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  1. fairleez

    Storminasandpit today...

    I agree!
  2. fairleez

    Is this the end for small breeders

    True that the Premier Sale is to be reduced. Also factor in the progeny of those stalions in the upper end of the market, that served big books...they can't all go into Premier,I guess. But I'd have thought having an Eagle Mountain filly would be a bit special as there aren't many EM's around!
  3. fairleez

    Petrol prices

    I'm quite amazed that the AA has "got into bed" with BP, now using the AA/BP cards to encourage members to go to BP to get and accumulate discounts! Wasn't long ago that AA was damning BP for putting their prices up..! And accusing them of being "first to increase/last to decrease" when oil prices went down...Not a murmur from AA now....wonder why?
  4. fairleez

    This is a "must read" for obvious reasons

    ...just used the CribStop name as an example - am not suggesting in any way this product is the cause of positive tests! As I understand, most of the products used for stopping horses chewing wood/covers, contain capiscum or derivative of same...
  5. fairleez

    This is a "must read" for obvious reasons

    All very well the tests coming up with the results of (small?) traces of capsicaim (sp?) and arsenic etc....is there any scientific evidence that proves such small traces would enhance performance? I recall that arsenic was used years ago but not sure why/for what purpose...I would imagine thousands of horse owners use the CribStop type product for wooden fences and this is going to cause concern for people who spell race-horses on their properties and have the stuff on their fences or on horse covers etc...So RIU may prosecute a trainer fora horse who tests positive for the stuff which it may have eaten off a rail??? Another reason to take up golf...
  6. fairleez

    Comments Man in liftouts

    I love reading the comments!!! Hilarious!
  7. fairleez

    2012 olympic games

    Interesting how unhappy the silver medalist looked in the diving presentation last night....makes me wondor what awaits him when he goes home? A stark contrast to the British bronze medal-winner...he was positively buzzing!
  8. fairleez

    2012 bookings

    Not to mention the Auzzie agistment rates.....!!!! Dry mare would be a better bet to send, or better still, buy one already in foal at an Aust sale and bring it home...or go on a world cruise for 3 months for the same money(or less!)
  9. fairleez

    Paeroa: Will They or Wont They

    With all the cancelled trials recently, the demise of Paeroa will reduce the number of suitable winter trials venues to a very few... If they could find a way of making money from the land/buildings/facilities during the periods of no racing/trials.... There are huge numbers of horses going to the trials....when they are cancelled,horses that miss out on a trial are then looking to go to the races, but sometimes can't get their horse in a field...weeks and weeks go by without a start or trial.....and the $$$$ mount! It is obvious we desperatey need this course, if only for a trials venue....
  10. fairleez

    What's this about?

    I think it only applies from 1st August...ie..if you are already a stable-hand/track rider, you won't have to obtain the training. (Go to Page 40 of the latest NZ Thoroughbred Racing Monthly...) 100% on the job training, using a "learners work diary.
  11. fairleez


    We brought a mare over from Australia years ago, with mild string-halt. It got progressively worse as she aged. Got to the stage she couldn't go backwards very easily (not really a necessity but handy to have a reverse gear at times....)Some Auzzie bloke told me it is quite common there - they can get it from eating dandielion plants...not sure how true that is!
  12. fairleez

    Who would you like to see interviewed?

    Laurie Lynch (Farrier legend and huge personality) Tim Welch (expert foal/horse handler and all-round good guy) Baz Dowling (equine chiropractor) Royce Dowling (always got a good story or 3!) Jim Marks (Vet ) And some breeders.. Lorna Moore (of Bazelle fame) The Hawkins family (Des & Janet)- breeders of Miss Raggety Anne (I think) and Little Bridge Jeanette Broome (ONZM and breeder) ....heaps of really interesting people!
  13. fairleez

    Tendon Injuries

    Tendon pretty much knackered....2nd scan showed a large tear almost the whole length on the tendon. Surprisingly, she is still not lame......but we have retired her. Boxed and small yard rest....she looks amazing!
  14. fairleez

    Having said that

    Pretty sure I wouldn't be breeding a festival mare at all,if my intention was to sell the off-spring at the sales....not much point given the 50% odds of getting a filly no-one would want........ Would only breed her if I could afford to keep and race a filly....
  15. fairleez

    What an incredible spectacle at Morphetville

    What is this pre-occupation/obsession with labelling horses "champions"??? Each successful horse in it's own era ...Sunline...Makybe Diva....McGinty....whoever it happened to be....were ALL great racehorses in their day...why do you have to over-analyze it,for god's sake? Just enjoy the racing!! BC is a great horse...champion or not!....21 wins straight...doesn't really matter a rat's arse whether it was a top field or not...she still beat them on 21 occasions! And not exactly bush races!! Wish we had a nag like that in NZ at the moment! Magnificent marketing tool to get people to the races!