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    Trump written off

    All the channels that i have watched today are saying that Trump not winning Iowa is the not good for him. Here are a list for both parties of winners of Iowa but losers eventually Rick Santorum Mike Huckabee Bob Dole x2 Gerald Ford G H W Bush(lost to reagan) Dick Gephardt Tom Harkins In 92 Bill Clinton only got 3%. but in 96 got 98% Wait till after New Hampshire
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    and isn't that the problem. Sometimes people need to hear the truth. Applies in many walks of life.
  3. crustyngrizzly


    IMO the ''BAT OF GOD'' was not a deliberate attemp by the batsman to benefit from the throw,unlike the ''Hand of God''. Obviously must have been the correct call despite what we think so i presume its covered in the rules.
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    The catch cry used to be ''4 more years'',now it will be''1 more run''
  5. crustyngrizzly

    Aussie Commentator moved to Invercargill

    Saw Pickles on the AM show on Friday.Very concerned about the lack of coverage of womans sports stories in the media. She should maybe watch TV and read newspapers and then she would know there's plenty of coverage and if theres not then it's because nobody is interested for the same reasons as some male sports aren't covered.
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    Thatz David

    Incoherent a 12 year old gelding won today at Roeburne in WA over 1100m in 1.0466. Not bad for an oldie.
  7. crustyngrizzly

    CBD,no early high.

    Doesn't look like the new listing on the NZX,CANNASOUTH,is going to hit the highs that some people were predicting. Could be time to lie down and have a smoke.Calm the nerves.
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    It would be interesting to see If broadcaster Laura McGoldrick has ever been critical of her husband Mr Guptill. She is host of The Cricket show as well as NZ Heralds sporting comments on the web.
  9. crustyngrizzly

    Philosophical Question

    How about a non tote event after the last race but with prize money or even before the first,that way you can also get a good track report.
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    Appears to be a protected species and nobody wants to hurt his feelings.
  11. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    What a can of worms Epsteins arrest could open. Clinton appaently flew on his private plane(lolita express)26 times and sometimes ditched his security detail. Trump flew on the plane once. Christine Pelosi (daughter of Nancy)has said ''some of our faves could be involved'').
  12. crustyngrizzly

    Mr Mustang gone.

    Lee Iacocca gone at 94 to the car production plant in the sky. Served time with Ford,GM and Chrysler and did a pretty good job.
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    A family members gout was brought on by seafood,alcohol and anything containing too much acid. Only took medication when the pain got too bad.
  14. crustyngrizzly

    Anyone miss The Informant ?

    And if RITA don't work their magic ,then we all have to adapt to life without racing in it.
  15. crustyngrizzly

    Jacinda Ardern

    PM Jacinda has said ''she didn't believe we'll lose momentum''after announcing the new Kiwi Build ministers. Say wasn't going anywhere,it was at a standstill. Its had no momentum at all.
  16. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Trumps latest accuser,in an interview with Anderson Cooper has said'''that most people think rape is sexy'''. Cooper quickly cut to an advert break,he was clearly confused with this comment.
  17. crustyngrizzly

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    I read where the ANZ is concerned over Mrs Folaus support for her husband. Seems odd that the ANZ have suddenly developed ethics. Were they not the bank that was found guilty of not advising farmers of the pitfalls of''swap rates''. Were they not the bank given a kick in the bum from the RBNZ recently. Don't they take about a billion each year in profits out of nz every year. Didn't they buy a house for 10 million and sell it to Hisco's wife for 6 million. A bank with ethics,f..k me what next.
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    How y’all looking now

    As long as it's not the same''solid evidence,thoughtful analysis and hard data'' that is used to get Stadiums built around the world. Berri,imo is thinking about where racing in NZ should be headed,not just for tommorrow but 30/40 years ahead. Its not all about 25 horse fields or 2k long tracks it a heap of things,none of which will be resolved by new incoming imo.
  19. crustyngrizzly

    How y’all looking now

    Agree,the future is for change. Its all about changing something that once worked but is well past its best. I
  20. crustyngrizzly

    Weapon Sales

    A British Court has ruled that it's illegal for Britain to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. Lets hope the Courts in Russia,Iran and China come to the same conclusion about weapon sales to Syria,Yemen and North Korea. No chance of that happening.
  21. crustyngrizzly

    Banning of cars.

    Gummitt thinking of banning certain makes/models of car as they are deemed to be unsafe. Cars don't cause accidents,dumb arses driving do. Wouldn't matter how safe a car is if you have a lunatic coming towards you at 100k and youre doing 100k with only a 6 inch yellow line seperating you. Can of worms to open if they do.
  22. crustyngrizzly

    How y’all looking now

    Obviously other changes also have to happen,which i won't go into at this times as i begin to watch the Deadwood film.
  23. crustyngrizzly

    How y’all looking now

    Disagree. 2k straight,totally workable.
  24. crustyngrizzly

    Social Media stars

    WTF is an INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER ? WTF IS A Social Media influencer.? No wonder our younger generation are F......d. Oopps hope i didn't influence anyone with that foul outburst.