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  1. Kingshill

    Jason Waddell off To Oz

    Good luck over the ditch Jason..... Had his demons and always fought back.... Hopefully he can showcase his talent in the big league
  2. Came across this on the Darley website - Three bright prospects I would say - How will Australasian breeders receive the two UK sprinters and their form? (Blue Point this season and Harry Angel already has had a season down under)
  3. Kingshill

    Northern Racing inc.

    Along similar lines....Talking about tracks/Merging etc........Here in the Mighty Manawatu, has anyone thought about selling off both Awapuni and the Trotting/Greyhound course as both surrounded by housing and on the fringe of the city - Then start with a clean sheet at Foxton? Plenty of room to strech out at Foxton - Think Mega training centre with top notch facilities - Gallops/Trots?/Greyhounds. Awapuni function centre could still be kept as offices/Function centre. Foxton only 20 odd minutes away from Palmerston North. Could even lobby to get the train line re-instated from Palmy to Foxton? - Could double up as a rail link for frieght from State highway 1 (Foxton into Palmy) and there used to be a rail line in place back in the day and plenty of room on the wide road shoulders. Is that too much common sense for a Sunday? Should I go back to Sleep? P.S - I'm not a member of either racing club and don't reside in Palmerston North or Foxton.
  4. Kingshill

    John Allen Really? FFS!

    I can't believe how John Allen could gain another high profile executive job in the same country......Let alone the same City Makes my blood boil that he can Bullshit his way into a $700K job at NZRB - do F all but talk more Bullshit....Waste $50 Million plus and just move on like nothing has happened. These Gravy trains for executives have to stop......No one should be paid more than the Prime Minister......unless you own the business and earned the money yourself.
  5. Kingshill

    Is it time 4 a national strike

    100% agree.... No more inflated salaries also.....
  6. Kingshill

    Symptoms & causes

    Happy to hear the news about "Winstons windfall" but fear that unless a broom is swept through the administration side of things and the "inflated saleries" are slashed we will be back in the same spot in a few years time
  7. Kingshill


    Wow....Fancy having your mares whole season wasted in this way not to mention your hard earned dollars on grazing, vets etc. Very frustrating.....
  8. Kingshill

    Ribchester to Haunui

    Ribchester standing in for his sire Iffraaj.
  9. Kingshill

    Ribchester to Haunui

    Yes.... Will be a bit light on numbers to kick off with
  10. Kingshill

    What are our most important tracks?

    Now that's not a bad idea
  11. Kingshill

    Randwick comp this Saturday

    Thanks and good luck to all involved, 1) 3,6,11,15 2) 1,3,4,5 3) 5,7,9,10 4) 1,2,8,10 5) 5,12,14,16 6) 2,3,11,13 7) 1,2,6,14 8) 1,2,3,8 9) 1,4,10,11
  12. Kingshill

    Ribchester to Haunui

    Yes, you are right there Nasrallah - NZ breeders more familiar with the Iffraaj factor. Would love to know how many mares Ribchester covered in his Australian stints..... If anyone has access to the Australian Stud book?
  13. Kingshill

    $15K all races in July

    Sounds like a great idea - restructure the calendar - Hopefully this "Meeting" with the above guests actually happens.
  14. Kingshill

    Jump Outs Banned

    Exactly right Insider - We have a 2yo filly in that boat - Just want a jumpout for her, then back in the paddock for a month over the worst of winter
  15. Kingshill

    Changing breeding season date.

    Even if it was an option to sync the breeding seasons of both hemispheres I couldn't imagine the "BIG BOYS" (Coolmore, Darley etc) would be happy as it would be the end of Shuttle stallions ans another income stream
  16. Kingshill

    Ribchester to Haunui

    Yes.... He's about to land on our doorstep Now....... Which mare of mine to send
  17. Kingshill

    Joke of the day - OMG

    Well said and very true!
  18. Kingshill

    Weekend Comp - Rosehill and Flemington

    Flemington 4) 1,6 5) 2,3 6) 3,7 7) 1,13 8) 11,17 Sydney 4) 1,4 5) 2,6 6) 4,10 7) 10,16 8) 2,6 Thanks to all involved.
  19. Kingshill

    Ok.. time for a fun game

    Richard Hadlee Renee Wright Kanye West Graeme Rogerson Glen Boss
  20. Kingshill

    Ok.. time for a fun game

    Young Ida....... 3rd dam of a mare of mine..... Still breeding from the family
  21. Loved participating in the tipping comp run over the last 2 Saturdays - I realise it's a bit of work for Ponderosa8 but would be awesome if we had another one to pass the time during lockdown. Since it's nice and early in the week (Compared to last week late decision to run one) it could even be $10 entry? Plenty of time to build up a pool? Not 100% sure where the "BIG" race meeting is this Saturday? Just a thought anyway.
  22. Kingshill

    Draft dates calendar summary

    That's a great idea..... Contact trainers big and small and get a guage on what numbers are in work, then ascess what rating band and distances needed to accommodate the horse population that are ready to race come opening day.
  23. Kingshill

    TAB do not want my money ?

    But we have a Brand new $50m betting platform Ha ha
  24. Kingshill

    An Important Topic

    That being Team NZ.... America's Cup yachting
  25. Kingshill

    An Important Topic

    Hard to see the government cough up $80m to prop up racing.... There was a public outcry when the government was going to give $30m to Team NZ going back 10 or 15 odd years ago