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  1. ChasingMyTail

    New Look Racecafe Now Live

    Thank You
  2. ChasingMyTail

    greyhound puppies

    Nothing wrong with the size - communication leads to knowledge leads to understanding Thank you for showing this - we more real stories that show the love and care we have for the dogs
  3. ChasingMyTail


    Regardless of everything else that is going on - have to really commend Nyomi. Absolute professional and so good with the dogs. A star in the sport in my eyes - huge respect for her.
  4. ChasingMyTail

    Sweet Lovin'

    Cripes - what's the purpose of the post - other than to stir? Why is it so darn difficult to post something positive in this industry? Don't say there is nothing to post - every week there are countless reasons why we should be celebrating. And for those situations we can't - be constructive and back yourself up with hard and fast proof.
  5. ChasingMyTail

    Auckland Racing Series

    Tell me when and where they have mentioned participants should "give up" How about balancing. Negative with Positive. Who Knows - your last line is just that - it's all that's needed. Thank you.
  6. ChasingMyTail

    Auckland Racing Series

    Rather insulting to all those racing. Do you know every single dog racing? Do you know who is potentially injured or in season at the moment? Do you know the entire breeding plans of every trainer, what litters they have on the ground? How they are breaking in, how far away they are from racing? Moreso, do you know their entire racing plans, what races the trainer aims to win, what series they want to enter and which ones they don't? Of the trainers you mentioned only one had a runner in these heats and deservedly won, but how can you compare the others when they didn't even have a dog running in these heats? As someone mentioned earlier - a snapshot of a moment in time. Things change - fast. People make racing choices for whatever reason for their dogs - that doesn't mean the entire future is in wreck and ruin. Do you also realise the impact reading your comments may have for the owners and trainers of the dogs? You have clearly labelled every single runner as below par and to give up. These people are the lifeblood of our industry. For you to belittle their input so easily and halfheartedly is unfair. We should be thankful they are here without them all of us may not be here at all. Not every heat, not every race is going to be representative of what is on offer at the moment and certainly every race does not have a worldbeater - not every dog can be. That is why we stand and applaud those who stand out during a season. Congratulations to everyone involved with every single runner in those heats - for being there and supporting our sport - stand tall and proud. All the very best to those in the final. I for one will sing your praises. Sometimes it's not an easy road, but the road gets somewhat more difficult when you have to deal with square wheels.
  7. ChasingMyTail

    Auck cup- thoughts?

    What is wrong with people? Why do all these posts need to be turned into something negative? Why does it need to revolve around how much money someone has? Who cares to be honest. Money can't buy the heart and soul of this sport. It may buy a few wins but there is a lot more to this than just that. Why is it important to show how much better one is than everyone else? Is it a competition? Does making oneself seem bigger than another mean one is more worthwhile? Not by a longshot. Actions and words speak volumes about oneself. What is so fantastic about how much of a better retirement someones dogs have? I didn't know they passed out grades. Does someone personally go to every single retired dog and do a performance review on their owners? Hold an interview with the greyhound to learn all the ins and outs of what makes one retirement so much better than another? What rubbish is that? A retired dog with a loving owner is a damn lucky dog. Two retired dogs with loving owners are the same - damn lucky dogs. Why do there have to be posts nit picking on other peoples dogs? Snide comments and remarks? Does belittling others racers give one a sense of achievement or success? What can the outcome be other than another word fight? How productive is that? I don't understand the line of thinking. What can come out of this that is in any way positive for the sport? Absolutely nothing. This is a thread focusing on a cup race, but seems to be turning into a slagging match. Who cares if people do or don't like someone. Who cares what they think at all. It's what one does oneself that is important. We are all here for the dogs. We represent them. We need to be a role model not only for the dogs but the whole industry. Focus on the Topic. The Auckland Cup. Focus on the Dogs: We have some great ones in the fields from all over the country. Focus on being an example for the Industry: We have enough shit to deal with rather than add more to it.
  8. ChasingMyTail

    Who's Calling These Non Tote's

    A great race call - would love him to be more prominent
  9. ChasingMyTail

    Well done ashley bradshaw!!

    amazing how anything positive is always dragged down. cripes people give credit and celebrate for a change the negativity doesn't achieve anything other than spoil someones day.
  10. ChasingMyTail

    Pics & Stats needed

    Overtime is still my all time favourite dog and I honestly believe he could have been a super stud - his progeny had some great racers too.
  11. ChasingMyTail

    Karapiro Pet Lodge

    Great News