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  1. Get someone to explain it to you : a 10-year-old or an ESL student would be fine. A 10-year-old ESL student you ask. Yes, should be no trouble. Just tell them to take it slowly.
  2. I was taken a little by surprise soon after I started this thread. I had not realised there would be a Flasher skulking in the shadows, fully-coiled to seize the opportunity to sink their teeth into one of their pets hates , albeit it wasn't within the topic but in the literary device that preceded it. No matter. I was and am obliged to defend George Simon because it is the right thing to do and because I always have enjoyed his performance ; also for my own pleasure as it continues to wind you up. Most will agree that it is so welcome when Trackside race coverage cuts to NZ to take a
  3. First you condemn George for not trying to predict the winner in a tight finish, now you condemn him for doing so. You say you do not hate George, but that is not true is it.
  4. That's it Flasher, keep up the hate you lil hater you.
  5. Ah Gwuffee and Flasher, no chance of that. I don't get involved in harness racing. Too much cheating in that game.
  6. Or rather JJ are you miffed that your attempt to hijack the thread was unsuccessful
  7. No Gruff. I'm sticking with logic and facts. I can't help it if others don't
  8. Is that right ? So why doesn't he list all the horses in a race who are wearing blinkers today
  9. Mr gee, what the hell are you talking about. You make no sense.
  10. JJ I did reply to your first comment. Which of my points are incorrect ?
  11. No Gruff. I'm happy with with what I wrote.
  12. JJ you keep missing the point. You are boring me now.
  13. Well JJ, I didn't claim George was perfect, which is what you seem to require. As for " bailing out in close finishes" : Deciding the winner is not part of his mandate. Other people are paid to do that. Indeed there is a many-faceted system for it : a judge, sometimes one more judge's assistants, technicians to maintain the video camera and display screen and the winning post mirror calibration.But surely you know that ; I'm just labouring the point. Personally I find the competition between me and the caller in a close finish a part of the game : Sometimes he wins , sometimes I do. Back in
  14. George Simon you are a great caller. A bloody good bloke. But you do this "blinkers" thing that's driving me ( and probably others) nuts. Like today. You look down into the birdcage and tell us Royal Performer "has blinkers on today" Oh ! is this a late gear change ? , blinkers first time ? blinkers back on again after racing without them last start ? Nah. He's wearing blinkers just as he did in his previous 13 starts. You have done this so many times. Why pick on blinkers? Why not "he has a saddle on today .. a bridle ....." But that wouldn't mean anything. Be a bit silly really.