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  1. Scratching replacements for team Flemington Mrzim Has replaced his comp R4, but in comp R8 #1 scratched replace with #5 Houlahan Dre Comp R8 scratched 9 replace with #7 Comp R9 scratched 4 replace with #8 Team Flemington now up to scratch
  2. Comp R1 : 2.45pm RandwickR3 3=6 BB  Comp R2 : 3.10pm New Plym R6 4=11  Comp R3 : 3.35pm Flemington R4 1=3 BB  Comp R4 : 3.55pm Randwick R5 4=5 Comp R5 : 4.35pm Randwick R6 2=5 Comp R6 : 4.55pm Flemington R6 1=9 Comp R7 : 5.27pm Eagle Farm R7 1=4 Comp R8 : 6.07pm Eagle Farm R8 2=4 Comp R9 : 6.35pm Randwick R9 8=12 Comp R10 : 7.20pm Darwin R6 7=8 Thanks Chestnut happy to be a team checker for Flemington group Cheers
  3. Comp R1 : Ruakaka R3 1.39pm 5=7 Comp R2 : Rosehill R2 2.05pm 2=3 Comp R3 : Caulfield R4 2.55pm 1=4 Comp R4 : Ruakaka R6 3.24pm 5=6 Comp R5 : Rosehill R5 3.50pm 3=4 BB Comp R6 : Caulfield R6 4.10pm 1=3BB Comp R7 : Rosehill R7 5.10pm 5=11 Comp R8 : Caulfield R8 5.30pm 2=13 Comp R9 : Gawler R7 6.21pm 4=5 Comp R10 : Gawler R8 7.00pm 2=9 Cheers
  4. Arawa Park 2.24pm : 4=102. R1 Morphettville 2.41pm : 1=23. R3 Caulfield 3.05pm : 4=104. R7 Arawa Park 3.34pm : 8=10 BB5.  R5 Doomben 3.50pm (Quinella Race) : 1=4 6. R6 Doomben 4.30pm :  1=37. R6 Caulfield 5.00pm : 7=98. R6 Scone 5.25pm : 1=59. R8 Doomben 5.50pm : 1=210. R7 Morphettville 6.36 1=2 BB Thanks Maria plenty winners coming your way sparrow Cheers
  5. Forget Dolly take the wife to Pink she will be in town come September, then you can name the champ "Get The Party Started" or F**kin Perfect, or every time he/she salutes maybe "Raise Your Glass" Nine to Five sounds like where your horse will be placed each start
  6. Have to agree NZ sprinters aren't nearly as effective as our 2000-2400 mtrs runners, we have been extremely competitive in the Derby's Oaks etc Its been awhile since the likes of Mr Tiz that galaxy win a real highlight, Our Maizcay 2nd to Strategic in the Skyline and 2nd to Octagonal in the Todman before 4th in the slipper, but a long time between drinks so to speak
  7. Big thanks Peter J for this fabulous comp Big thanks to our Captain Howie for all his insightful posts and taking us this far Also to my other team mates Tom Cat ha ha tom cat Wrinkles Big thanks to John for filling in admirably But most of all a big thanks to Cubes for ruining my night!! Cheers over and definitely OUT!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hokey Pokey Here I was expecting this to be a one sided affair, but nope a 4 sided affair it is Some of these races looked a little lottery like, soap it was contact with my 2 superior analysts Kath and Kim anywho here R the selections from Uncle Arthur R1 11=13 R2 4=8 R3 2=3 BB R4 2=9 R5 6=12 R6 1=2 BB R7 2=4 R8 3=7 R9 15=16 R10 4=7 One thing that is always assured when you are a part of Captain Howie's team and that is you play finals, so a smidgen of luck Cubey All the best Augusta so far our score has been an A+ Thanks for scoring today Captain cheers
  9. R1 2=8 R2 2=3 BB R3 5=7 R4 7=8 R5 1=4 R6 6=12 BB R7 3=4 R8 1=7 R9 2=6 R10 2=6 All the best Ian you're going to need it AAs just glad we have qualified for the top 4, fields look tough, some big upsets on the cards, I think the final 4 will be AAs Betza Grand The Rubiks and Mainly $$$ cheers
  10. R1 2=8 R2 2=5 R3 4=5 R4 7=9 R5 1=3 R6 1=3 BB R7 5=12 R8 2=10 R9 6=16 R10 7=14 BB All the best John/AAs cheers
  11. R1 2=10 R2 6=8 R3 1=5 R4 1=3 BB R5 6=8 R6 2=8 R7 2=9 R8 2=6 R9 3=4 R10 2=14 BB All the best Skelly/AAs cheers
  12. R1 2=3 R2 2=4 R3 2=6 R4 1=15 R5 1=3 R6 4=6 R7 1=5 BB R8 1=12 BB R9 8=14 R10 2=4 All the best Jack should be an omen bet today for team AA with the masters being played at Augusta cheers
  13. R1 4=9 R2 11=12 R3 2=8 R4 1=4 R5 1=8 BB R6 1=2 R7 1=9 R8 1=2 BB R9 2=8 R10 8=9 All the best Dave/Augusta cheers Riverton R1 6=9 R2 6=8 R3 1=3 R4 2=3 BB R5 6=9