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  1. Thanks I will go 50/50 then if I win. Will come back with a selection next week.
  2. Sorry I did not place a selection so if you still have my share put it forward to another competition. The fun on the day was enough for me. Cheers Davey1
  3. Yes big thanks to Cubes & Ponderosa. I had everything go my way till Rapid Falls missed the jump in the last but managed to hang on for the draw. Appreciate the prize and organisation. Davey
  4. R1 9 Little Belle R2 3 Festivity R3 2 Amano R4 12 Tokorangi R5 5 Ranger R6 7 Avantage R7 1 Amarelinha R8 9 Melody Belle R9 6 Rapid Falls Thanks team. Davey
  5. Any size they want just as long as it comes back Have been struggling with how the industry has been shutting its shop windows & this is a start.
  6. Dopey I am pretty sure the reply from the experts will be yes. I had a beautiful filly who won easily first up then bleed. All my research indicated the trait would get passed on.
  7. Out of interest which NZ based sires would you say are proven in Australia?
  8. I saw the incident as well & would be interested to hear the security guys side of things he was not the one throwing the punchs.
  9. I would be pretty happy with a wet tracker non commercial race hourse in my ownership like Platinum Invador, Rock on Wood, Communique, Reggiewood
  10. Ok time to roll the dice: Meeting 12 Race 9 Cox Plate 9 Lys Gracieux Thanks Davey
  11. Meeting 11 Randwick Race 7 The Everest No 2 Pierata Thanks Davey
  12. Caufield Race 9 Toorak Handicap Number 7 Night's Watch Thanks Davey
  13. Randwick Race 7 Epsom Handicap Number 4 Te Akau Shark Thanks Davey
  14. Caufield Race 7 Underwood Stakes No 1 Hartnell Thanks Davey