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  1. Grant R

    Maybe some good news

    Was that person with the supposed DCM active at the Inglis sales as a person with the same name purchased from the sale
  2. Grant R

    Volpe Veloce

    As documented she is out in the paddock having a spell with a plan in place for where she is going to go next. Richie has pulled her out of the Oaks and Derby believing at this stage that 2000 or more is a step to far early in her career. They had to try she was showing she maybe able to do it but these things happen. I notice that Richie has been at the Inglis sales in Sydney and picked up 3 well bred yearlings at what i would say very good prices one especially he couldn't pass up was a Foxwedge filly for approximately half the price he paid for Velope Veloche so it will be interesting to see how she goes i am one who will follow with interest
  3. Grant R

    Lucky Veitchy!

    I'm thinking hes hung his best mate Mcullum out to dry by not buying a horse with his Vermair syndications ha ha ha
  4. Grant R

    Allan Sharrock

    Allan did mention he was going to leave his stable in NZ going operate it as a sattelite stable but obviously with fewer horses but Victoria is where he see's his future
  5. Grant R

    New Record at New Plymouth

    It was corrected by the TAB trackside presenter Bevan Sweeny just before the start of the next race he confirmed it was 1.51
  6. I were personally going to go to a syndicator a few years back and looked at the options and to be honest once waying it all up cost, communication and say in the horse I looked at it as alot of associated costs for a lessor return. I am not knocking them as they have a place in the industry. What i did do was spoke to some trainers and discussed options I settled on Graham Richardson zero mark up on horses and zero syndication fees so what you get is training fee, Vet account , Pre training account and Transport account with no mark up .As for communication we get weekly updates with in more cases than not video of the horses and he is always able to talk and discuss about the horses . Now that might not be everyones cup of tea but it works for me
  7. Grant R

    Matt Cameron

    Feel for Matt but i like the way he's getting alot of rides for Baker/Forseman , Shaune Richie, Pike etc he's a bloody good rider who can put a horse in a race and gives great explanations on his thoughts about a horse he has just ridden
  8. Grant R

    Parkes & Auret

    and he has a healthy association with Graham Richardson and one horse Velope Veloche rate Parkes very highly and he showed it over xmas and new years
  9. Grant R

    What will the Stipes do?

    I just watched Tavidream win for the Logan Stable at Ruakaka this is what i felt. Now i'll start by saying the horse was worked up sweating like a pig and ran greenly and won easily BUT turning for home Opie steered him out to make a gap hitting another horse in doing so . Now worse was to come up the straight but i don't blame Opie for that the horse was as green as a cucumber and nearly took out Sam Whetherley's mount . Even Chris Gibbs said in interview after when asked where to next for this horse his comment was well we will have to see how long Opie will be on holiday after that ride What are your thoughts fellow cafers was it enough to get a holiday and if he does will he miss Wellington next weekend like Coleman , Johnson etc
  10. Grant R

    Purcell on Weigh In on Monday

    Do you know he is given a list of questions that he can sive through and pick the ones he wants to answer so whatever he says will be crap
  11. Grant R

    What will the Stipes do?

    I have watched it several times I suppose i am looking at consistency in there rulings of late Danielle Johnson for example thats probably my only gripe
  12. Grant R

    What will the Stipes do?

    Thats how i read it as well but thats my opinion
  13. Grant R

    What will the Stipes do?

    spoke to shareholder of winner they celebrated twice one for win and second for Opie the talk was he was gone by the connections . In my opinion he got a early December 25 2017 present not even a warning listed against him on report at the top of page .
  14. Grant R

    What will the Stipes do?

    From missing the start and almost falling HIFLYER was to me best run of day
  15. Grant R

    What will the Stipes do?

    Agree with you about Jake the Muss huge run
  16. The way i look at it is this i study form and punt on my picks sometimes successful sometimes not but i have know one else to blame but myself and to be honest apart from the trackside presenters getting the oil on horses from trainers we are almost privvy to everything they have Statistics , video , form guide , I say grow some goolies and have ago yourself and don't blame anyone else and to put it another way you fill the betting slip in either online or at the TAB so your the one who should take the blame
  17. Grant R

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas everyone and a happy New Year
  18. Grant R

    Danyule Johnson

    ill just call him Brendan rdytdy
  19. I didnt think this could be as bad as Trump/Clinton but it is the NZR CEO has similar hand movements as Trump
  20. Grant R

    Danyule Johnson

    On another issue with name pronunciation Brendan Popperwell calling the horse trained by Graham Richardson TRIPTRONIC on several occasions the horses name is TIPTRONIC and its correctly written in the raceday book
  21. Totally agree Gubes what a farce
  22. Bunch of bloody toss pots they know they always have problems on Cup day what a crap buisness
  23. Grant R

    Ashley Frye

    Great to see Ashley still loves the industry has come along way since the fall comes from a great racing family plenty of support welldone be a huge day when she trains her first winner Good Luck
  24. Grant R

    Melbourne Cup Field...

    I feel Grand Marshal for odds great last start win from back of field and out stayed them ( Who shot the barman and Pentahlon) Sydney cup winner definately in my multis
  25. Grant R

    melbourne cup

    After Grand Marshals run on Saturday hes figuring in my multis can run the distance having won the Sydney cup 2015 was a good win and the Waller factor. 21 on fixed odds and 6 on finishing first four