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    Trump written off

    All the channels that i have watched today are saying that Trump not winning Iowa is the not good for him. Here are a list for both parties of winners of Iowa but losers eventually Rick Santorum Mike Huckabee Bob Dole x2 Gerald Ford G H W Bush(lost to reagan) Dick Gephardt Tom Harkins In 92 Bill Clinton only got 3%. but in 96 got 98% Wait till after New Hampshire
  2. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Mrs Clinton accuses Dem candidate Gabbard of being a Russian Assett. Ms Gabbard replied with some great hits. When is the former first lady realise that she is no longer considered to be squeaky clean and even some Dems are side stepping her. Go Away.
  3. crustyngrizzly

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    3/5/10/17 for me
  4. crustyngrizzly

    Just second hand...

    No doubt that those that gave generously to NZF,from within the industry, will be thrilled with his comments
  5. crustyngrizzly

    Le Bron James.

    Le Bron James tweeted on MLK day 2018 '''Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere''' Now he has come out in support of China against Hong Kong after the Houston Rockets GM came out in support of Hong Kong. Maybe because his Nike shoes are made in China
  6. crustyngrizzly

    Local Body Elections

    As i have mentioned under another thread i have been delivering pamphlets for a family member in our local elections. Yesterday after results were known i adjourned to a local waterhole(even though i'm a non drinker) where i met up with my family member and friends. Even though he was unsuccessful he was pleased that at least he received more votes than our local call girl/stripper. Later in the course of the day i was approached by an elderly group of voters who passed on to me why they hadn't voted for my son. F..k me its as though they were still stuck in the 1950s with their reasons. NZ sure gets the polis they deserve that is for sure.
  7. crustyngrizzly

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Bubble bursting for EVs.Dysons say that they can't see how the manufacturing of their proposed EV vehicle could be commercially profitable.A 2.5b investment gone west.
  8. crustyngrizzly


    AALAALUNE lining up today at Taupo Race 3. Many will be taking an interest in how she runs.
  9. crustyngrizzly

    2019 Grand Final - What a farce.

    Hard to believe that the Head of the Refs has come out and said that the call was the correct decision.What he doesn't consider in his answer is that if the incorrect call hadn't been made in the first place then the Raiders would have acted as though it was the last tackle. Drop goal perhaps.
  10. crustyngrizzly

    nfl back on

    Great to see the NFL back again ,New England and the Chiefs appear to have picked up from where they left off. The much touted Browns failed again,mind you early days yet.
  11. crustyngrizzly

    nfl back on

    Dallas Cowboys struggling again.Maybe as another site suggests it might be time to bring Debbie back onto the payroll or it could be that she never left.
  12. crustyngrizzly

    Drums silenced

    Ginger Baker gone aged 80.
  13. crustyngrizzly

    Drums silenced

    CREAM Dela Creme
  14. crustyngrizzly

    Delivering pamphlets for elections.

    I have been delivering election pamplets for a member of the family in our city. There are some ugly angry people living here that is for sure. Every body seems to have a permanent scowl on their face with nothing pleasant to say. Was even accosted by an 80 plus man who wanted to make sure i hadn't dropped a pamphlet in his box because it had a ''no junk mail' sign on it. Even after assuring him that i hadn't he promised me that if i had he would be making a few phone calls.(say what). Plenty of lazy people around to. Mail boxes filled to the brim,didn't drop pamphets in those boxes as they are unlikely to vote. People letting their dogs poop everywhere.People driving by shouting abuse,wtf is happening to our once great country. So many unhappy people and no doubt many of them have issues bubbling just below the surface.
  15. crustyngrizzly

    Delivering pamphlets for elections.

    The city that wanted the V8s and then when they got them realised they didn't want them. Thank god the ratepayers are a tolerant bunch.
  16. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    I tend to agree. Whats sad about all this is that the Country is virtually bankrupt,financially and morally and yet the parties cannot agree on anything, and by default pushing the country further down the gurgler.
  17. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    From what i have read it will be quite hard for Trump to be impeached as it has to get the ok from the Senate which is controlled by the GOP,but then some Republicans may switch. Interesting times ahead.
  18. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Watched Nany Pelosi deliver a speech this morning regarding an impeachment investigation into Trump. She typifies whats wrong with US politics. Obviously had her teeth whitened,either a face lift or great make-up,but unfortunately her teeth appeared to be loose and she made some odd looking movements with her face.In the US its not what you say but how good you look when you say it. As for what she said i don't know enough about the US law but from what Trump has said he is using the same tactics as i used to get my kids to clean their room or other thing i needed them to do. If you don;t do that then you don;t get this. Seems ok to me but then others will differ.
  19. crustyngrizzly

    Jacinda Ardern

    Apart from calling your leader Mrs Ed a few times i don't think i have been rubbishing them at all,unless pointing out the errors of there ways is considered rubbishing them. For that i put my hand up,but as i said its a 2 way street but this constant living in the past doen't do anyone anygood.
  20. crustyngrizzly

    Jacinda Ardern

    Bloke,i don't want to go anywhere,but such is your dislike of anybody thats a national poli,somebody has to point out that its a 2 way street and one side is as bad as the other. I classify myself as more of a swinger.
  21. crustyngrizzly

    Jacinda Ardern

    You didn't mention the Labour PM David Lange who had problems staying on his side of the fence.
  22. crustyngrizzly

    Jacinda Ardern

    Speaking for myself i am very pleased that the Nats didn't persuade Winnie the Pooh to go there way. Now Winnies about faces are there for everyone to see and based soley on people that i have spoken to,they won't be voting Winnie again.
  23. crustyngrizzly

    Taupo Racing.

    Anybody able to tell me when they started racing at Taupo. Thanks in advance.
  24. crustyngrizzly

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Unbelievable.........Environmental activists in Paris setting fire to plastic rubbish bins during protests. What a bunch of twats.
  25. crustyngrizzly

    Losers Get Laid - Week 3 entries

    Randwick R 7............14 BEGOOD TOYA MOTHER. many thanks