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  1. Amati Nidol

    Interdoms- A little piece of Otago History

    Thanks for posting Greg. Nice to be reminded of the rich history Otago and Southland has in harness racing at Group 1 level. Cup Day provides me with the buzz i imagine was at Forbury Park in 1965. Top class racing, large crowd.
  2. Amati Nidol


    McLovin Scratched. Damn shame. I thought he was the most versatile horse in trotters series. Hope for a quick recovery Michael Guerin‏ @GuerinSports 42m42 minutes ago McLovin didn’t eat up last night and woke up with temp this morning so out of first night of Inters but if he improves Andy Gath is still keen to contest 2nd and 3rd nights. But really on back foot to make final now.
  3. Amati Nidol

    Cup Day Fields

    Mikie i like the reallocation of stakes. Factoring in Acceptance Fees can change this a fair bit. I have used your table but taken out approximate acceptance fees for R4, R6, R10. $40,000 for race winners on Cup Day would get Southlander's targetting Cup Day. There would be an extra dozen horses; Robyn's Playboy, Franco Santino, Paddyproudfoot, Pembrook Playboy etc etc. I think you are right though. $50,000 for support races is probably needed for NI horses to come down for the carnival. I need to magic up $66,000 for my stakes, while supporting the removal of Acceptance Fees. Currently Alter to Race 1 $25,000 $40,000 Race 2 $25,000 $25,000 Race 3 $25,000 $40,000 Race 4 $30,000 ($35K) $50,000 Race 5 $25,000 $40,000 Race 6 $84,000 ($100K) $85,000 Race 7 $170,000 $170,000 Race 8 $25,000 $40,000 Race 9 $25,000 $40,000 Race 10 $570,000 ($750K) $510,000 Race 11 $25,000 $40,000 Race 12 $25,000 $40,000 -------------- ------------------ $1,054,000 $1,120,000
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    1st Mer De Glace (2) 2nd Prince of Arran (12) Last Neufbosc (16) Thanks
  5. Amati Nidol

    Interesting read from Allstars webpage

    Going for, and winning, the FFA on Cup day must be an easier, less stressful task than the Dominion.
  6. Amati Nidol


    An impressive list of 23 horses exported to China on 3rd September. I am super keen to see another industry piece regarding the progress being made in China. I read an article about the thoroughbred racing being under way. I cannot find information regarding the harness racing. Anyone have info on what stage harness racing is at in Inner Mongolia?
  7. Amati Nidol

    woman drivers

    Lorraine Grant 1975 must be a contender. Great to see one of the best of all time Jo Herbert coming back to the driving ranks next season. A super talent. If Jo has the opportunity to travel to the South for drives, pretty sure she will make an impact before seasons end.
  8. Amati Nidol

    Gavel drops on Wednesday The inaugural Gavel House standardbred auction closes this Wednesday. The catalogue has a nice variety of stock on offer. I joined and have bid on three, two of them have reached their reserve and the action will surely heat up Wednesday evening. Great to have a new player in the market.
  9. Amati Nidol

    jewels fields

    The draws have worked out brilliantly. There will be nine fantastic races.
  10. Amati Nidol

    Rating 40 to 55

    The positive is this week the owner/trainer had options. 1. Race at Auckland for $20,000 stake on level marks with freshmen trotters rated higher OR 2. Jump on the float to Manawatu to have a 10m+ headstart in races to the value of $18,000.
  11. Amati Nidol

    Rating 40 to 55

    Hi there If I owned a R40 trotter in the race in question (at Alexandra Park) I would not be unhappy that the R50+ horses are on the same mark in this race. Simply for the reason I am getting a shot at a $20K stake and four of the six R50-55 trotters are inexperienced and have not earned a lot of stake money yet. The other two are experienced, nice horses but not superstars. Don't I get the easier race, for lower stakes, with handicaps for higher rated horses, at other Northern racing venues? Race 7 Auckland - BGP Wish For Fish Trot R40-49 : Ten Horses Wins: Min 1, Max 12 Stakes: Min $18K, Max $136K R50-55: Six Horses Majestic Moment: 47 starts, 4wins & $40K Kay Cee : 4 starts, 1 win, $10K Vatican Hill : 13 starts, 1 win, $16K Locksmith : 7 starts, 1 win, $8K Sunnys Little Jestic : 3yo Filly, 15 starts, 2 wins, $31K Stow : 38 starts, 2 wins, $41K
  12. Amati Nidol

    To be or not to be ... Unruly

    As a casual (yet committed) observer it must be time for the stewards to order Jerry Garcia is removed from the Unruly list. It is hard to raise this question. I do not mean to call into question the trainers integrity in doing so. The cynical side of me is wondering whether he is kept on the unruly as it is easier to run second from there regularly, rather than potentially drawing a nice position on the front line, stepping handy and winning, Thus going up in grade and putting the weekly cheques in jeopardy.
  13. Amati Nidol

    It had to happen Ricky

    In the aforementioned Invercargill race I was watching War Admiral closely. There needed to be some mention in the report I believe. Either A/ RM on Smokey Mac was half carting on numerous occasions affecting the options of SO on War Admiral OR B/ SO could have been questioned for allowing WA to find itself in a non-winnable position, when the horse was traveling sweetly and could have moved to a more prominent position.
  14. Amati Nidol

    Northern Southland Meeting- Amati

    Hi Newmarket Really tough day to pick a couple out, as there are 4-6 real chances in each race. Favourite race has to be the Southern Lights (R6) trot. Super field of upcoming trotters. My favourite Southland filly is back. The Empress (R8). Hope she is paying $4 each way. Has run three nice workouts to get her ready, each way is best way to play fresh up in a quality field. Another very interesting race is the Super Nugget (R7) Final. Mighty Flying Art could be each way value as he should appreciate the fast pace and get home nicely over the top of those that go on the early burn.
  15. Amati Nidol

    2019 Southland Harness

    Messing with Steve Davis' quote a little. At Wyndham today "Back the want you want, not the one that's tipped!" Keith Moore is a quality horseman. When I see he has a horse in, I take notice and do my study. Only usually has one or two horses, and he does not race if he hasn't got a show of winning. Each Way: Race 4 Gabbys Magic (13) ran a pretty tidy debut race at Wyndham on Jan 17. Has been well schooled, mum won 5, and two older brothers won 7 between them. Each Way: Race 5 Franco June (1) won last start and draws 1 again. There are major holes in the current form of the three favourites, so I am prepared to have a nice look at this $11 shot