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    Winston not happy with Brian de Licker ?

    Love him or hate him (Winston) what alternative does the industry have as far as interested politicians from the main two parties??? At least he's trying to move us forward
  2. Kingshill


    Lot 155
  3. Kingshill

    il tempo rider R.I.P.

    My guess being due to the imports in the Melbourne cup there is a huge "Class" divide between the two races now, which also translates to hardly any NZ bred/trained horses qualifying for the Melbourne cup.
  4. Kingshill

    AWT Cambridge

    Anyone know what happened at Toowoomba? Have been to race meetings there on and off for 15 odd years when visiting family..... The AW track wasn't in place for long.... 2 seasons max maybe....
  5. Kingshill


    Not eligible for the Karaka Million as she was a gavelhouse purchase.
  6. Kingshill

    Woopsy Granny Herald

    Ha ha oops....
  7. Kingshill

    What A Shambles

    Will the affected owners of scratched runners get compensation/refund in regards to nomination/acceptance fees, transport, staff costs etc? Surely someone has to cough up? Not to mention the "opportunity lost".... Some horses would have been set for this race months ago
  8. Kingshill

    What A Shambles

    Unbelievable Makes NZ racing even more of a laughing stock..... Ametuer hour at Ellerslie.
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    Your post makes a lot of sense WD - I don't follow the South Island programming too closely - But as you say, owners should be thought of as well when programming so they get to have a run close to home over the busy holiday period.
  10. Kingshill


    Oh my god That is horrible news, condolences to Cambridge stud and the shareholders.
  11. Kingshill

    Horse loading ramp

    Hi All About to build a loading ramp..... Looking for any common dimensions to go by? Going to have closed in sides. Main thing I guess will be getting the width to suit most common back loading trucks..... Any tips appreciated.
  12. Mr Chicken George - I remember this horse running around when I was a kid, pre Trackside days with Dad listening to the commentaries on the radio
  13. Kingshill

    Sacred Falls offspring

    Had this posted on the main Thoroughbred cafe thread - What's the word around the traps for his stock? Are they going to take time? He's currently running something like 10% winners to a slow start, but he would have covered some nice mares and has had some high sale prices - Could he be the next "Ocean Park" in a couple of seasons?
  14. Kingshill

    Sacred Falls offspring

    What a shock only heard the news about an hour ago.... Condolences to Waikato stud and everyone associated with Sacred Falls.
  15. Kingshill

    Time Test

    Sireing ability that was supposed to say...
  16. Kingshill

    Time Test

    Sometimes we have to wait...... Ocean Park's siting ability was in doubt until his purple vein of form
  17. Kingshill

    Levin RC at Otaki

    The weather or the scenery
  18. Kingshill

    Broodmare wanted

    You could do a lot worse that Lot 13 currently on Gavelhouse - Looks like she was a $90,000 yearling - By Per Incanto out of a Volksraad mare out of a Montjeu mare and it's a family that sell well .....Good luck. P.s - I'm no way involved with this horse or the vendor.
  19. Kingshill

    Tough times at Karaka

    Some good points there Meomy - But from what I've seen from the working class people (which includes myself) and their perception of the racing industry there are many more problems holding us back - some of the problems our own doing and some out of our control - EXAMPLES - Many Generation Y people have had limited to NO exposure to horse racing - more so if their parents weren't horse racing followers/owners. Jockeys/trainers behaving badly ( Drugs/ sex scandals/ groping in public etc) doesn't help the cause. Dodgy Trainers selling on dodgy/f.cked horses and/or over inflated sale prices (via Kickbacks etc) for the sake of hiking the price payable to enter a syndicate. So you could say some participants have "Shit in the nest" SOCIETY PROBLEMS AFFECTING THE INDUSTRY - EXAMPLES People struggling the either pay the rent, save deposit for a house or if they are lucky enough to be paying a mortgage - on top of rising food/power/fuel and living costs - Makes racehorse ownership the last thing they will be thinking about. I wish I had the answers to make the industry thrive, so as many people as possible could experience the thrill of having their horse cross the winning line first - but hard to see a radical change happening with our small population and how we have already lost at least two generations of owners/punters.
  20. Kingshill

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Or.... As Winston once said.... Two Wongs don't make a white.
  21. Kingshill

    Sacred Falls

    What's the word around the traps for his stock? Are they going to take time? He's currently running something like 10% winners to a slow start, but he would have covered some nice mares and had some high sale prices.
  22. Kingshill

    Great female family keeps producing

    Just realised that a maiden mare in my paddock has 2 lines of Tessa Gillian in her pedigree - via Testcase and Kreisler.
  23. Kingshill

    Toblerone, declare the LGL winners please

    Great stuff Talk and Leo - Very thoughtful.
  24. Kingshill

    The Informant

    Bring back the Friday flash!