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  1. sheldon

    harness racing yearling sales 2020

    Saw him in the parade today. What a standout.
  2. sheldon

    harness racing yearling sales 2020

    John i agree . To be honest the thoroughbred auctioneers are really good and add to the occasion but don’t have the basic harness racing knowledge other than Steve Davis . That’s the only thing I can see could improve . Any tips for the CHCH Sale ??
  3. sheldon

    Oh yusssss!

    Iraklis youe are right a wins a win and it was a good win but the commentators have been labelling him the best horse in Australasia and I don’t think he’s there yet .
  4. sheldon

    Oh yusssss!

    Great run but he beat some very ordinary horses . There wouldn’t be an upcoming grand circuit horse amongst that field. He needs to be driven tough against the best about and beat them regularly before he’s crowned something real special
  5. sheldon

    Best performance of Cup Week

    Cup week has been and gone and there were big performances across the board . Standout performer ???
  6. sheldon

    Purdon buys Aussie horses

    The ironic thing is a lot of Mark Purdon’s top horses aren’t the top priced ones and the other top tier trainers could have bought them but they didn’t see what Mark Purdon can . He’s better than the rest. He’s not usually in the bar at.the sales because he’s too busy doing his job professionally. It must be frustrating for the other trainers but how frustrating it must be for their owners often paying 6 figures at the sales for what turn out to be just nice horses on their trainers recommendation Heisenberg is an example , he’s a good 3 year old and cost more than most of the horses beating him currently . It happens time and time again . Why penalise someone for being better than the rest ?? Stables do you think they should make the All Stars horses race with flat tyres ?? Would that help ??
  7. sheldon

    Purdon buys Aussie horses

    Stables You really have got a chip on your shoulder. You seem to think there is something wrong with being successful, why shouldn’t the Allstars purchase yearlings (cheap ones too ) to keep their operation ahead of the game .?? They have got staff to pay ,probably a lot of money tied up in the property and they need to keep the ledger square . Think of the stress they have on a daily basis running the big operation and juggling the horses they have . They are away from home for long periods and evidently work very very hard . You’ve probably have never had a business so wouldn’t understand the pressures of running one or if you have it can’t have worked out very well which probably explains your ligh level of jealousy towards the very professional, successful machine that is the All Stars . Its human nature to strive to be the best. Why should they pull back just to let the lesser lights catch up. As far as your comment about his lack of loyalty ,nobody has put more money into breeders pockets and industry participants than his operation over the last 20 years . Stables add up what you have contributed over that period. . Somehow I think it would be pretty insignificant in comparison
  8. sheldon

    Vic Derby

    Did anyone think the drive on Another Masterpeice was a bit timid last night ??
  9. sheldon

    Best Cup Week Performance

    Ultimate Sniper for me . At his fourth start he did what only special horses do and he was going away at the finish . Marcoola was also very good but race was run in a pretty average time from memory so that negates it being the best performance for me
  10. sheldon

    Ultimate Machete

    Unlikely for free for all
  11. sheldon

    NZ Cup Bets

    I wouldn’t be getting off Machete just yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vet examination he’s had finds a valid reason for his lethargic run. Just saying
  12. sheldon


    Just hand timed from race video Ultimate Machetes last 800 m 52.97 . and he was held up for the majority of the home straight. If he steps in the cup it will be a spectacle regardless of whether he wins
  13. sheldon

    Nats Back

    Nat seems to have a nice drive tomorrow night in 3 yr old colt Ultimate Sniper . Bred to go ok
  14. sheldon

    Staffing issues cost Ashburton the Jewels

    Why would the NZMTC want to do that ??
  15. sheldon

    joke thread

    I had to go and see the doctor yesterday. He asked me what was wrong and I explained I had a rash on my testicles and he told me to drop my pants. , which I did He had a good look and he said I would need to stop masturbating , I asked him why and he said "because I'm trying to examine you "!!!