drug free. Mind you on the other hand I may have started if I had juced it because it would be an admission that I knew it would be positive. I am adamant though that I would not have hesitated to start that day. So if they did not juice the dogs how did they get the stuff in their systems. For some time now the raging fire in the industry has been the Cole saga. Anyone that was even polite to the Cole kennels has been ridiculed and vilified on social media with some wankers even making threats against ex staff members and those helping the kennel. From the tone of those comments and paticularilly recent ones against Earl it would not been beyond reason that one of the furious social media contributors took supposed retribution. With the poor security arrangements at Wanganui, that cannot be counted out plus the poor security arrangements in raceday carparks leaves huge opportuniy. I know whenever I have had a dog in a group race I will never ever leave it unatended untill it is in the kennells as it would be so easy to nobble an animal at that stage. I only got that paranoid after we had a $2.50 favourite in a big race at Wellington which finished 60 metres last and nearly died on the way home. I requested a swab after the race and was refused. I did not give the dog anything but someone did!!! A wise old doctor told me once at the beginning of my career "you will only diagnose something if you think of it" That is what is needed here. Think, is it possible Earl did not administer the drug then how else could it have got there. Bev I believe your family did not do it. I cannot prove that but it is my gut feeling . Unfortunately you cannot prove it either. By the very nature of the system you are guilty untill you can prove you are innocent which is nigh on impossible. You can understand why that is so because everyone cheating hua that gets caught is going to say they didn't give it to the dog Catch 22 I guess every trainer that takes a dog to the races faces the same possibility.
  12. GOM

    Thatz David

    That is good idea Cat, I suggest the certain age is two and I agree with the number of times
  13. GOM

    Thatz David

    kDead right Barry, I was biting my fingernails hoping the jockey wasn't going to put him under a hard ride to see if he was cheating. I noticed he still got a couple of whacks just for old times sake, even though he was 100m behind. Bewildering that Rodley and the fish both selected him in their first three. Did they think he looed like an improver last week or were they taking the piss. Shad I 'll tell you the difference about him being hurt in his paddock or on the track. Firstly no one will be whipping him in the paddock and secondly we won't be forced to watch it
  14. GOM

    Thatz David

    The display by the rider of David at his last start overrides all argument about the fairness of jumping races. The horse had obviously had more than enough and was no hope, in fact I was just hoping he got to the finish. using the stick on him 'vigorously" at that stage was genuine mistreatment . First time I have felt anger and sorrow for a horse on the track since the 2 yo carrying well over 60kg ( may have even been close to 70) broke down at Trentham a number of years ago.
  15. GOM

    Race caller rumours

    Jason T's father Basil died Tuesday. Commiserations to you and yours Jason, I am sure the racecafe familys' thoughts are with you